Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Birthday Party/Fundraiser Pictures

With the help of Bouncy Dog I was able today to finally post the pictures of my party taken by the woman. They can be seen at

Now, if they just let us so-called "animals" run the world, it would be a much better organized place. The things with which I must put up. Honestly.


billie said...

Sheaffer, I had the MOST fun looking at not only the birthday party pictures but the blog ones in a bigger size!

It was like looking at a scrapbook, all the way back to TJ and those little TJ eyes.

I have to say I even wished for snow while looking at you all huddled in the blizzard. (we're heading into a 3-day heat blitz here, and you know how the grass is always greener...)

Tell the woman thank you for sharing. Every photo brought back all the posts and your wonderful writing voice.

ponymaid said...

Oh Billie, those beady TJ eyes indeed - so bright and so full of...I hardly know what to say. I'm glad you enjoyed visiting the album and will try to have Herself store some more photos in there. We haven't headed into the real summer heat here yet but July is usually quite tropical (for us). I love it but the others complain bitterly.

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - greats pics of your party - loved the one with you wearing the birthdaycandle hat - very cool.


ponymaid said...

Buddy, I tired on a series of hats on the day itself, including a purple one with a rat (that was Smokey's favourite) but I was most comfortable wearing the crown. Any suggestions for next year's headgear?

Gale said...

Sheaffer, I've been deprived of my writing machine for 10 days! It died after a bad storm, but Mr Gale was able to reconstruct one for me with pieces and parts of others. Keep your hoofies crossed that it continues to work. So I'm just now trying to catch up on all that I've missed.

The party photo album is wonderful with all those behind the scenes pictures. Look at the crowd of people! How gracious of you to try on so many hats. Smokey is one handsome equine! I saw a photo showing plywood or cardboard with an outline drawn of a human...was that for a pin the tail on the human game? (I got a little chuckle out of the "Overflow" album with but one picture of TJ in it.)

How nice to see and hear more about Doc. I always knew he had some talent. I'm glad his little foray outside the pasture ended safely!

I recall a "skeptic tank" vehicle belonging to someone named Jim. On the side of the truck was painted: "Nobody sticks his nose in Jim's business!"

ponymaid said...

Gale, your writing machine was also afflicted with gremlins? How mysterious. These devices are very highly strung it seems. I'm glad to hear Mr. Gale has fashioned you a replacement.

Ah yes, the party is becoming but a dim memory, the photos being the only tangilbe reminder. The woman says she's still recovering but I am insistent that she repeat it on a larger and more lavish scale next year. I mean, why not? I felt just fine the next day.

Doc is being a tad mopey because the real heat is upon us and because he hoped to go to another show this past weekend. The woman just laughed raucously at the very idea. Instead he got to go in during the hot part of the day with his fan on the second setting. Tchhh. Jack and I aren't even warm and Molly, though perspiring heavily, simply refuses to acknowledege anything as mundane as weather.

I have requested that we switch to your skeptic tank cleaner - the man is a brilliant marketing genius.