Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a blak beeste

this here is jack and i wanta give ya the true story of what happin here lass week.

sum visiters come over and when they git outta their veehickle out jumps this big blak dog thing that starts runnin aroun and barkin and yippin and carryin on like a maneiack. hes a good five-six hans tall with black curlee hair and beedy eyes and a haf a tale. well sir, i tak one look and gallup over all the while brayin and honkin ta beet the band and sonnys rite there behine me. the humins are quite amuse but that beeste knows what im sayin - come here boy, i wanta cleen yer clock fer ya. they tie him bak on his rope.

THEN they come in the padduck and mak for the barn. i tale the blak beeste right over, offerin ta kill him and leave no trace. he takes mi point and hides behin the humins. they think im jus proteckin penny dog an its true - he plays too rough fer her but i juss don like no canine strangers anywheres neer my place ATall. doc helps out by tryin ta reech him over the door and dern nere sukseeds but the humins bust up his plan.

one of tha humins which is call gazelle on here and which is auntie to bouncy dog which is the blak beeste visiter took movin piksures and they decide on account of its cold and windee and im fit ta be tied they will tak sonny out for a walk without me. kin ya believe it? no, me neether. i pitch a fit thet billie prolly kin here in them carolineas. doc an molly get rite in on it and we have quite a time runnin and screamin and tarryhootin aroun. sonny dont say nothin - he never do. hes what ya call a solitaire at hart tho i stik ta him like glue at all time.

anyways if ya go ta yourTube - what? oh. go to uTube - what? oh fer petes sake! go to that youTube thing and write in sheaffer donkey and you mite see me runnin aroun like a reel angry wild man. i look pritty good if i do say so miself. thers some picksures of the others runnin too excep sonnys climin a hill with whatsername. you dont gotta look at those. you could juss look at mee if you want.


Finn the Wonder Pony said...

My Jack, you do look great tarryhootin' around there! I wouldn't mind running with you some... I love to run and buck; don't even need a reason. Don't really understand your problem with the canines though. I like dogs a lot; my Uncle Marc's dogs come out in the woods with us sometimes and I really like it because they run around the carriage and make sure no trail trolls sneak up on me. We did, in fact, watch the videos of Sonny making the woman walk up the mountain. He looks good too, tho not as good as you. I should make my woman walk up mountains more often; she could use the exercise.. they all can. We're very happy for Leon finding his forever person, I might add.

ponymaid said...

finnpony you said a bunch cos im feeling jest about yer age these day. now yer onlee young so i need ta tell ya not ta truss them dogs - i caint say why egzackly but i kno you caint. they could turn on ya and eet ya alive one a these days when the kibblee is runnin thin. tak yer womin up all the hills ya kin fine its reel good fer em and keeps em away from trubble lik WURMER. leon is doin reel gud at his new plaice and i say good on the boy he deserve it all.

Gazelle said...

Dear Sheaffer, Jack, and Penny,
I was going to post here in Bouncy Dog's defense as of course I know him best and can assure you he meant no harm. But then he wrote to me about his visit there so I'll just let him tell his own story. Here's his note to me:

"Dear Auntie Gayle,
Please would you tell Jack that I really enjoyed my visit to his home last week and that I`m sorry I was sooo BOUNCY but it was REALLY exciting there. He should be very proud of all those delicious “smells”. I looked for all my Coyote relatives but I think Jack is doing a good job keeping them away.

I would have liked to have played "Running and Jumping” with him in the field, but I sensed he didn`t want my company just yet. I`m hoping that I can KISS him next time just like Shaeffer who I know LOVES it.

Do you think donkeys are BIG, GREY POODLES (or Black in Jack`s case)? He seemed pretty BOUNCY too !
Love, Nephew Presto"

ponymaid said...

gazelle now the woman is tryin ta mak me belief that bouncy dog is akshully a sheep on accounta he has fleece insteada hair. i dunno bout that. sonny sez he is ok and help to run the funraiser he hold every year. alls i can promis is taa not kill him for the time bein. i will tri to preten that dog is a sheep. if i squintt hard i kin prolly do it. why do that boy think we are puddles? i tole penny she is on her own and ta jest squintt at him and see if it help.

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - holy horse - just watched all the October videos - you and Jack - look like a couple of 2 year olds - Miss Molly - holy moly she looks so wondeful and so beautiful.

Tell me - I have heard on other sites that a Halfinger is a PONY? A Pony - how could I be in love with a PONY? She is SOOOOOOOO beautiful.

Please give her my love.

Your fren

ponymaid said...

buddy, im glad you saw our filums. i like bein an akter. as ya kin see molly runnin away from ya is a whole lotta haflingur. she sa she is a horse but i dont kno she looks like one a them big canal barges ta me.

billie said...

Jack! I was en route for the carolina mtns the day you were braying and I am not joking here - I said "did anyone hear that?" and they said "what?" and I said "it sounded like a donkey braying!"

Just my luck - I am away from the computer for a few days and The Woman goes and puts all of you on TV!!

My goodness. I just about broke the mouse trying to play and replay the videos of you all. What fun!

I went to a wonderful place called Hooper bald, which is a gorgeous grassy field on the top of a mountain - I had visions of horses and donkeys up there, grazing and enjoying the vista. Wish you all had been there. It was a nice hike up that would have posed no problems for horses or donkeys.

ponymaid said...

billie, i tole them all ya culd heere me but noooo they juss said i was imaginin things!i mae be right ole but i aint stoopit!i like the sounda them mountins ya went an climbd. givin how im treeted here i should jest come an join ya.hah that ud teech em.

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