Saturday, July 21, 2012

Molly Moves On

Molly has settled back in with her other family and seems to be getting the upper hoof quite quickly. We boys miss her and I confess we have been loitering near the gate by the road in case she should arrive back at any minute.

Molly and the young female human are wandering around the countryside, saddle-less, visiting neighbours and just generally sightseeing. Molly is in her glory, being a busybody whilst getting some low-level exercise. She is in a grass-free paddock with an ancient equine called Ethel who is no doubt alarmed to find herself sequestered with such an, ahem, "dynamic personality". Another ancient equine, Billy, has decided that Molly is the devil incarnate and keeps making threatening gestures from over the fence in the gelding enclosure. Molly stays just out of reach and taunts him with cries of "Go ahead bite me old dude! Hahahahaha!". The other gelding is a svelte Thoroughbred who has fallen so hard for Molly that he may strain something trying to impress her with his moves.
We miss Her Mollyness here but we three boys have formed our own "posse" as Wilson insists on calling it. I will write more about the two new lads at a later date. Tomorrow I am invited to a friend's place to demonstrate my driving skills - the only thing that might stop me is the weather. Their farm is populated by something called Warmbloods, a category of equine which I have not yet encountered. I plan to question them closely.
Oh, and this wretched site will not include apologies.


billie said...

Oh, Sheaffer, of course Molly has found a new stage on which to perform! I know she will do well with all the goings-on at her new home.

Can't wait to hear about your newest pals, and I have to remind you - you HAVE encountered the horses known as warmbloods - albeit virtually - Keil Bay and Salina! So enjoy your drive and fill us in as soon as you can. :)

Dougie Donk said...

Glad to hear La Molly has someone to challenge her intransigence and also that you have a new generation to educate. Are they yet aware of your esteemed levels of knowledge in all things human?

I do hope your current sitter turns out to be as helpful as Jamie. I also hope that your woman is sufficiently sedated to neglect buying vermifuge - mine is already making noises about autumn tapewom dosage. I feel unwell already :(

ponymaid said...

billie - Herself has returned - without gifts for the stay-behinds...She says New York state is devoid of any such things but I somehow doubt it. The Warmbloods were quite charming and if I do say so, very, very excited to meet me (their first donkey acquaintance). I tried to tell them about Keil Bay and Salina but they wouldn't stand still long enough.

ponymaid said...

Dougie - you raise a good point. It's uphill work but slowly, slowly, the new lads are realizing that I must be paid heed. They are as different as night and day. Both very personable but one is a PONY(I leave you to draw your own conclusions). Although She returned with no gifts, the bright side is that it meant no vermifuge. For now. Practise pursing your lips, my boy, I can assure you a syringe of gloop lies in your near future. And ours.