Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Breaking News

Sunday the humans went racing off at an ungodly hour and were away all day. Fortunately they left us well supplied with food and the sun was out, so it was acceptable. They returned eleven hours later, and what do you think? Yes! They brought us a horse and he's the correct gender. He is five years old and from the same strain as Molly but approximately half her width. And he loves donkeys. I will have to wait to tell you more because Herself is back on the road tomorrow, off to the annual Equine Affaire thingy and she won't return til Saturday. I hope she finds the Stud Muffin booth and spends freely. How intensely annoying of her to flee the country just when I have so much to tell you. I will attach an image of his first few minutes Chez Sheaffer.


billie said...

Sheaffer! Wow! Love the equine triangle photo and can't wait for more details. The Woman off gallivanting AGAIN?! You need a scribe who is at your beck and call.

Rafer Johnson and Redford had the dentist today and especially wanted me to tell you that they did not have to have sedation nor did they have to have any work done. The most exciting thing going on in their donkey mouths is Redford's baby cap getting close to popping off.

Rafer has several new permanent teeth emerging, which might explain a certain grumpiness at times in the past couple of weeks.

Please keep us posted as you can on the new herd member!!

Susan said...

Camryn here, WOW yu gets a new Hafy, how awesome is that. Can't wait to see pix. You must live in Ohio too? My Mom is going to the Equine Affaire this weekend and leaving Dad to take care of me an the dogs. Hope I get lotsa presents from there too. I am most deserving of them, specialy since I'm stuck with Dad an he won't give me nearly enough hay I'm sure.

robert5721 said...

Maybe you need to take the large object, and rather than standing behind it, just sort of drop it on the Woman Thingie.. HOW RUDE! Leaving town and not being your secretary to tell of this mysterious new friend!

Oh well, just spend your time enjoying him and tell us all about it later after the dust has settled so to speak. What will the living arrangements be for this new fellow? I know that you and Sir Jack have straightened out the living quarters, but things might be getting a bit tight for space at the old homestead?

Let us know as soon as you can!
Mr Gale

Dougie Donk said...

Ooooh, how exciting, a new male friend!

Hopefully; he will be willing to learn from your wisdom, will be less keen on bathing than Molly is (or will divert her attention from yourself!) and (being a svelte type) will make the woman more likely to part with reasonable levels of sustenance.

Looking forward to LOADS of detail when you get your scribe back.

Bent Barrow Farm said...

Sheaffer, how do you arrange your lovely photos down the right hand side of your blog?

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Congrats on the arrival of your new future ally Shaeffer!

Looks like you'll have just enough uninterrupted time to get him up to speed on how things are supposed to run around there...

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - I'm not sure if I'm happy or mad. I'm very glad you got a new fren - a nice male horsie fren - but - is he a boyfren for MY MOLLY??? Or just someone to hand out with. The three of you in the pic look very cute and mom says your new fren is VERY HANDSOME - women!

Your fren,

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - so today mom is out spraying weeds when the UPS driver drives by - honks and says Hay Hon! She waves back with a smile. OMG he is like 12 years old - what is she thinking???

Your confused fren,

robert5721 said...

I showed your triangle pic to Dicey, and she is CONVINCED that YOU are the most distinguished member of the trio .. So much for your new buddy, Dicey is Very discerning in just WHO she will compliment youknow!
Have Fun,
Mr Gale

Gazelle said...

Buddy, don't worry. Look at the picture again. Your Molly is ignoring the new guy so hard she's even forgetting to eat !

dogma said...

Yippee!! the balance of nature has almost returned. Ma, you may remember, came over on the Ark and likes everyone and everything to be in twos. Maybe she's a Libra but we don't think she's that balanced!! Anyways, so glad to hear you have some male companionship!
Quick question.. is there going to be another birthday party for you this year to raise funds for Primrose?

Buddy said...

Well girls are like that - they ignore you hoping you come over to them. I'm awaiting a new report from Sheaffer - where is he by the way - haven't seen him post in a couple of days. Sheaffer - you OK??

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments, which, owing to a shocking lack of typing services at this end, I am forced to answer en masse. billie, please keep us updated on the donkey dental front. Camryn, Herself went off to Ohio to indulge her tack obsession but we live in Ontario, which I believe to be a native word for ice/snow...Mr. Gale, Doc has moved on to a new career where he won't have to contemplate trail riding, which he loathes. We miss him. Dougie, I'm afraid young Chester is as motherly as Molly - for now anyway.I have hopes of reforming him. Bent Barrow Farm - I think she just enters them under the picture category and some mysterious blog force does the rest. Calm, Forward, Straight - I can't believe that I, of all people, am saying this, but he needs to lighten up! Buddy, no worries so far as Molly is pinning her ears and generally telling Chester that I am her donkey exclusively. Mr. Gale, I am always in agreement with the distinguished Dicey. Gazelle, this is true - Molly keeps asking me to check her sides for ribs...Dogma, the ark, you say? What an interesting woman! There will indeed be another fund raiser for the sanctuary - May 28th - are you able to attend?