Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Party Approacheth

I don't know how socialites do it. This party planning is exhausting. I have a team of humans labouring practically round the clock and still I'm worn to a frazzle. Just hearing about the preparations saps my strength.

They have rented some fascinating boxes called porta-potties for the guests, which seem to be a sort of equivalent to the box Violet uses as her washroom facilities. I must look into this further - but not too closely, if you take my meaning. The woman has told me not to stare at users as they come and go because it makes them uncomfortable. So many things for an inquiring donkey to remember. Especially as I like to stare for long periods of time.

Auction items are pouring in - art work of various schools, prints, jewellery, garden ornaments, books, food (for various species), gift cards, the two small, rare bears, purses, and many other wonderful things. The line-up of tables laden down with donated items should stretch nearly to the border at this rate.

There was a bit of a fracas between Ben and Jerry, which has resulted in part of Jerry's mane going missing. It remains to be seen how their humans will handle the situation. The boys aren't really too bothered - their party spirit is unquenchable. The woman has been combing away at my coat, to no avail so far. I refuse to shed a hair until the summer solstice arrives and that is that. Can't be too careful. If it can snow in May, anything can happen.

Herself may attempt some baking at the end of the week. This should prove interesting. She is famous for her misshapen cakes and geometrically challenged squares. I will report on her failings.


billie said...

Sheaffer, I feel like I'm in the pre-party preparations even as far away as I am!

One of these years I aim to make a big trek northward and surprise you.

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - wow - there is always something exciting going on at your house. Remember I live in Nevada(the desert) - where it gets really really hot - like in March - well - its been spring for quite a while now - had some 80 degree weather last week - well - today - a hail storm - about 10 minutes worth - I don't think I have ever seen hail - I kept backing away from it but it continued to follow me everywhere. Mom came running out and tried to get me in my shade thingy but I was freaking out about this hail stuff and I put my ears back - to let it know I wasn't happy - didn't work - either did mom coaxing me with carrots to the shade. There is snow all over the mountains around us - strange weather we are having here in the desert.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Billie, we are expecting you! All you need to do is pack your Ascot Opening Day hat and leave the rest to me.

Buddy, the world weather has gone mad! I know this hail material of which you speak and it's revolting. Just another form of frozen water but in the shape of small, nasty rocks. Try to get in your shelter next time or ask to go in the house. As for seeing snow all around you on the mountains - well, that's beyond equinely bearable in May. You'd be safer here at the moment. How is it going with training your new canine?