Thursday, April 1, 2010

This and That

Good news! The first meeting regarding my party/fundraiser has taken place and plans are afoot. This year it is open to the public and I feel sure I will be called upon to address the masses. It has been decided that Jack will stay home, though many have asked to meet him. We feel it would be too long and stressful a day for someone who is such a homebody. Doc has volunteered to help but we feel that could be a tad too exciting. Molly is simply not invited. The food would not be safe.

Poor Molly has hurt her eye - the vet came and says she has an ulcerated cornea - probably from a burr fragment. Her eye is very sore and weepy and she has to wear the bubble mask. She is of a stoical nature and her good humour so far remains intact, in spite of the pain. Her appetite is robust. The vet also had a long talk with Herself regarding Jack's dental care and it has been decided to forego putting him through a dental exam this year. We all heaved a sigh of relief and Jack did a sort of hornpipe around the barn. The vet also pronounced him in fine physical condition for an elderly donkey gentleman and that's put an extra spring in his prance.

We are to have such warm temperatures this weekend that a Humidex reading will be added to the forecast. To think we could be in the middle of a blizzard. The weather gods are asleep at the switch and I for one am not planning to wake them. My ears are warm for the first time in months.


billie said...

Oh - please give Molly our very best healing thoughts for her eye!!

And tell Jack I personally celebrate with him the foregoing of dental exam.

Your party is once again going to be the event of the season. I wish wish wish I could be there.

completecare said...

Hi Sheaffer,

I am glad to hear that your party plans are underway. Now it will be the topic of conversation in the barn as my human and Our Girl Friday discuss every fine detail a million times.

One of our horses had a bad eye infection from an injury and he had to go to the clinic at the University of Guelph. He was only there a day but at 27 years old it took him a couple weeks to recover from his ordeal. His eye is looking good so all is well. I hope Molly is soon feeling better.

We donkeys are also enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. Some days we don't even come into the barn to nap. We take a few steps away from the hay feeders, stretch out and bask in the sunshine. Our human says we must look quite a sight from the road. Four beached whales flat out on the slope behind the barn. Beached whales indeed!!!! I am sure we provide many happy smiles for those driving by!!!

HAPPY EASTER to you and all the rest of your equine and human families. Hopefully some treats will come your way.

Your fan,


ponymaid said...

Thank you Billie. The eye continues to be sore but the vet did say it's a long process. Jack on the other hand is enjoying rude good health... Oh my, how I wish you could join the festivities - are you quite sure you couldn't steal away for a bit?

Willy, you should hear all the planning going on! They are even speaking of a mysterious "Porta Potty" being brought in - I wonder if it's similar to the "Tardis" in which Doctor Who time travels. I may try it out myself. You know, I'm familiar with that beached whale comment and I simply don't understand it. Though we are both mammals, a whale has no ears at all that are visible, let alone the magnificent hearing apparatus we donkeys can boast. What can they mean? I will pass on your good wishes to La Molly, thank you.

Buddy said...

WHAT????????? My Molly is not well - she has a eye thingy? Oh I'm feeling too quilty - as I have been playing with the neighbor girl and haven't spent enough attention to my lovely Molly. Please don't tell her about the neighbor.

Will see if mom can find a card! Oh I hang my head.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Buddy, I promise I won't breathe a word of your liason to Molly. Ordinarily it`s not a bad thing to keep her on her toes but she`s struggling too much with eye discomfort and pain just now. She asks if you can fly to her side and press camomile tea bags gently against her eye (too many pony fairy tales have influenced her views). She says she will use your get well card as an eye patch - I will send photos.

Buddy said...

Sheaffer you are a true fren. Mom found a nice card and will mail it tomorrow.

Thanks my fren!

ponymaid said...

Buddy, it's our little secret. Hehheh.