Thursday, May 5, 2011

Various and Sundry

First of all, I wish to state that a census form appeared in the mail box and the filling out of said form led to rather a lot of confusion. Amongst other things, it asked if there was a visitor from another country staying here, and if so which country. Then it asked if the visitor was a person of diplomatic stature. It was speculated that I was undoubtedly of foreign origin and probably of a diplomatic leaning, possibly even a spy. I am saying nothing. Let them speculate at their leisure, they'll get nothing out of me, including the nature of my mission here.

Chester will have his teeth checked on Saturday to see if he is harbouring something called caps or wolf teeth (how would one ever get close enough to relieve a wolf of his dentition, I don't know). I fear needles may follow. Chester was left outside whilst the Woman rode Molly today and he seemed quite relieved to see this was normal practice around here. He trotted over in a straight line, examined them both, and trotted back in a straight line to where I was grazing. "Seems fine, carry on", he said. He's a stickler for having everything unfold as it should. He even plays in straight lines, leaving ruler-like tracks in the grass. He does not believe in roughhousing but I have hopes of inducing him to frolic some day.

Molly looks like an orange yak. There is no other way to put it. Owing to a long, cold spring, she is relinquishing her coat very slowly. I am hanging on to my own coat until at least July. One simply never knows what horrors Mother Nature has up her sleeve. Speaking of horrors, the wretched blackflies are out so we are forced to wear our masks. The ends of my ear covers are mysteriously masticated - the woman says I did it last summer after rubbing the mask off on the fence. I have no recollection of the event.


billie said...

Oh my - they are on to you, Sheaffer! If you need a safe house and a handler, I offer up my services. :)

Redford would love to learn spycraft. Rafer will write your biography.

Those blackflies - if they are anything like what we had here, be careful! We have had two forty degree nights so perhaps the southern version have expired from the sudden shift in weather.

I feel Chester is saying something with his focus on order and straight lines. I'm not sure what - but know you will sort it out.

Buddy said...

The desert of Nevada is a good place to hide Sheaffer - so come on down if you need sanctuary. We can say you were a wild donkey who wondered into the yard.

Tell Molly the Yak I'm half and half - half yak and half palomino - sure is taking a long time to look normal this year. Mom is curry combing me daily and I still have my winter coat on the rear half of me.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

billie, I believe I have them still in the dark, or at least dusk, but I may appear silently at your window one night. You will know me by my black ear tips. Team R&R and I have much work to do...Blackflies are so horrendous there have been poems and songs (dirges, really) written about them. They are tiny, relentless, bloodthirsty scourges who love the insides of equine ears more than anything. Chester is a very linear soul but I don't know what that may mean yet either.

ponymaid said...

Buddy, the desert, of course! I could outlast any pursuer (except a camel) in that wonderfully warm environment. I particularly like your idea of disguising myself as a wild donkey - are stud muffins to be found in the wild? I need those for my grey matter to function properly. Molly is very relieved to hear of your half-shed state. At the rate she is shedding, it will be mid-July when she is done.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Chester is an equine after my own heart. There is nothing wrong with a touch of OCD... it can be a useful quality to have ;) Hope the dentistry is speedy and pain free!

My island has long been a refuge for folks who need to live on the "down low" for a while. Of course you are welcome if things get too hairy up your way. ;)

Sorry to hear about the black flies Sheaffer. All manner of flies have hatched out here, especially the ones that pester equine private parts. Hard to know which is worse - bloody fly bites or applying pesticide to your "area" :) Guess it doesn't sound all that inviting after all lol.

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - mom is gonna email you a pic of me for Molly so she can see how goofy I look.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Calm, Forward, Straight - it seems Chester has a collection of fearsome points all over his teeth. They will be filed off next week. Poor lad has really been suffering. Your island retreat sounds to be the perfect bolt hole or refuge into which I might disappear for an indefinite amount of time. I am developing quite a network of retreats. Egads, those insects that zero in on one's personal areas sound positively nightmarish. I hope they don't find their way here to lay seige to my undercarriage.

ponymaid said...

Buddy, Molly is thrilled and will add your latest image to her collection of Valentines.