Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Work Here Never Ends

It took me a few days to recover from my most excellent adventure last Sunday. There was so much to mull over and so many things I needed to share with Jack. He tends to slumber whilst I analyze and dissect the day from the very first minute to the last. His motto is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", so he doesn't hold with a lot of in-depth musing. He's adhament that I've done enough "galavanting" and should now just stay put - forever.

Hard on the heels of my first missionary project came the second stage of harvest at our place. The main crop was potatoes but the secondary was soy beans and they need my presence, leaning through the fence, to pull the whole thing off successfully. I'm spent, but the last of the harvest has safely been hauled away. While the potato harvest is long and drawn out, the soy beans were gone within the afternoon. My very favourite machine, the huge green combine, thunders up and down the fields, collecting all the beans and flinging the rest out the back in a gigantic cloud of dust and chaff. Jack says the whole thing makes him dizzy and tells me I'm a "modrun" donkey to find it so interesting. Inhaling dust all afternoon doesn't bother me one bit.
I would be willing to climb up in that high glass box on top at a moment's notice.

The resident humans are going off on something called a vacation tomorrow, which means our friend Jamie will move in to cater to eveyone's needs. Unfortunately, the woman has told him about the muzzles Molly and I must currently wear. The officious ninny even wrote it down so he won't forget. Pahhh. She's not the only one getting a vacation. I am unfortunately dependent on her for my typing needs, so dear readers, I will be back at my post in a week. I have selected some photos I wish to share and instructed her to post them.


billie said...

Sheaffer, have a lovely week with Jamie. Maybe at least one of the days he will forget the muzzles. :)

Hopefully the woman will get lots of rest and relaxation so when she returns she will see the truth - donkeys should have access to house and barn. I think you and Jack would look most distinguished on that rug.

(and I have to add, with 5 cats vying for territorial jurisdiction inside my house, that I would find it easier to deal with donkeys, who are oh so clean and particular about how they keep their stalls)

An update: Rafer Johnson's radiographs showed that his bones have fused solidly about halfway across. The remaining half is clearly fusing. The vet opted to leave the full cast on for one more week to get a full 6 weeks out of it, and on Thursday he will take this one off and apply a new and smaller cast, which we expect will be on for 4 weeks.

He was astounded to see Rafer Johnson walk, trot, do a little buck, and rear up on his hind legs, cast and all. Lest you think Rafer was going completely western, he was simply upset that Salina was calling to him from the back field - but with a few calming words he settled down.

I LOVE the photo of you and Jack looking through the fence! I think it's time for Sheaffer-wear to get in a few items with both you AND Jack together, with a motto that bespeaks the friendship you share.

Dougie Donk said...

Sheaffer, I am most upset to hear that you will be unable to update us on your activities for the next week, but do hope that Jamie is kind to you.

I have been my woman's house. Although there was lots to study & count, I did not find it pleasant; as there were no carrots or hay & her bed was not made of deep shavings to roll in. Most puzzling, but your barn is probably a more pleasant domain.

billie - what super news abour Rafer Johnson. Please pass on my kind regards & good wishes for his recovery.

Buddy said...

Vacation? Where is she going? Is she coming to Nevada to visit me?

My woman and I will miss you Sheaffer - have a nice time with Jamie! Take notes of everything you do so your woman can post when she gets back!

robert5721 said...

we need to get you one of those film type keyboards that you walk on to type characters....THIS post from you for over a WEEK???? This is unacceptable!! The NERVE... Vacation? Your fans are waiting for the next post within days, not a WHOLE WEEK !!!! Dicey and Liebschen are asking me for a laptop computer in their porta hut so they can keep in touch and know how you and Mr Jack are doing....this is NOT FAIR to your fans and supporters! WE PROTEST !!!!
(Hope she has a good time anyway....she is a GREAT mom, and looks after you and Mr Jack with love and caring)
Mr Gale

robert5721 said...

P S to Raefer....
Mr Gale and Dicey and Liebschen

robert5721 said...
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Finn the Wonder Pony said...

LOVE the new pictures! I also feel it is unconscionable for the woman to go on vacation... a whole week with no Sheaffer news?!? How will we fans survive?! OTOH, Jamie does tend to *forget* some of the woman's instructions and pampers you quite a bit. So, even though we will miss you this week, we will hope that you are getting some non-muzzle face time with the grass.
Billie, I'm very glad to read that Rafer Johnson is doing so well!
I do hope the woman has a nice time; mine always feels guilty for being away and gives me lots of love, apples and carrots when she gets back. Maybe yours will too....

robert5721 said...

I MUST say that Mr Jack does have an impressive set of ears in the fence
Mr Gale