Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jack Is Immortalized For the Ages

For over two years now my portrait has been hanging in the upstairs front hall of the humans' residence. I can only take their word for it as I have never been invited inside. They think highly enough of self to have had a likeness done but not enough to let me inspect it personally. Gives you a good idea of the double standard in place around here.

There has been talk of having Jack's portrait done as well and we thought it would all come to naught, as many of the woman's blatherings do. He is very taken with having his own stall, stall sign, blankets, red bucket and so on and he was keen on the idea of having his likeness hang beside mine. Little did we know that the woman had sent off a series of photos of Jack to a woman in Germany who does animal portraits. Herself had it framed and today brought it out for our inspection. Jack is so overwhelmed that he wants it to hang in his stall where he can check it on a regular basis. "Well", he said."well, well, well , well, well, well, well, well. I finally got him stopped on the seventy- fifth "well" by pointing out a stray piece of gruel on the floor that he had missed.

"Dang", he said, "mebbe I am near as ole as dirt, but I make a damn fine subjick for a likeness. Nex time I'll put in muh uppers and lowers." I assured him he looks perfectly fine without and he went off beaming and doing a little jig of sheer donkey delight. He says in his view that having one's portrait done is a sure sign the management, as he calls the woman, wants him to stay around.

While mine is a formal portrait, Jack's is more casual, and it suits his down-to-earth personality in every way. He doesn't look a day over fifteen and the woman told him he was like the human in "The Picture of Dorian Grey", who remained perennially youthful while his portrait, stored in the attic, continued to age. Now Jack wants to keep a close eye on it for any signs of subtle changes.


Nachodonkey said...

Jack, what a wonderful portrait! It captures your very essence. A noble, pensive look with a soft expression to the eyes. Do I see a new line of sweats & tees?

I had a heart to heart chat last night with the beautiful, buxom, blonde babe about the signage on the front of the stall. It is a vast improvement over the first one. She is now a little more accepting of the no treat rule but expressed her disappointment in a series of gentle nickers. My Artex, also a chestnut mare Molly's height but with flaming red locks, is the only other horse I have heard nicker that much. It must be a chestnut mare thing. I heard from a reliable source that Mollinshka has a new trick of breaking away from staff as they are leading her in from the paddock. What a naughty girl!!

Dougie Donk said...
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Dougie Donk said...

Gosh Jack, that is such a superb portrait! Could you ask your woman to post contact details for the artist?

My woman is quite taken with the idea of getting a group portrait of Dennis, Flynn, Tammy & myself; but has been unable to find anyone capable of capturing our collective beauty.

I will (of course) be in the centre of any such portrait! LOL

ponymaid said...

Nacho - Jack Wear - hmmm. Yeeeeesss. Regarding Molly, and Artex, it seems mares have a lot to say on all subjects, but please, please don't tell Molly I said that - she would try to sit on me. That goes hoof-in-hoof with her new move, which is barging past people. She and the woman have had some frank discussions on that subject.

Dougie, I had herself post the contact info for the artist, Angela Franke. It is at the top of my blog. She also sells some works on a thing called ebay. She is a true animal lover and seems to be able to capture character with dignity. I hate "comic" or maudlin animal images. I am very taken with her cat portraits also and am lobbying for one of Sally. Doc wants one of himself with muscles flexed and Molly wants one of herself in vamp mode. Gahhh. Rogues' Gallery. I strongly suggest yourself as the centrepiece of the group portrait -any work is vastly improved by a central donkey motif.

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - that portrait of Jack is just amazing. Moms is gonna go check out the artist your woman posted - perhaps there is a portrait of Buddy in order.

Your fren,

billie said...

OH my gosh - what a gorgeous portrait of Jack!!! I agree it captures his lovely personality perfectly.

Now I'm afraid there will be a stampede here for equine portraits all around.

ponymaid said...

Buddy, just remember to send Molly a copy for her pinup board. I think you would make an excellent subject - would you have just your head done or your entire person? I suggest lifesize.

Billie, can you imagine a portrait of R&R? They would have Hollywood agents beating down their stall door. And of course all the others would need theirs done...I hope you have a lot of empty wall space.

CindyLouWho said...

What a lovely portrait of Jack! It will look lovely beside yours in the front hall of the residence. However, the humans DO need to invite you both in to inspect and approve (or not) of the display. I also believe you should have the framed likenesses in your rooms. Maybe they could have copies made, let you have the originals, and hang the copies in the house.

Molly will survive her *diet* and, when she comes home you won't be able to tell the difference. (G)

I'm very happy to hear of Miss Sally's emergence from her shyness. Cats are so much fun to have around and to play with. Puma and I have a great game of tag going. He jumps up on his hind legs and spreads his front paws far apart in his best psycho-killer-jungle-cat impression. I make a face like I'm mad, he jumps again and I pretend he scared me back. Then he goes skittering off in delight at having *bested* me.

Gale said...

Sheaffer, oh dear, I'm lagging behind again. You said Marty Mouse had no catnip, but I think the woman should consider dipping the "backup mouse" into some catnip because Sally doesn't appear terribly interested!

Jack's portrait is magnificent! Well, well, well, well, well, well............ "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever."

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - is Molly ever coming home?

Happy Valentines Day to you and your frens and famblee.

Happy Valentines day to my Molly!

ponymaid said...

CindyLou, having his portrait done has given Jack a whole new sense of self-importance. He doesn't have many points of reference but feels he is at least as well-known as the equine on the feed bag. His goal is to replace the Queen on our currency. I think it would be an excellent switch. He wants to add "In Jack We Trust". Sally now has an entire collection of gym equipment in the tack room and does a circuit from one to the other all day - and much of the night. She is apparently has some sort of internal dynamo that never wears down.

Gale, the madwoman bought Sally a container of liquid catnip - it may actually be some sort of feline amphetamine. She sprayed it on all the gym equipment and Sally has barely stopped to catch her breath. She does look remarkably relaxed and happy - the cat, not the woman, of course. Jack likes your saying very much - he is changing his name to "Jack Joy". Sounds like a used car salesman to me...

Buddy, it sounds to me like you are pining in the desert, missing Jenny Craig's new Spokespony. She will be home in two weeks - she wants us to put out flags and banners and food in her honour. That won't be happening but Doc will undoubtedly lose his miniscule mind, at least temporarily. The woman wished her a Happy Valentine's on your behalf and Molly flared her nostrils and tried to look fetching. I know that look and it's quite alarming.

robert5721 said...

I must say that Angela does some amazing work on her animal portraits....I may just HAVE to get one done of Dicey..
I love your used car salesman crack..fitting to say the least..
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

Mr. Gale, a portrait of the lovely Dicey sounds like an excellent idea. A full mural would be even better - you don't mind flying the artist over from Germany, do you? I mean, Dicey is such a stellar example of donkeyhood that you can't deny her this one little thing...can you?