Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hot, Humid, Heavenly

Yes. That describes the weather right now but frankly, I seem to be the only one appreciating it. I have shed half my winter coat, will shed the rest by month's end and will immediately begin growing next year's covering. All around me are wilting but I can be found in the sand ring, soaking up the blistering goodness.

Violet caught a striped tree rodent and set it free in the house. As a result my sunbathing has been disturbed by muffled shrieks and dull thumps for the last three days. Violet says they just don't appreciate the generosity of the gift and refuses to do anything about it. Penny has offered to rout it but the humans say the structural damage would probably be unfixable.

Molly is suffering from washerwoman's ankle and is having the next while off while she takes meds and has her leg soaked. My word she's a tough nut - she had twelve needles in her ankle region and didn't even flinch. Then she had to stand on wooden blocks while they photographed the area. She is taking beef-flavoured meds (apparently the canine version is the same as the equine but one tenth the cost). The medical woman was astonished that Molly inhaled the tablet with great gusto, smacked her lips and grunted out a request for more.

Chester is horribly smug as his lessons are progressing steadily and he receives lavish praise . He is very jealous of the ice boot and stole it off the front of Molly's room when the Woman draped it there. It was retrieved intact, but somewhat frayed. He also wants his ankle photographed but so far has been denied.


Susan said...

Camryn here:
Hot an humid here too. Mom gave me a bath "jeez", said since I needed cooled off may as well make it a bath. At first I was "H no", then settled into my full hay net nom, nom, nom.
So sorry to hear bout Ms. Molly's ouchie. I sure hopes her gets better quick like.
Tell Chester my classes goin good too. Mom be teaching me leg cues, something I never knew before. It's way nicer than rein cues, the better I get the less rein Mom uses. See, I'm training Mom up nicely.

completecare said...

Hi Sheaffer,

I am also enjoying the heat and sunshine. We, donkeys love stretching out on our sandpile and soaking up the rays. The horses spend most of their days in the barn out of the heat and sun.

It is too bad about Molly's ankle. I am sure she loves the extra attention. Beef favoured medication - not on your life!!!!

I think Chester could come and live with Loki and I. We just love rearranging feed dishes, carrying off anything not nailed down and generally keeping busy although sometimes the humans are not too impressed.

My human was to visit my mom, Bert yesterday and she is doing well. She still needs to go the the vet clinic on a regualr basis to see about those reoccuring bladder stones so she won't be coming home for awhile but I am keeping my hooves crossed.

You are doing a great job of keeping us up to date on all the happenings at your place and at PrimRose. Keep up the good work.

Your Fan,


billie said...

You donkeys do love this heat, don't you? I found Redford in the hay tent a few days ago, which was like a sauna, happily munching hay and not a drop of sweat to be found on him. Happy as a... donkey in a hot hay tent!

I am sorry to hear of Molly's predicament but I suspect she is enjoying all the extra attention and the special things she's getting.

Chester makes me laugh! He is clearly keeping The Woman on her toes, as is Violet. Where would we humans be without the goings-on provided by our animal family members?

Here... we had lots of rain and now are drying out for the week, with a high of 99 on Wed. Rafer Johnson has completely shed out (his birthday is next Tuesday so I suspect he is readying for birthday portrait) but Redford is still half and half as he has no such vanity about portrait-taking.

The donkey boys were vindicated two days ago when I convinced my husband to let the equines back in the backyard to graze. He had blamed the donkeys for the removal of the corn plants previously and banned them all outright.

Lo and behold, when they were allowed in again, Keil Bay casually marched over and ate the two remaining corn stalks to nubs, right in front of our faces!

You could hear the donkeys smugness ringing through the entire of November Hill.

Otherwise, we are enjoying the rejuvenation of the grass and at least a few of us are anxiously awaiting the first chilly night of fall. It's a pipe dream right now, but keeps me going... :)

ponymaid said...

Camryn - Molly is milking this for all it's worth. She's just fine with the idea of not carrying Herself around for the next while in the heat. Chester is also learning leg cues, which he initially took to be a request to go very, very fast. The trainer has slowed him down by about forty miles an hour. I am most pleased to hear your human is trainable- I'm not so sure about mine, frankly.

ponymaid said...

Willy - what is it with these other beings? Do they not appreciate the sheer joy of roasting oneself thoroughly? And this sunblock paste? Never heard of such nonsense. I've never had a burn in my life. I would be ecstatic to send you young Chester - I believe he may be a kleptomaniac and hyperactive as well. I know you miss your esteemed mother but you and Loki seem to have become a forceful donkey unit unto yourselves. Sounds like the lad needed your guidance out of his fog of despair.

ponymaid said...

billie - that Redford! Knows his mind and makes things happen. The sauna/hay tent sounds delightful. I think we may have your weather by mistake - blistering heat and humidity and no rain. Equally as delightful. I am utterly shocked to hear that the two nephews were suspects in the corn robbery caper. I am greatly relieved to hear they have been vindicated and the true thief caught red-hoofed. Their feelings might be soothed by a generous serving of Stud Muffins.

BumbleVee said...

hahahah.... never a dull moment at your house Sheaffer......
You would have loved it here yesterday....+33C and humid too.... and then... wild thunderstorm and plenty of humidity... big pelting rains. Same again today...I got rained and "lightning horned" off the golf course twice today...might just as well have gone home as try a second time I guess. Too hot...too cold....too wet and too much thunder and lightning.... when is it just right for doing "Stuff"?

ponymaid said...

Vee - you raise a good point. This weather affair leaves a very narrow window for existing comfortably. Yesterday it was extraordinarily hot here - enough to make a Haflinger faint. I don't mind it at all but don't care for the accompanying bugs. I am, however, quite interested in trying this golf game. At a stately pace, of course, no rushing about. Wishing you cool, clear skies, free of biting insects.

Buddy said...

Where have I been - my sweet beautiful Molly is injured? How did this happen? Please give her my love!

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Buddy - she will no doubt begin to pick up now that she has your undivided attention...and of course the beef-flavoured dog meds.