Friday, April 29, 2011

Jack's Diploma

Sheila sent me a photo of Jack receiving his diploma from his friend/mentor and one of the diploma itself. As the writing appears rather miniscule on the blog (or "blob" as Jack will have it) I thought I should fill you in on the actual wording. It says:

Jack has earned his "Jack of all Trades" Degree on April 27th, 2011

Apprentice Electrician; Sous-Chef; Feed Co-ordinator; Inventory Manager; Gate Keeper; Tour Guide; Goat Herd; Shepherd; Pig Wrangler; Dog Trainer; Major Overseer of all things barnyard.

My dear friend is quite a Renaissance Donkey. And a ladies' man, as you can see from the two lovely and astonishingly hirsute female donkeys he has drawn into his circle. Long may he reign over the sanctuary.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Much News - Some Of It Good

The not-so-good-news is that owing to a perfect storm of chaos in the life of Emi (human to Mosby Horse), my birthday party/sanctuary fundraiser is postponed for the near future. Emi is in the throes of house demolition and rebuilding which is to my mind a thrilling and exciting undertaking but to humans apparently it represents a source of stress. Mosby says he isn't bothered at all by the impending excitement. My firefighter's hat, given to me by Dougie Donkey of Scotland, waits at the ready for when a new date is set.

The sanctuary news is good, except for the typhoon-like winds blowing three run-in shelters to smithereens. I will say no more about the current weather - it is cold, wet and unspeakable. Jack continues to thrive, running the sanctuary with a small iron hoof. In addition to his two bubble neighbours, Simon and O'Sullivan, and the goat and sheep, he has inducted two large donkey ladies into his herd. Their names are Molly and Maggie, the former described by Sheila as "big, bold and brassy". Jack is besotted. Molly comes from a Scottish family and Jack tells me she is vocal but incomprehensible. She refers to him as either "Jocko" or "the wee lad" and he spends a lot of time saying "eh?" and "what?" in response to her orders and observations.

Jack has spent the last weeks glued to the human electrical expert and has finally received his certificate. Unfortunately he thought it was vet-related and fled in horror at the sight of it but they hope to coax him around, possibly by coating it with molasses. I don't know how Jack finds the hours in the day to do all he does but if he keeps adding to his activities he will need to appoint an assistant manager.

Chester is nicely settled here and we are starting to see that at age five he really is still a young horse and somewhat innocent of the ways of the world. He is of a military nature and likes thing to be orderly at all times. His habit of guarding us all day leaves him exhausted and after dinner he begins yawning lavishly and soon keels over into a deep, flat-out sleep. This is quickly followed by rhythmic snoring noises. He has an infestion of songbirds in his feet, specifically thrush, and that is being dealt with daily. He had a saddle fitting the other day and the fitter warned the woman that he was still growing and filling out at a great rate. In fact, the hind end has risen like an elevator in the last month and is awaiting the arrival of the front end.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dottie & Stanley

I thought you would enjoy this rather remarkable tale of inter-species friendship. Dottie is a most attractive lady donkey who saw a savage dog attack her friend, Stanley the Sheep. She sprang into action, pinning the dog to the ground until he released his hold on Stanley's face. Stanley was badly wounded but after intensive veterinary care, has made a full recovery. I'm pleased to see a donkey receiving recognition for a selfless act of bravery, especially when there are still humans out there who perceive us as unfeeling and stubborn beings. I also approve of the way humans and other species in this short film mill about together quite amicably. Very civilized, although I'm not sure why the reporter person seems so shocked and amazed at Dottie's actions...obviously a fish fancier or beetle trainer or something, with no experience of the world of donkeys.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Life In The Arctic

I dictate this as I huddle in my room, windows rattling and snow pellets bouncing off the roof. Yes, it's a snowstorm, doing it's best to assassinate the budding greenery. Welcome to the innermost circle of hell, which has frozen over. We have been working at mowing the emerging grass, a task which Chester finds particularly appealing as he didn't previously have access to a salad selection. He has appointed himself our guardian and caretaker and fortunately is beginning to relax somewhat on that front. He still watches me like the proverbial hawk, standing over me whilst I doze in the sand ring, but at least he isn't within nose reach at all times any more. As you may have seen, my annual fundraiser is approaching and invitations are being sent out in various forms. I live in hope that the Royal family will send at least a junior representative but this year some sort of wedding event is taking place so no doubt they are preoccupied. In their absence I will do my best to preside in a royal fashion. Maybe by then it will have stopped snowing. Maybe...

Friday, April 15, 2011


The 2011 Sheaffer's Birthday Party Fundraiser for PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary will be held on Saturday, May 28th from 12PM to 4PM, rain or shine.

Location is Serendipity Stables, home of Mosby Horse, located at 15488 McCowan Rd., Whitchurch/Stouffville.

There will of course be food for humans, games for the younger set, and cake for all.

The Silent Auction will begin at 1 o'clock and end at 3 o'clock. I'm told there will be many marvellous items on which to bid. I have my eye on the Donkey Marionette.

Please join us, wearing your most magnificent headgear - the competition will be fierce.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chester Settles In

It seems that after much debate, that is our new friend's name. His previous name was the same as the male human's so of course you know who had to change their moniker. Not the human. Chester says he doesn't mind as long as the meals are regular and the room service prompt. It turns out he was previously best friends with a small donkey and they were separated when he (Chester) was sent to a notorious meat auction at the age of four. Thankfully he was purchased by Tabitha, his previous owner, who really didn't have room for another equine but who made the trip there and came home with Chester. It explains his rather obsessive behaviour when he saw me and announced "Mine, all Mine!" and proceeded to do an excellent impersonation of a mother hen. Molly was horrified and the two ended up arguing so much that I was forced to intervene and bellow at both of them to settle down. Herself went off to the Affaire thing and left the male human in charge, which is always an improvement. The male human is not nearly as calculating and suspicious as the Woman and we were able to express ourselves quite freely. Chester upset the wheelbarrow and I sidled into the tack room, Molly scarfed extra hay and Sally's friend came back and chewed a hole in the cat food bag. It was a good week. Herself returned, showed us a bag of peppermint snacks that she had gotten us, gave us one each and promptly put it away. Typical. Chester is a very serious young man who is studying our living arrangements and adapting himself accordingly. He still refuses to do any wrestling but I have hopes of reforming him soon.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Breaking News

Sunday the humans went racing off at an ungodly hour and were away all day. Fortunately they left us well supplied with food and the sun was out, so it was acceptable. They returned eleven hours later, and what do you think? Yes! They brought us a horse and he's the correct gender. He is five years old and from the same strain as Molly but approximately half her width. And he loves donkeys. I will have to wait to tell you more because Herself is back on the road tomorrow, off to the annual Equine Affaire thingy and she won't return til Saturday. I hope she finds the Stud Muffin booth and spends freely. How intensely annoying of her to flee the country just when I have so much to tell you. I will attach an image of his first few minutes Chez Sheaffer.