Saturday, March 19, 2011

Feline Doppelganger

Things are begining to dry out somewhat but there is still a bite of frost in the air. Molly and I are trawling through the paddock in search of any hint of green. Nothing much yet so we are topping up our fibre intake with fence rails and the odd piece of leather that we can lay our teeth on.

Yesterday morning the Woman came into the barn to the sight of Sally's food container turned upside down on the floor, her bowls moved across the room and Kitty Temptation treats scattered everywhere. Sally's igloo bed had been squashed down and slept upon. The suspicion immediately fell on Violet.

Last evening we were witness to something resembling a Restoration Comedy, where the plot hinges on mistaken identity, one long lost twin and the ability of the cast to shift around unseen. Herself let us into our rooms and I began the tedious task of winnowing out the revolting supplement from the rest of my dinner. Sally was fed and woman pottered out into the run-in. We heard her talking to someone, asking why they weren't attending to their dinner and how they had materialized on the hay bales without her seeing them. She pottered back into the barn, saw Sally working away at her dish and ran back out to the run-in. An identical but somewhat larger Sally stared back at her with amusement.

He (we assume he is a he from his large size and broad face) calmly regarded Herself from atop the hay. He appears well-fed and heavily coated in plush fur so we assume he just dropped for a visit and is in fact not homeless. I find him very pleasant and hope he comes by often. Sally is delighted with the idea of a cat friend who doesn't attack in her in sneaky and underhanded ways. Violet is looking affronted and is attempting to work the false accusations from all angles.
Herself still looks baffled, so I am quite pleased with the outcome.

An early spring snow storm is expected on Wednesday, so this pleasant interlude will be rudely cast aside.


billie said...

PBS, Masterpiece Mystery! Sunday evenings at 8 p.m.

Inspector Sheaffer!

ponymaid said...

billie, I like the title - I will need a special hat. And some respect from the powers-that-be around here.

Dougie Donk said...

Perhaps a little food competition will help with Sally's fitness programme...just so long as it doesn't give your woman ideas for equines!

Will your fireman's hat not serve for investigation purposes, or does the thinking process demand a tweed deerstalker, as used by Sherlock Holmes?

This link has a good example :

All you need to do now is persuade the woman - we will watch this space for updates

Gazelle said...

Well Sheaffer, looks like you got your male companion. Has he told you his name yet ?

If you want to make sure he really is lost and needs a home with you try making him an "Is This Your Cat" collar. Instructions are at this link.

Gazelle said...

I don;t know why ths always happens, but there's a "ter" (without the quotes) missing at the end of the link i just gave you.

Buddy said...

Oh Billy - mom and I watch Masterpiece Mystery every Sunday night - we LOVE it.

Hay Sheaffer - a new feline at the farm very exciting. We would love to see pictures!

There was frost on the ground this morning - I had to wear my blankie last night as it got down to 20 - what happened to my 80 degree weather. Its barely 50 here today - brrrrrrr.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Dougie, you perfectly understand my dilemma - the firefighter's hat is so wonderfully authoratative that it serves in any official capacity. But...what if it should be harmed in some way? I have promised to wear it to my birthday fete and my guests would be devastated. The deerstalker is just the thing - rugged yet informal, stylish yet adequate against inclement weather (though the ear flaps are a tad abbrieviated). I requested that one be ordered and received an ironic smirk so my plan may not come to fruition...

ponymaid said...

Gazelle, my new male feline friend has legged it off elsewhere, for the time being in any case. Perhaps he has springtime wanderlust or maybe a few drops of gypsy blood. I'm extremely disappointed and hope for a quick return. This den of women is weighing heavily upon my spirits - they mean well but have a tendency to over-manage all aspects of my life.

ponymaid said...

Buddy, if my new friend returns I will ensure that photographic evidence is produced. I'm sorry to hear that the frost element has reinserted itself in your life. Bad enough that we must suffer but good heavens, you live in a desert! What are the weather gods thinking?

billie said...

I am still allotting myself a few episodes of The Irish RM and wishing I could live in a small castle and foxhunt across the moors... but Buddy I do love Masterpiece Theater too! And Dougie that hat is superb!