Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Respite Is Over

Yes, it's true. Herself has bustled back into town, undoing all the zen-like goodness that the last week with Jamie has wrought. I can only assume she was unceremoniously escorted over the border after annihilating their food reserves for the next year.

I did hear that she was harassed regarding the importation of a plum pudding (with hard sauce) on her voyage over but of course she had her way and it was finally delivered to the American cousins along with a jar of chutney. I suppose the authorities thought the pudding was some sort of incendiary device disguised as a curling stone. They professed themselves highly perplexed that anyone would consider the object a fit ending to a celebratory meal.

And what, pray tell, did she bring us? Hah! NOT. ONE. THING. I should mention that amongst other activities she visited the Peabody Essex Museum in the venerable town of Salem and returned with various items from the gift shop. I had hoped for a small souvenir of the place - perhaps a replica of a cudgel for striking witches or a copy of the original documents from the famous witch trials of the 1600's - but no. Either would have stood me in good stead in my daily dealings with Herself.

We are most certainly back to what passes for normal around here. We were thrown out into the elements at the crack of dawn, with a few scraps of hay to share amongst ourselves. I made my way into the hay storage area to forage and was soundly told off for my resourcefulness. Ditto for trying to ease my hunger pangs by chewing on the fence. I know how poor old Ivan Denisovich felt out there in the wastes of Siberia.


billie said...

Now THIS is a classic Sheaffer post!

I have to admit, every time Rafer Johnson defies the paddock fencing and helps himself to the entire round bale in the hay tent, while all the other equines suffer with what they've been given, I think of you, Sheaffer, and I wonder:

would Sheaffer follow Rafer Johnson through the fence? Or would he instead be leading the way through?

It still sort of astounds me that Redford will not follow. Some lone (because it ends with this one) inner sense of decorum keeps him from doing it.

And in the end, I am so charmed by Rafer's sense of entitlement, I can't bring myself to fuss at him. I often call out his name, but it comes out sounding more like a cheerleader egging him on than anything else.

He is a donkey that knows what he wants, and he goes for it. I have to admire that trait. (not getting into things like girth, waistline, etc. here)

ponymaid said...

Billie, I have a tremendous aversion to the stinging wire - I have known brave donkeys who take the full hit and carry on to the other side but unfortunately I am not one of them. Jack won't even look at the stuff and says all his dealings with what he calls "war" (I believe he means wire) have been painful. Redford would seem to fall into our camp, Now Rafer - there is an interesting and independent thinker. He has assessed all the risks, gauged them to be bearable and the rewards substantial. He really should be an actuary.

billie said...

Sheaffer, I should have made it clear - there is no stinging wire on the part where Rafer slides himself through. He would never (I don't think, anyway!) go through the Horsegard tape!

Because the part Rafer DOES go through is totally benign, I'm totally surprised that Redford doesn't follow.

Thankfully, the only part of our fencing that is the benign non-stinging kind is the interior fencing, so Rafer takes full advantage of that and lets himself in and out of the paddocks and barnyard as he pleases - but he can get no further than that!

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer- NO PRESENTS?? What was she thinking? Not even the vermifuge she always brings you? Well I'm a bit upset at your woman.

Jamie the dog is much much better today. He was out and about this evening after spending the day at the office with mom - he hated it - whined and barked an drove everyone nuts so he is staying home tomorrow.

Thats all the news I have - it was 15 degrees this morning - gonna be 24 tonight - whoo hoo - a heat wave.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Billie, I somehow picture Rafer very solemnly testing the fence with some sort of device and then, snake-like, sliding his youthful figure through the strands...I cannot account for Redford not following him - there is a good reason, I just have not sussed it out yet. I will ponder this further.

ponymaid said...

Buddy, her parsimonious nature never surprises me. I expect one lump of coal for Christmas, possibly two if she is feeling particularly magnanimous. That is wonderful news about your friend Jamie. Now, I think your woman must fashion a coyote-proof suit to protect him. Or take in a donkey to help with home security. It snowed here all day and was as dark as midnight at noon so I feel your pain on the weather front. Stay strong.

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - you gots snow - very cool - we rarely get the white stuff here.

No coal for you my fren - I'll have mom email your woman and demand presents for you, Jack, Doc and the most beautiful Molly!

Your fren,