Sunday, February 7, 2010

Molly Throws a Wardrobe Fit

The days lately have been sunny but the temperatures have remained firmly entrenched in deepest winter. Jack and I have a collection of sunning spots that are quite pleasant if the wind does not spring up from the west and seek us out, slicing through to our very skin. When that happens, we usually ask the woman if we can go back in the barn.

Last week was just such a mixture of weather elements. This time the woman came out of the tack room with Jack's blue plaid blanket in hand. She told us that the sun was good for us and that, snug in his blanket, Jack would be comfortable outdoors. I refuse to wear clothing and that is that - she knows better than to argue. She proceeded to strap Jack into said blanket, working away on buckles and straps and moving from front to back. He says it makes him look like " a loominum siding salesman" but does agree it's warm and toasty in there.

We other three watched the process, Doc and I with mild interest, Molly with growing agitation. She finally had had enough and strode over, grasped the top of Jack's blanket and tried to shake him out. She was soundly told off by the woman. She waited until the woman had finished blanket installation and was trudging off to the barn and then she went over and picked him up off the ground in another attempt to eject him from his clothing. The woman was furious.

Molly went over and touched the back of Doc's blanket and then went back to Jack with her ears pinned and grabbed the tail flap, shaking it vigourously from side to side. Jack said he was starting to get motion sickness. The woman finally clued in - Molly wanted her own blanket. Accompanied by eye rolling and deep sighs, she fetched out one of Doc's spare blankets and put it on a very smug Molly. Problem solved. Molly has no particular dislike for Jack, she just wanted her own winter apparel. The downside is that she has the heaviest natural winter coat know to horsekind and was quickly a tad warm in the red jacket. Now she just wears it on the really bitter days and she seems quite happy with that. Honestly, I live in a mad house.

There is already talk of the second annual Sheaffer birthday/tea party /fundraiser for PrimRose in May. I must begin planning my wardrobe. I certainly won't leave it up to Herself or I'll be dressed as a pink bunny, or the Mad Hatter or worse, an infant donkey with diaper and rattle. I wouldn't put anything past her.


billie said...

LOL - I was thinking from the beginning of your story - Molly wants her own outfit!

Maybe she could wear a flysheet instead of an actual blanket since she doesn't really need the warmth factor... since they tend to be thin and sort of slinky, you might be able to convince her they are horsey lingerie. :)

Bouncy Dog said...

Oh dear ...Molly in lingerie ? Buddy will swoon !

completecare said...

Hi Sheaffer,

Just don't tell Molly that her outfit is from Victoria's Secret or you will never hear the end of it.

Your fan,


Gale said...

Sheaffer, leave it to you to find the truth (humor?) in any situation, no matter how dire.

I could use your help here. We've had a terribly severe weather situation (24+" of snow, power off for 3 days) and a multitude of donkeys making do with ice-cold water (yes, they are accustomed to heater troughs and buckets). More is due tomorrow and the next day in the form of ice and freezing rain. I can only think that we must have offended the weather gods more than we usually do.

Suffice to say that nobody here wears any winter clothing except for me. Hello, Molly?

ponymaid said...

Billie, the woman is very taken with the fly sheet plan and will put it into effect soon. Over-heating problem solved. As for the lingerie element, I am too frightened to even think rationally of the very idea. Doesn't next weekend have some sort of lingerie connection? As Jack says "saints preserve us!" Indeed.

Bouncy Dog - we will all swoon, but for very different reasons. The woman says Molly is more of an ankle length flannel nightgown girl and on this occasion I agree with her strongly. I've never actually seen a nightgown, flannel or otherwise, but full coverage in Molly's case can only be a good thing.

Willy, what is the secret Victoria is withholding from us? How perplexing - I have never imagined Queen Victoria and lingerie to be somehow connected. Very interesting.

Gale, be strong! You are not supposed to be on the receiving end of such aggressive winter weather. The gods must be crazy indeed. Will you be sharing your wardrobe out amongst the donkeys? I can easily picture Muddy in a wooly muffler and Dicey in leg warmers - if you're not using them, of course. Keep us posted.

CindyLouWho said...

I believe Billie is right... a girl must have her wardrobe! The fly sheet will add a flair because she will be the only one with such a fashion in this season.

Sheaffer, could you have your woman contact mine privately? Her computer crashed and she lost all her addresses. hers is whodriver at gmail dot com.

Thanks, CLW

ponymaid said...

CindyLou, trust Molly to make exactly the wrong seasonal fashion long as she doesn't catch on, all will be well here. We just hope that she doesn't now demand a constant stream of what she fancies is fashionable wear for Haflingers. I have instructed the woman to contact you via the ether and she says she has sent off a virtual parchment.

Buddy said...

HAy Sheaffer - its been very nice here the last few days - sunny and warm (50's). You would so enjoy it.

Molly looks fetching in her red blankie. She would look much better in some horsie lingerie!!!

I got a beautiful Valentine's Card from my palomino girlfren Sugar along with treats that she said she made herself. Oh I love a mare than can cook. Don't tell Molly about any of this.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Buddy, my lips are sealed, I can assure you. No mention of golden girlfriends and homemade treats will be pried from me - the wrath of Molly surpasses anything else that could be inflicted upon me. I merely mentioned that you found her fetching in her borrowed red jacket. She simpered and smirked. We will leave it at that and hope for the best. How I wish I could feel even five minutes of your weather...