Friday, June 11, 2010

a jack flash

sonny is still thinkin about his partee and gatherin material fer his memoroars and what not so i thot i would get ya up ta date. i kinda hi-Jacked his writin, so ta speek. also the g 7 or 8 or 9 or sumthin is takin place in the citee soon and hes expectin them to ast him to speak at it and adress all them world leeders. i dunno...its like the queen showin up to his partee - mebbee it could happin and mebbee not. all i kno is i ain't goin to no citee.

anyways i'm doin reel good, sheddin plenty and mopping up my eight squares a day. i put a good run on sonny mornin and evenin juss ta keep him movin. he puts in toooo much brain work and not enough runnin. vitinary is comin to flile teeth nex week but i don have ta get mine done on account they ain't growin no more and i got no abcisses. i'll stay to a good distance and put the stink eye on him.

molly horse is clear cutting the paddock and is reeel mad at the electrik wire that keeps us off a the long stuff. she keeps testin it and goin OW, dammit. she's gettin a wide body saddle cos her reglar one is too tight in her sholders since she been climbin mountins. she feels superieur on account she gits to go with the woman to the foress all teh time an shes always sayin no boys allowd juss girls and then she flounce off on the metal box, all struck up like.

doc went on another play date and had hissefl a wunderful time stompin on fake briges and fake watter and i dont know what all. woman has ta do that stuf otherwise hes reel jealos and pitches a fit when molly goes out to the foress. woman call is qualitee time but i think hes juss spoilt gettin driven all over creation juss to go play with other horses.

cats is good too but violet cat keeps on ketchin baby bunnnnies and leavin the boddies at the house door - she keep the head for herself. sally couldn ketch nothin if she sat on it by akkcitent. she once find a drownded mouse and give it ta sonny but he dont appreciate it so much bein on his hay.

penny dog is good too and puttin in lots a runnin and jumpin an then bathin in our water tank which aint so good. that dog shed somethin fierce unner water and i dont got no teeth to strain dog hair with.

thass it fer now i jusst wanted to ketch ya up to date. goin back to chasin sonny now.


billie said...

Jack! So good to hear from you! What is it with bunnies and cats? Dickens brought one home too, and when I screamed in horror the donkey boys came running. They were so sweet to check up on me.

I'm glad to hear you're keeping Sheaffer on the run a few times a day. All that pondering needs to get turned off once in awhile so the body can just move and instinct can take over.

Redford says a special hello. He still thinks you and he have a date to go cavorting across the country behind Rafer and Sheaffer when they do their botanical tour.

Steer clear of the vitnery!

Buddy said...

Hay Jack - good to hear from ya. Thanks for the update on everyone. Keep chasing Sheaffer - he needs the exercise. Molly testing the fence - I did that a couple of times and I learned my lesson - ouch!

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

i dunno billie but them cats got a thing for beheadin rabbuts - kinda savage like if ya ast me. glad yer two good donkey boys are keepin ya undar close watch. i like the sounda young redferd - a boy witha lota git up an go. i could show him sum useful stuf. doan you worry about me and that medikal man he wont see me fer dust. mak sure you rest up yer brane too cuz you doant need to git all broody like sonny here.

ponymaid said...

doan you wory buddy i got sonny runnin aroun good at least twice a day even when its hot too. i cant tell molly nuthin but that girl got nerves a steal testin the fence all the time. my granma wounda calld her a bold hussy an she woulds bin right.

Gale said...

Mr. Jack Joy! How good to hear from you, and very nice to get an update on some of the other 'guys' from your point of view.

VERY NICE to see Doc earning his keep, ha ha! What a handsome devil he is (and somehow I know that hearing that won't go to his head). He seems to have a real affinity for the trail class type of event, doesn't he? It has always been MY favorite event as well, although I have to lead my little donkeys through their trail courses. Only one has shamed me in front of the world, and we won't say anything about that, will we, Tempest? Oops!

Give Sonny, ummm, Sheaffer, a great big hug from me, will ya?

ponymaid said...

well missis gale we aint seen you here fer a bit! glad yer keepin well and all. what did that tempest donkey do anyways - sounds interestin and mebbe useful if ya kno what i meen. i give sonny a good rassle fer ya and got him breethin like a trane - tole him it was sent direct from you. good as a hug i figger. hope you folkes is all doin good.

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