Friday, October 2, 2009

A BIG Red Tractor and a Change in Our Linen Closet

I've had an extraordinarily busy week - Jack and I have been on the go from sunup till sundown. We've been supervising non-stop but managed to fit in some time for donkey frolics. The rain and wind have now set in and night temperatures hover around zero so our days of frolic are numbered.

Last weekend the male human and our friend/sometime minder, Jamie, appeared in the run-in with all sorts of wonderful power tools. They began wrestling bales of hay and staggering about with large, flat sheets of thin wood so of course we rushed in and crowded around to help. It seems they were constructing a bin type thing so the woman could buy our bedding in bulk, thus saving millions of dollars (I think that's the number she mentioned). It began to rain (of course) so that meant that along with Sally and Penny, who also insisted on helping, there were eight bodies in a small space.

The only unpleasant part was when Jamie wheeled a metal cart with tool boxes in my general direction - I snorted and fled out into the rain. He felt so guilty that he came out to coax me in and just as I was regaining my composure the male human appeared in the barn door with a yellow snake coiled around his arm. I fled once more into the foul elements. They tried to explain that it was a power cord but I know a viper when I see one.

The next day the woman went off in the truck and re-appeared with a mound of bedding in the back. It was supposed to be covered with a tarpaulin but she was defeated by the wind and made her way home at low speed, leaving a thin coating of wood shavings over two counties. She backed into the run-in and once more we hastened into the breach to give assistance. Well, as much as possible since she had barred the entrances with gates and doors.

It took her ages to move said shavings from point A to point B. We stayed with her throughout and were there when she climbed into the truck bed, stood up, bonked her head on a rafter, promptly lost her balance and toppled into the shavings. Her vocabulary hit a new low as she massaged the top of her head while muttering threats at the rogue rafter. At one point Jack became highly indignant at being locked out of his run-in and began rapping imperiously on the metal side door. Herself threw the door open and hissed at him that her head was already throbbing and she didn't need the sound of a donkey jack hammering on metal, thank you very much, even if the donkey in question was actually called Jack.

The day after this bedding excitement a huge red tractor appeared in our fields and began plowing them up in preparation for next spring. It's even larger than the huge green one and is hinged in the middle like an ant. As is my custom. I stuck my head through the fence for a better look and could see the driver looking askance as he cleared my head by inches. He need not worry, I have it down to a fine art.

Meanwhile, Doc and Molly and even Jack, belted around the paddock, prentending the red tractor was a gigantic monster after their very life blood. Doc did his version of air boxing, Molly did her impression of a runaway freight train and Jack wove in and out of the trees at high speed, his tail rotating like a helicopter's blades. It was exhausting just watching them.


libraryperson said...

Abracdabra has just moved inside in night. Now she is working on getting her window closed to keep away the drafts.

Dougie Donk said...

Ooh goody! That means you won't have to tolerate shavings bags any more & will have a whole new level of entertainment in watching the woman move shavings by the wheelbarrow load - wonder if she can elevate her language for this too? LOL!

billie said...

Sheaffer! No more shavings bags! I'm sure you enjoyed the big red tractor. A small pleasure as the colder season approaches.

I absolutely love the new photos. It's obvious from your descriptions but that photo of Jack with burrs on says it all. He is now in reverse aging, getting younger by the day.

We are getting cooler weather too but nothing like yours. It's in the 40s some nights and the horses are in heaven. I think that must be their favorite temperature, as they all turn on the gas and run like wild things.

Yesterday Cody and Rafer Johnson kept going even when everyone else had stopped.

And when I woke up this morning I discovered that the late-night shenanigans included some unknown equine opening the gate between paddocks, so they all mixed and mingled in the perfect fall night while I slept on, unsuspecting. Even Salina let this transgression go w/o waking me up!

Our shavings are coming on Tuesday, and you can bet the young donkeys will be watching and trying to assist.

Ben said...

Greetings Sheaffer
Perhaps the Woman is beginning to soften her tyranic, dictatorial approach to your care. Seemingly she has gone to some great lengths to eliminate the threat of the demon shavings bags. Perhaps some slightly more substantial rations loom on the horizon? Who knows. Perhaps the future is brighter?
Our escapades at escape continue. The humans here are used to dealing with the Equine mind. Little then, do they understand the deeper workings of the Assinine mind. Our gate has been fixed so that we may not lift it off it's hinges......HAH....I have one thing to say about that! "LIMBO"! Jerry and I became quite nimble at this exotic skill, to the extent that we escaped 6 times in one day. We also took your advice and made for the woods, back paddocks, the manure heap, and even into the barn to the Hay pile. Sadly this series elopements lead to the Barn Man fastening a 3x3 beam across the opening of the paddock below the gate. Not only does this make it impossible to get under, but we must also jump it as we are brought in and out. Intolerable! Jerry fancies himself a bit of a Steve McQueen "Great Escapist" and speaks of tunneling and "jumping it with a motorbike". I have settled on a more realistic plan. Math Quiz..How long will it take One very determined donkey to chew through a 3inch beam. Pictures at 11.
Best Wishes

Finn the Wonder Pony said...

