Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Awash In The Buzz of Spring

I mean that quite literally. Along with a few days of unseasonably warm weather we are moving submarine-like through our water logged paddock with no patch of ground untouched by the lapping waters. I tried to take refuge on a tree stump but could only get my front end elevated, leaving the rear 50% slowly sinking into the evil ooze.

Nevermind, Jack and I are dry as a bone above the ankles and enjoying every moment of warmth on our backs. But we know winter has not finished with us yet. Yesterday a few impatient insects could be seen buzzing around the remaining snow banks, in a hurry to get the next season underway. The usual territorial battles in the avian world are ramping up as nesting season begins and of course the black and white gas dispensing creatures are now venturing forth. There was a fatality to one of their ranks on our front road and the resulting massive explosion of noxious fumes can be smelled for miles around.

This morning I was sorting through my breakfast hay, which the woman had placed atop a remaining crust of snow, when I began to experience an alarmingly loud bout of tinnitus in my left ear. Then I felt an unseen presence slowly tracking it's way down my ear canal. I tossed my head, I shook my ears violently, I clenched my teeth and pinned both ears against my neck. Nothing would stop the infernal buzzing and tickling. Jack, ever helpful, said "sonny if yer gonna take a fit then kinely do it away frum my brekfus." I went off in search of the woman.

She was ankle deep in the murky waters, raking away industriously in a futile effort to house clean our paddock before the return of the next snow. As she bent over to scoop another shovelful into the wheelbarrow, I nudged her firmly on the posterior. It got her attention immediately. "Gakkkk", she said, "what the &^%$%^& do you think you're doing?!" I repeated the ear shaking, teeth clenching and head tossing. She gawked at me, dumbfounded. I rubbed my left ear on a front leg and groaned. I could feel a tremendous urge to sneeze violently coming on. It burst forth in a blast of snorts and trumpets that left her peppered with various bits of nasal debris. She reeled back, one arm thrown in the air in a posture self defense.

Slowly, slowly, the light of comprehension began to dawn in her beady eyes. "Do you have something in your ear?" I stared at her through watery eyes, trying not to look to contemptuous at her less than stellar powers of deduction. She examined my right ear - nothing. Then she peered into the depths of my left ear. She reached in and extracted a small, white, slightly dusty looking insect. "It's a moth", she said,"how did that get in there?!" I have no idea when or how the thing decided to take up residence on, or rather in, my person but now I must remain vigilant against one more threat to my sanity (and aural health). It's always something.

I sighed and trudged back to my breakfast. I should say former breakfast - Jack had eaten every last scrap.


billie said...

Sheaffer, I'm sorry about your ear and glad it was a moth and not something with a stinger!!

We are having some lovely days here, and finally dried out, just in time for a little rain today and more tomorrow. I think the hay fields and pastures need it so I am not complaining!

I think we are all especially ready for spring this year, bugs and all.

ponymaid said...

Billie, we are just heading into rain mode as well. Hopefully it will remain in water form and not morph into snow. Do you know, it never occurred to me the ear interloper might have a stinger - I must add that to my fret list.

Gale said...

Oh me, oh my...I saw our first fly AND our first bee of 2010 several days ago...I was actually happy to see them! We've had quite a winter here and I'm not sorry to see it go. At your latitude, Sheaffer, I can only offer hope that what remains of winter will be over with quickly!

Bless your woman for extracting that moth. Who'd have thunk? Give her a pat on the head from me, will ya'?

ponymaid said...

Gale, I will give the woman a sharp rap on the head with a front hoof - excellent idea. I'm sure she'll be pleasantly surprised. I think I may need netting for my ears if this sort of thing is going to take place. We too hope for an early spring - but I remain sceptical.

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - you are having nice weather?? Well we had a snowstorm yesterday - snowed for 4 hours - got about 4 inches - then it rained - sun came out and all the snow melted. I played in it for a while - then I got cold - thank goodness for the sun. Had to wear my blankie last night and again tonight as its in the 30's and the sun hasn't gone down yet. We have had snow about 4 times in 3 years - but this snowstorm was GREAT - glad it doesn't happen often.

So glad you got that nasty moth out of your year. Last weekend when it was nice I saw a few flies but hopefully they froze yesterday.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Buddy, snow in Nevada and recording-breaking warmth here? The world as we know it has gone stark, staring mad. And I for one am all for it. Our insect life is definitely beginning to stir, although why my ear should prove such an attraction, I've no idea. Stay warm down south!

Buddy said...

Love the Sun above water below photo Sheaffer - you are so handsome.

Buddy is still strutting his stuff after I read him the post about the Valentine. I will try and send you a heads up before he sends her anything else.

Sally, Buddy's Mom

ponymaid said...

Sally, thank you so much for thinking me a handsome donkey in spite of the winter woolies! The valentine is still being cherished by La Molly and shown to all visitors. Have you been on any more expeditions down your road to visit the girl next door? Don't worry, I won't tell if you have.

Dawn said...

Dear Sheaffer,
My friend Billie told me about your blog and I had to check it out. You are a very literary little donkey.
I enjoyed it and will continue to follow it!

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - well if you won't tell - I go and visit her every evening now that the weather is nice and the clocks changed. She has the most lucious grass growing in front of her house - so mom takes me so I can get a bit of grass - not too much - since I'm not used to it and she doesn't want me to colic. So I get 10 minutes a day. Poor Cheyenne is prancing and carrying on and I'm too busy to notice cause I'm eating GRASS REAL GRASS. I sure hope she forgives me.

Your fren