Friday, February 27, 2009

The Diva Returns

The weather today pulled out all the stops. It began by being quite mild but also by raining every which way, including upside down. Doc went out and had a leisurely roll in the muck and Jack and self wisely stayed in the run-in.

In the midst of the maelstrom, the woman bolted out of the house and down the driveway. Good, I thought, she's finally decided to grace someone else with her presence. But no. The tall woman pulled up towing her metal box on wheels and the two of them disappeared. "Yep", Jack said sagely, "sometimes they gits the spring fever and jist cuts and runs." My hopes were revived.

Shortly thereafter they returned and loud, hoarse horse whinnies were heard from within the box. That smoker's neigh could only belong to one equine. La Molly was back. She splooshed loudly over to the paddock and she and Doc had an animated discussion, comprised of snorts and grunts and blowing. All nonsense of course. Jack and I watched from a safe distance. And what, in the midst of this biblical flood did Molly do? Why, begin vacuuming up any loose hay on the ground, completely unfazed by the driving gale.

Sally did not know there were equines other than we three boys and she was so amazed she said "Wowwwww!" and disappeared into the hay storage to think things over. Molly marched over to the hay storage gate and shook it violently, causing Sally to ascend into the rafters and stare down in horror. Molly then tested the barn door and found it was shut as well. She gave up and chased us instead.

By this afternoon the temperature had descended into the minus one hundreds or something and the muck and slop was frozen solid. The woman cooked us a hot dinner and Molly sashayed into her stall and took up residence just as if she had never been away. Oh well, I suppose the annoying neighbours must return from holidays eventually.


billie said...

Whenever you talk about Molly the word "sashay" comes to mind.

I am glad there were no issues with her head fitting through the barn door!

We have rain setting in here, and the sinfully high temp today of near 70 degrees will slip away by Monday to 36, and they have forecast a few inches of snow.

Our weather seems so fickle this year, while yours seems downright vicious, Sheaffer.

There is something inherently WRONG about having fly masks and turn-out blankets in use during the same day, which is something that we resorted to this week.

Buddy said...

YEEHAA my girl is back home - WELCOME home Miss Molly - I missed you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheaffer - could you ask your woman for some new pics of my beautiful girl?

XXOO to Molly

Gale said...

Yes, I agree that "sashay" fits Molly perfectly, and it sounds as if she didn't miss a beat when she returned -- why waste perfectly good uneaten hay? Are you certain there isn't a tiny bit of donkey in her background? Have you had a chance to find out what Molly learned at boarding school?

I hope Molly will post a picture here for Buddy. He is hopelessly in love, isn't he?

billie, we're supposed to get some sort of winter precipitation here as well -- anything but ice, please. I guess March will live up to her name this year.

Sheaffer, has Sally returned to earth yet? Perhaps you can comfort her with a few words of wisdom about how to handle Molly. You would know!

Uncle Ed said...

Sheaffer my lad, I see life is as it should be at 'The Ole Farmstead'. Two blogs past you mentioned that your birthday is May 10th. That just happens to be Winsome Wendy's birthday also. She informs me that is why you are so in tune with life in general because all beings born on that date have this trait. She also informed me that she is quite proud to be sharing this austere day with the likes of the smartest donkey on the planet. She was wondering if she may come to your birthday bash as you both could celebrate together.

I must get caught up on the happenings around Sheafferdom. Now that I am back I shall read and laugh once more with you.

Uncle Ed

ponymaid said...

Oh Billie, I keep watching for that railroad car to take me south to you but I fear it's seized up with frost (much like myself). March has come in like a rabid lion and will probably exit in the same mode. Molly is swanning about as usual, siphoning up anything food-like.

Buddy, the camera is thawing but the woman promises some new poses from the vamp pony asap. She has vetoed Molly's request to be decorated in rhinestomes. Thank goodness.

Gale, I hope there is no donkey dna in that dreadful pony - what if she's related to self? Mind you, she could be related to TJ. How is little Amy doing? It sounds like she is developing lots of opinions on everything and a great need to play. I can't wait for your account of her being introduced to the playgroup.

Uncle Ed! We've missed you. I'm not at all surprised that Winsome Wendy and I share a birthday - breeding always tells. And of course you are all - along with all my blog friends - invited to my birthday party. It will take place later in May to give Jack Frost a chance to leave town. I can't wait to see everyone.

Nachodonkey said...

Yes, the weather has been vicious. From +7 Friday morning to -6 in the evening on the same day is awful but this morning it was -16. It is March for Pete's sake! I am so ready to start complaining about the humidity!!! If you should rent a box car to head south, perhaps we could pitch in? We could have a donkey convention every February in the sunny south.

This morning as I walked down the hill waddling like the Michelin Man in my polar fleece everything with a giant coat on top I was greeted by Parker's braying at the top of his lungs for almost a full minute. The hee part really does mimic a 747 taxiing down the runway. I went over to see if he was okay and the English Lady said he was acting quite strangely. He took a small mouthful of the hay I brought him and walked to his own hay. I do hope he is okay. In the midst of his verbal display, Nacho almost made a complete hee haw. I have not yet heard Nacho bray which is just as well. I am not sure I would want two donkeys in such close proximity voicing their opinion.

I am happy Molly made it home okay in the nasty weather. I think she and Bardot at the barn should trade names. Bardot looks more like a Molly and Molly....well!

AmbulanceGirl said...

Hi Sheaffer!! I can't wait to meet you someday soon! I am sorry that I was unable to hide dearest Molly so that the woman could not take her home! LOL I had plans to keep her in my laundry room....but I was told that she just might try on all my undergarments!!
Alas...she has returned home, with a promise of future visits. I will miss her.
Hope you and Jack are staying warm in this frigid weather. I am looking forward to meeting you on your birthday when you come here to the farm:)

ponymaid said...

Nacho, glad to hear your neighbour donkey is feeling well. You can be sure that once Nacho gets his full voice in order, he will be serenading you early and often. He and Parker will undoubtedly sing duets. I'm sure you will find them delightful.

AmbulanceGirl - I have heard all about you and the reports are excellent. I too wish you could have kept Molly, though she would certainly have demolished your laundry room if you had tried to secret her there. Opening a door and seeing Molly with undergarments on her head is not for the faint-hearted. Speaking of headgear, have you begun work on your milinary creation for my party? I suggest something large and heavily adorned with the bounty of nature.

completecare said...

Hi Sheaffer,
While our woman sends my message to you, my mom and I are standing in the shelter of the barn basking in the sunshine. Both of us have our best "end" facing the office window!!!!
There has been lots of talk about birthdays lately so I thought I would let you know that my best friend Mark is 28 today. When my mom and I first moved here I was very timid and stuck like velcro to her for the first couple years. When I finally stopped hiding behind her I realized there was a horse, waiting patiently, to be my friend. Mark does not have a special friend in the horse herd so he and I became partners in crime. I am sure my mom was pleased that I had finally flown the nest and that she could have a little peace and quiet. Mark is a very laid back type of guy that I am sure Jack would enjoy visiting with and talking about the "good old days".

Your Fan,


ponymaid said...

Good lad, Willy. Always put your best end where the humans can see it. Please wish Mark the very happiest of birthdays - he sounds delightful and Jack would like to have a protracted "chin wag" with him. It's admirable that you and Mark have become fast friends - you just never know what species will provide a soulmate. Willy, are they offering you a ride to my party? Shall I send on of those limousine affairs to pick you up? Please ask your mother, Bert, to accompany you - I think it would steady your nerves and of course we would love to meet her.