Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Buddy! What Have You Done!!

There we were yesterday, rootling under the snow in the front paddock, looking for any leftover grass. We watched the woman trudge down the driveway to the mailbox - she peered in, put down the small red flag on the side of the box and extracted some envelopes.

She revese-trudged back down the drive and called over to Molly "Molly, there's an envelope for you and it's from Nevada!" Molly peered at her from under her mop-like forelock, grunted, and galloped up to the barn. With Molly hovering self-importantly, the envelope was opened - and what did it reveal? A valentine card! With a prancing golden horse on front and the words "Kick up your heels Valentine!" The reverse side says "Stirrup some fun!"

Buddy, I can only ask, what were you thinking?? Our lives have been an ongoing misery, what with Molly pointing out her card (which is on her door) every five minutes, barging up beside us in the paddock and saying loudly, and much too close to our sensitive ears, "did you see my valentine - it means I'm special, did you get any valentines?" and of course sighing and saying how "dreamy" you Nevada golden boys are.

The woman finds it all very amusing and even took some ridiculous photos, thus pandering to the famous Haflinger ego. All I ask is that next time you contemplate communicating with the golden girl, please, please give us a heads up so we can leave town.


billie said...

Oh my - look at that girlish grin!

Buddy, I thought you were playing hard to get! She will never let anyone forget this, I'm sure!

ponymaid said...

Billie, girlish grin? You're too polite - that's what I call a ghastly grimace. No one could ever call those yellow pegs "pearly whites". As for young Buddy, I think I will keep the fact that he "plays the field/paddock" to myself. Better a smug Molly than a wrathful Molly.

billie said...

Yellow pegs... :0 LOL! Sheaffer, you are going to be in SUCH TROUBLE if Molly reads this!

ponymaid said...

Billie, fortunately Molly is busy guarding her valentine for the moment. That girl has a front end like an opera singer and a back end like a washerwoman and I wouldn't want to be crushed by either.

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - I didn't mean to cause any trouble for you - I just wanted Molly to know she has a fren in Nevada. The pictures are very nice by the way - ohhhhh - isn't she lovely!

Your fren,

billie said...

Buddy, I think that valentine was sweet - if anything Sheaffer is causing trouble for himSELF! :)

Sheaffer, might you be feeling a bit of advance spring fever? I feel you are playing with fire here with these latest descriptions of Miss Molly...!

Hopefully Jack and Doc can intervene if she stops guarding the valentine and gets online!

Nachodonkey said...

Great chicklets Molley!! Who says long distance relationships don't work.

Nachodonkey said...

Finally figured out how to add a picture. Let's see if it works.

ponymaid said...

No trouble, Buddy, no trouble, just as long as we all lie low. It may be as well that you live far away or Molly would have you under her eagle eye every waking moment. She thinks you are a god-like, golden, living, breathing equine ideal. And your valentine was quite tasty, apparently.

Billie, I may be suffering from late-winter cabin fever. I sometimes can't believe the risk I'm taking with Molly, especially as I have no way of escape in two feet of snow, whereas she is like a very powerful snow plow, and just as remorseless when it comes to flinging aside anything in her path.

Nacho, some dental floss would not be amiss in that collection of sturdy grinders. And perhaps some whitewash.