Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to All!

My dear friends of all species, we wish you the very best of everything on this cold winter's day. May your feed bowls brim with stud muffins and horse cookies and everything else that is bad for the waistline and good for the morale.

Herself has NOT yet baked us those wonderful cookies for which Billie has sent the recipe. We did have a lovely hot dinner with carrots, apples, mints and stud muffins. The portions were rather Scrooge-ish, but nevermind. With a howling wind blowing sideways into our ears and under our tails, we were very glad to get into our rooms.

Sally has received a bizarre toy on springs that attaches to the wall with small suction cups. It has feathered spheres on which she practices her torture techniques by the hour. So far she has not extracted any information from it. She and Violet both received bags of cat treats that strike me as rather revolting but then again I'm strictly vegetarian and something called "Mighty Meaty Kitty Bitties" do not strike a culinary chord with me.

She's rushing off again on turkey duty and has told me to keep it short- tchhhah.

Please let me know how you spent your day and what you received from the man in red. I hope it was delicious.


billie said...

Now, Sheaffer, your meal sounds quite LAVISH to me!

Salina got a new blanket (she actually received it a few weeks early) which is a lovely black with an understated plaid. It looks dashing on her.

Keil Bay is getting a new style of bitless bridle, but I was notified that it is on backorder, so he will be receiving that later on.

Cody and the pony and the nephews have all gotten many treats and also several new brushes which will replace the one "hard brush" we had, which has gone missing.

They are also getting a giant inflatable ball - I unfortunately neglected to order it in time for the holiday, but now that we are deluged in rain again it's just as well there will be a delay - I wouldn't send them out with it for fear they would slip and slide and do harm to themselves in the process!

There are new cat toys and a pop-up nylon cat castle which has been quite the popular item around here today. Kyra the Corgi received a lovely squeaky toy and a Kong which I'm stuffing with peanut butter in an effort to distract her from licking herself - trying to approach this new canine issue from all angles!

The human family members got a 2-person kayak and a 1-person kayak so that we can take brief journeys to the nearby river to sail the water and rejuvenate. There were numerous smaller items in stockings and such, but my favorite surprise item this morning was a lovely black and white fly whisk my son made for me using silky white rope and black cord. I have no idea where he gets his talent in making things "from scratch" - I would have no idea how to go about making a fly whisk!

The sun returns tomorrow and I will be so happy to begin the drying out process AGAIN. We had made some progress on that front but alas, today set us back almost completely to MUCKVILLE.

Hope everyone is enjoying the day!

ponymaid said...

Billie, what an exciting Christmas you had! We hope to see a photo of Salina modelling her new coat. And I can't tell you how much we look forward to scenes of the nephews and the pony playing paddock ball with the gigantic sphere. Your custom-made fly whisk sounds just the thing - will your son also provide the manpower to operate it? He can just trot alongside Keil Bay, whisking away. I'm sorry to say our woman received a monstrous headpiece of faux fur and flaps - they refer to it as an "Elmer Fudd". Scared me half to death creeping up behind me.

billie said...

I meant to tell you in that long comment but forgot - my Christmas present from Redford!

He has learned how to open the feed room door, which he has been doing while I'm closed up inside, mixing feed tubs. Imagine me, out last night, mixing away, knowing there is no one home but my daughter, who is supposedly inside the house.

Suddenly the feed room door opens with a big whoosh and creaking of its hinges. I turned, ready to face down some monster, and who is it but young Redford, looking quite pleased with himself for not only gaining entrance to the FOOD, but making the human squeal.

Higher security measures for the feed room may become necessary!

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - well I got a new blanket in a red and green plaid. I got several bags of treats and mom made some. It was a great Christmas. the kitkats got fancy feest and catnip mousies.

Billie - I would love to see a pic of Salina in her new blanket!

Your Fren,

billie said...

Will try to get one soon - right now we are back to highs in the 50s during the day and only down to 40 at night - so no need for the blankets until later in the week!

Buddy said...

Wow Billie - it gets to 50 in the day but 20 at night. I wear my blankie everynight.

Tell Salina I said "whinney".

Your Fren,

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - this is Sally - Buddy's mom - have to share:

I was outside with Buddy and told him about his birthday tomorrow and he was turning 14. So I put his halter on and off we went to visit one of his girl frens, Cheyenne. Well I could tell the minute we stepped out of his paddock he was gonna be a handful. So we went out onto the street and he starts trotting - throwing his head around - now I'm a bit nervous. So we go see Cheyenne for a few minutes - they knicker at each other and he is dancing around. So I decided before he got really crazy we should come home. So we get in the yard - I go to close the gate and he takes off - pulling the lead rope out of my hand - in the yard - with lead rope hanging - good thing its a short lead rope. He is running at full speed - bucking - running - tail flagged - snorting - he stops I unhook the lead rope and off he goes again. So I stood there and let him do his thing. He stops - I hook him up and put in back in his paddock - I unhook him and he is off again. I guess he is trying to tell me that no way is he gonna be 14. OK - so tomorrow he will turn 4 - LOL. Now he is limping a bit - he really is 14 - LOL.


billie said...

Buddy! Happy Birthday!

It sounds like you had a wild celebration - take it easy tonight and tomorrow and let yourself recuperate! :)

ponymaid said...

Sally, are you both alright? I am fourteen years of age myself but suspect Buddy feels much younger at heart. Maybe you both need to soak your feet in a tub of epsom salts while sipping something restorative. I'm pleased to hear he was able to call on the attractive neighbour mare but suspect he rather overdid his display of machismo. Please wish him the happiest of birthdays.

Buddy said...

We are both fine - thanks for asking. Buddy did overdo it a bit. He is outside snoozing and I'm inside having a nice glass of wine.

Tomorrow we may go riding!