Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Abandoned - Again

There appears to be a pattern unfolding around here. Herself just gets back from somewhere, we get her nicely settled into looking after our needs and whoosh, she's gone again. This time it was to something called a "cottage". It sounds exactly like the sort of retreat I needed to restore my shattered nerves so of course I was excluded.

I understand this cottage to be some sort of semi-rustic abode, situated at the side of a lake, in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no one else around. A donkey haven, but sadly free of donkeys. Annie the horse's humans were there and my two humans and a dog. Why a dog and not a donkey? I cannot not possibly guess. The wildlife appears to run riot, generally hooting and hollering and waking everyone up at the crack of dawn so perhaps there is some sort of rough justice at work.

Like Ratty and Moley in "The Wind in The Willows" there was much pottering about in boats, dozing in deck chairs with a book propped up for show and consumption of vast quantities of food and drink. An aquatic waterfowl called a Loon and it's offspring, a Loonette, I presume, cruised by at intervals and made high-pitched cackling noises at the humans. My sentiments precisely.

Annie's humans sent me a box of gummi goblins, or maybe they're trolls. In any case, they are small ,vaguely person-shaped sweets and the meagre few I've sampled are delicious. At least someone was thinking of me.

And now I hope we're back to regular programming for the near future.


billie said...

Oh no - I can't imagine why Herself didn't take you and let you stand at the front of her boat, nose to the breeze. You would have looked quite handsome there.

I thought you were going to say that the gummi things were human shapes, like the Woman Herself! I had steeled myself for the troll joke which then didn't come.

Every time I read about the Woman giving you gummi treats I think I should buy some for the equines here. But then today I was fretting over Keil Bay's sudden bout (not the first) with some thrushiness, and went off shopping for things like oil of oregano.

It's about as bad as vermifuge!

ponymaid said...

Billie, I know, I know! There was plenty of room on that boat for me. I hardly weigh a thing. And even though I don't like actually being wet, I do fancy the nautical life. I tried to be the better donkey and resist the obvious comparison of the woman to blob-like jelly forms - the effort has cost me dearly. My blood pressure has soared. Oil of oregano? Hmmmm. I think I'll stick with the gummi forms.

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - AGAIN - she left you yet AGAIN - what is wrong with her. My mom never leaves me - except for work - wish I could retire her so she could spend every waking moment with me.

Boating on a lake - does sound heavenly - I would love to swim in that lake - oh how I wish I had a lake - sigh.

Your fren,

South Valley Girl said...

Such dereliction of duty is truly shocking, Sheaffer. First trench madness, now abandonment - when will it end???

And a DOG? What possible use could a DOG be in the wilderness? With all due respect to BouncyDog and other canine followers of your blog, Dogs are wonderful companions, and fun to play with and all, but surely Herself understands that only Donkeys can be counted on for leadership in times of crisis - and sojourns in the wilderness are just crises waiting to happen. It's a miracle she returned alive.

At least the gummy things were forthcoming. Small comfort, I know, but we must take what we can get in a cruel, unfeeling world.

Soldier on Sheaffer, soldier on.


Ben said...


Has the Woman no sense at all? Obviously you would have been the ideal companion for this Wilderness Retreat she went on. Are we not nimble of foot and hard of hoof, suited to rocky and uneven terrain? Can we not exist on twigs and tree bark ( which I am led to believe is about all you are fed anyways). Low profile with a wide wheelbase, we are the perfect example of an assinine all-terrain vehicle. As far as water and boats go we donkeys are famed (in a quiet, not so noticed way) for our maritime feats. Twas a donkey that guided Washington across the Delaware, he's in the picture, mostly hidden by Washington's cloak. Heavens, if a Donkey had been on watch that whole Titanic fiasco would have had a different ending, I'll dare say. Perhaps she is merely waiting to take you somewhere pleasant for the snow time. Maybe Mexico, I hear there are many Burro's there. It would be Muy Fantastico, eh! One can Hope. For the record I should like to point out that I did not dislocate Jerry's jaw as he so slanerously states, I merely attempted to direct him into the pursuit of Literary Excellence.
Until next time.

Finn the Wonder Pony said...

Sheaffer, I am speechless at this affront!
Your Friend,

ponymaid said...

South Valley Girl, it's a never-ending struggle, but some how I try to soldier on through it all. Just the other day I was trudging into the barn and the woman called me a "plucky little soldier". I caught the faintest hint of sarcasm. She is courting disaster going off into the wilderness donkeyless. I know all sorts of woodcraft and nature lore. Herself says she doesn't need a wood chewing donkey if a moose is charging at her but lets see what she says when the next moose crosses her path.

Ben, I'm greatly impressed with the extent of your historical knowledge! Not many historians know that a donkey can be seen in the shadows of Washington's cloak saying " I really don't think we should be crossing all this water." Of course Hannibal crossed the Alps on a donkey and the only reason Napoleon even made it to Moscow was that he was aboard a trusty donkey. As for Jerry, I'm afraid he has been very much influenced by the rowdier type of soccer fan - not happy unless there is a certain amount of jocular bloodshed.

CLW - I knew you would understand how shattered I am by the latest slight. Thank you.

completecare said...

Hi Sheaffer,
I know just how you feel about being deserted. Our human just spent the last week gallivanting around England and Wales. She left us in the capable hands of Marlene, our girl Friday, who did a great job of looking after our needs. Marlene made sure she went above and beyond the call of duty caring for us but it is the principle of the thing!!! I feel if our human can't take her donkey family or at least me with her, as my mom Bert does not travel well, then she should stay at home. I have been following your example and have spent the morning giving her the icy glare and cold shoulder. Hopefully she will get the hint and stay home.

Your fan,


ponymaid said...

Willy, you must make her pay. Keep up the wall of ice. You would have loved a tour of the British Isles - I simply don't understand the human race. You could even have carried packages - light ones, of course. In re: Marlene - she is one of the good ones - I advise keeping her on hand at all times.