Friday, December 11, 2009

A Most Peculiar Gift - I Think I May Actually Like It

Imagine my surprise when I checked my correspondence and found a gift from Bouncy Dog -he made it himself and I thought my friends might enjoy viewing it. I hardly know what to think; it is the height of frivolity but it does show me in a rather attractive slim and trim mode. The name Fred Astaire has even cropped up.

Jack loves it and says he has attended many of these events in his youth. Molly likes anything that features her hairy visage and Doc says it's just missing a bar. How TJ got in there, I do not know. He certainly wasn't invited but that's never stopped him before.

Here it is:


billie said...

I'm dying to see it but it says page moved or some such phrase...!

ponymaid said...

Billie, ahem, yes, another failure on the part of Herself no doubt. We have a bulletin out for Bouncy Dog to explain things...

Bouncy Dog said...

Not to worry. Looks like a simple typo problem ... a mater of zeros and O's being mixed up.

Try this:

P.S. Thanks and apologies to 7MSM Ranch from whom I "stole" this idea. I couldn't help myself. Their Elf video was so hilarious I just had to make one too.

Bouncy Dog said...

Ooops, I did it again. Somehow when I Copy and Paste an URL the tail end gets truncated. (Glad it's not MY tail !)

Anyway, you need to add on a few more characters at the end ... the
"becA" bit (without he quotation marks of course).

Whew ! This better work now. All this attention to detail is hard on a Bouncy fella like me.


ponymaid said...

Thank you Bouncy Dog - trust her to be unable to tell O's from 0's.

billie said...

Thanks, Bouncy Dog - that was hilarious!

I must say, Sheaffer, you were doing some very fancy footwork there - and with TJ in such close proximity!

My daughter did one of those last year and the way she put Rafer Johnson's "head" on the elf made everything especially funny. I think it was just the angle of his head in the original photo. Unfortunately we weren't able to save it - so it is only a dim memory now.

I'm sure Linda is thrilled she has inspired all of us to holiday cheer... :)

Hope all are well. We are having a chilly (for us) morning and wishing for sunshine.

nvsally said...

Hay Sheaffer - thanks for giving me a good laugh this rainy and cold morning. Miss Molly looks fetching in her Elf Suit.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Ummmm, billie, do you think your daughter could recreate last year's masterpiece? We're all very curious about the appearance of Rafer's head...

nvsally, the thought of the real Molly in an elf suit has given me palpitations (not the good kind you get when you view her).