Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rural Ramblings

First of all, thank you to everyone who has inquired about "the eye" - Molly's right eye, to be precise. It is improving but very slowly. The vet came again and this time gave her a stupifying agent via needle so he could peel back the lid and have a closer look. I can assure you it was quite a spectacle (unintended pun) but I observed for scientific purposes. She has no burr residue but the ulcer is a slow healer and still causing her considerable pain. She is not surprisingly a cheap and easy drunk, front legs sprawled across the aisle and back legs crossed like a podgy ballet dancer. And of course she snored the whole while...

Jack and I had a successful Easter walk, so successful that Jack balked at going back in the paddock. He sets a blistering pace on the farm lane and I am hard pressed to keep up. Greenery is popping up all over and we sampled freely, adding a few dried twigs from years past. Jack did a few head tosses to the side just to keep the woman on her toes and he even threw in some elaborate low kicks with his back legs just to show the shrubbery he's still boss around here.

The hay crop should be seeded into our fields this week so I have a busy schedule ahead of me. The equipment used is quite different from the potato planting devices so I will study those and add them to my "life list" of things mechanical. Like those clever Victorians, I do love a good bit of complicated, and noisy, engineering.


Buddy said...

Thanks for the Molly update!

Planting hay - I would love for hay to be planted in my yard - oh how fun to graze.

Mr. Jack sure is a character - keeps you and your woman on your toes/hoofs!

Your fren,

billie said...

My biggest hug to Molly. She will need a new outfit when this is over.

You and Jack are having so much fun! We are all envious of your hay. Please keep us posted as to when it is ready to eat. :)

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ponymaid said...

Buddy, I will keep you fully informed on the eye front. I think you should strongly encourage your woman to plant hay in your paddock - in my opinion all equines should have their own personal hay fields. Jack is a caution! My word, you should see the speeds that lad attains...

Billie, Molly is very much on board with the new outfit idea and a truckload of Stud Muffins as edible accessories. I was told today that it is not my personal 93 acres of hay - I am devastated. It has alfalfa in it which we are forbidden to have because of what Herself deems to be "weight issues". You see what I must live with. Have you heard of the Mike person who commented below? I hardly know what to think, though the idea of my first interview is most exciting. His link is not accessible so that may put paid to the plan.

Hello Mysterious Mike. Thank you for your kind invitation. Your link seems to be unavailable right now.

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - I'm very very sad tonight - my girlfren Cheyenne crossed the rainbow bridge today - I guess she had a twisted gut and the vet helped her to cross. Just wanted to share the bad news with my frens.

ponymaid said...

Oh Buddy, how sad and what a shock for you. What a terrible thing to have happen. Our thoughts are with you and Cheyenne's human. I know how much you will miss your friend and neighbour. I know she slipped quietly away surrounded by caring humans.

Buddy said...

Thanks Sheaffer - she was surrounded by her human, goat and chicken family. She is running in heaven free of pain and all the grass she can eat.


billie said...

Sheaffer, I'm devastated too about your hay. My gosh - what does The Woman think? Are you to stand and watch it grown knowing you can't have any?

I do not know Mike, but he clearly has good taste if he wishes to interview YOU.

Buddy: All our condolences and hugs to you and Cheyenne's human. I am so sorry to hear the sad news, but glad she was able to be with her family at the end, and hope she is pain-free and very happy on the other side.