Friday, April 23, 2010

Orbs - Large and Small

Molly's eye, the small orb, is progressing but not yet one hundred percent. She is back in work and thank goodness because she was downright testy about Doc being the only one to be ridden. She hammered on the door when he was being groomed, chased us, slammed the door to the run-in (breaking the string) and took the woman's jacket away when she put it on the ground next to the riding ring. There is nothing repressed about Molly.

The large orb is a gigantic, inflatable ball that resides at a friend's house. Doc went off in the metal box on wheels to have a workout session with said ball. On the way he encountered a work crew at roadside and gave them a loud and hearty greeting. They responded in kind, all eight or ten of them, giving a hearty "HEYYYYYY" in reply. Doc says the Flat Man was with them, off to one side, but he didn't utter a peep. And (I find this highly suspicious) he was in exactly the same position as when he was on the road in front of our place over a year ago! I just don't trust him.

Doc tells us the giant ball resides in one of those indoor riding rooms and that there is also an entire collection of objects called a "trail course". He tried them all but liked the ball best because he can herd it around and generally pretend to be a cowpony without having to deal with cows. He has a deathly fear of all things bovine.

He is invited back next week and I fear we will be the objects of the Wrath of Molly.


billie said...

Wow! Look at Doc go with that big ball! Love the photos.

Sheaffer, my copy of The Wisdom of the Donkey has arrived, but I will likely not get to it until the beginning of the week, as my husband and daughter are off on a photography expedition in the mountains, and son has some activities planned with friends this weekend - leaving me with almost all of the barn chores.

Last night I thought I was going to keel over. Eleven p.m. and I took to bed with an NSAID and an ice pack. Clearly, I need barn staff!

ponymaid said...

Oh yes Billie, Doc would be the terror of the beach with that thing. In fact, I'm sure he would be banned after he rolled it over the first batch of sun bathers. No rush at all with the book. In fact, it is rather a slow read - I think the woman referred to the pace as "glacial" - but it is packed full of donkey information. I think you will need some front porch time after the weekend you have planned. Please try to not keel over!

Buddy said...

glad to hear molly is getting better as slow as it is _ doc looks good in the arena - i do like that ball - perhaps mom will get me one. this keyboard must be for humans as the keys are sticking - please forgive the underscore for a dash.

give molly my love

oh - mom told some people about this blog and they have been reading - they also said they could see why i am so enamored with miss molly.

your fren

ponymaid said...

Buddy, I must admit that when I saw that ball thing, I thought you would enjoy one of your own. That one is sold by someone called Tommy Garland in Virginia. Molly is slowly getting better - eyes are a tricky thing. Thank you for bringing your friends to visit my blog - they must be good humans if they know you! And remember, no more muscle strains...

Bent Barrow Farm said...

You were recommended to me by a reader at my mule's blog, Can't wait to hear more about your critters!

ponymaid said...

Welcome to my blog, BentBarrowFarm! I must tell you, Bartholomule may be the single cleverest name I've ever heard. He pens an excellent blog, befitting such a distinguished equine. I have no knowledge of the meaning of "Brays of Our Lives" but I must tell you, the woman laughed so hard I feared she had apoplexy. It's very nice to see you here.

Buddy said...

Oh we love Brays of our Lives and I noticed that they mentioned you Sheaffer in todays blog - about what a great donkey - though small!

Your Fren,

Bent Barrow Farm said...

Thank you for the welcome. The name "Bartholomule" was the brainchild of my friend Carey, who herself blogs on the subject of food and music in NYC.

Sheaffer has much of the muleness about him.