Oh My Sheaffer! You certainly have been busy! Makes me dizzy just reading about it! There have been some changes around here too, but nothing like yours! Must be something in the air. Apparently my woman has let someone make some alterations on the western half of the hill we're on. Said person has taken down most of the trees and is going to restore it to pasture, with a house and barn on it. They and two Friesians will be moving in next year. I am quite apprehensive, as the landscape changes daily, but my woman assures me all is well. She also wants me to ask if your woman is going to attend the Equine Thingye in November to satisfy her vermifuge-obsession.

Buddy said...

Holy Cow Sheaffer- could you have any more fun? I'm so envious - shavings - tractors - and who is the stunning white faced beauty? Could it be? Molly - I think I'm back in love with her - she is so beautiful.

Billie - are there pics of Salina anywhere I can see - she sounds delicious. Oh by the way - I'm playing the field - as I think I'm in love with Rachel Alexandra, Molly, Salina, Cheyenne (she lives down the street).

Your Fren,

billie said...

Buddy, I have been so slow to get new photos of Salina up for you. I think about it regularly, and then think, okay, I will get her cleaned up and do a proper photo-shoot.

Then something happens and I get sidetracked and the day is gone.


But... here is a photo from last fall that I think is a good one. It shows her in all her beauty - one eye, the donkey boys who are always by her side, and her regal demeanor.

See what you think - even though you ARE playing the field now!!

Buddy said...

Oh my heart is going thumpity thump -she is a beauty. Please send her my love.

billie said...

I'm hoping Sheaffer's lack of response is not because Molly is throwing a major what we call 'hissy fit' over Buddy's roving eye!!

Stay safe, Sheaffer!

ponymaid said...

I'm back everyone. I haven't been away but Herself went off to some "do" last night and only reappeared this afternoon. Didn't even consult me and just assumed she could gad about at will. Hmmphh.

libraryperson, I'm releived that Abra is seeing to getting her window closed - afterall, she's an - ahem - frail little thing - especially the Percheron part.

Dougie,it's only temporarily good news. When the snow and ice close in, she won't be able to bring our linens in in bulk. Then the dreaded shavings bags will return and so will my nightmares. Her language has descended to the gutter but I'm sure she will strive for even greater depths.

Billie, the red tractor is a literal bright spot these days. It's been rain, rain and then more rain. I'm afraid Jack has turned into a holy terror with these cooler days. I'm quite interested in the great escape engineered by your equine crew - Ben and I would very much like to know the details. Not that we would ever put them into practice...

Ben, your progress astounds me! The Limbo - what a brilliant alternative tactic and how typical of one of your humans to brutally foil your clever plan. Be strong and continue to plot on. Now that you have tasted freedom you know you must continue to fight the good fight.

CindyLou, please keep us updated on the strange happenings at your place. Herself does not appear to be travelling to your area this year - something about exchange rates, blizzards and time constraints. And apparently she is planning to pop in to see you during your Thanksgiving ritual. You have been warned - there is time to get out of town.

Buddy my bachelor friend, you certainly are playing the field and the neighbouring fields as well! Molly is - well, not slim exactly, but the trimmest she has ever been. I will tell her of your compliment but wisely leave out the rest.

Billie, very nice indeed - I do like the older equine ladies. They're so much more sensible and worldly. I will not be informing Molly of any of this as none of us care dare incite a hissy fit and the horrible consequences.

BumbleVee said...

hahahha.... you guys have such fun...I so wish I could see all the frivolities, although reading about them is almost as great... it sounds like a laugh a minute over there (with a few adrenaline rush danger moments tossed in for good measure!).

we had .. ahem... and acckkkk! .... SNOWFLAKES...on Saturday..... and it is going down to -10C by the weekend.... oh, groan.....

ponymaid said...

Oh BumbleVee, we had the f-word all over everything this morning. The vehicles were white with it and it has killed most of the remaining garden greenery. Snow is predicted for this week. It seems just yesterday I was examining photos of the first spring flowers on your blog.

Buddy said...

Oh Sheaffer - shouldn't that have been the S word as in snow. I hope your ears are not burning from the F word. It was a beautiful day here - low 80's a bit breezy - oh how I wish you and Jack were here to enjoy it with me.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Oh dear, Buddy, I hope I have not shocked your sensibilities - I meant FROST - that terrible, hard white coating that just appears one night. No snow here yet but some predicted for this week. I dream of your place regularly - the dust, the heat - a donkey's idea of paradise. Enjoy it for me, my friend.

Buddy said...

Oh that word - sorry - the other F word I have heard on occasion - I thought the woman was running around swearing at the snow. Please forgive me.

Come on down Fren - I have plenty of room.

Your fren,