Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Love Happy Endings

I am so elated with the news that came today that I can barely dictate my thoughts to the woman. My first Christmas present arrived - or occured - and it is by far the best I have ever received. Even better than those striped mint canes or a twenty four pack of Stud Muffins.

We received a call this morning from the kind hearted Alison who took in my kitten - one of the brothers discarded in the ditch at the end of our driveway two weeks ago. She took the scrap of fur home and has had all his medical things done and has generally gotten him in splendid form. When she discovered that his brother had been left at the Animal Control Shelter, she rushed over there, worried that she might not be able to identify him amongst the approximately four bazillion other discarded kittens. When the shelter human brought him out, she realized that he was a carbon copy of his brother, though a bit smaller.

It seems that the brother had been put in a cage with a group of other infant kittens but was very depressed and just stayed in the corner. Alison bundled him up and hastened to reunite him with his sibling, hoping that the two would remember each other. After all, five days is a long time when you're only six weeks old. Well! It brought a tear to my eye when Alison said their conversation went something like "Where the heck have you been?" "Well, where the heck have YOU been?" and they entwined all their limbs so they made one solid mass of purring kitten and fell fast asleep. They are now running and playing and have decided that not all humans are like the conscienceless lunatic who threw them in a snow-filled ditch.

The next chapter could have been written by C. Dickens at his festive best. Through a friend of a friend, Alison heard of a human couple who had just lost their twenty-two year old cat, his brother having pre-deceased him at the age of twenty. They told Alison they were still very sad and didn't want to adopt a cat just yet. When Alison had number two kitten in her possession, she phoned them back and told them about the reunion of the brothers. The human couple took this as a very strong omen that they should at least go and meet the brothers. Of course, it was love at first mew and the brothers, now named Bounce and Spring, will spend the rest of their nine (or eighteen) lives being treated as furry Princes. It's a long way from an icy ditch.

We are all delighted and I for one have had some of my faith in the human race restored. To all of the humans like Alison, who go out of their way to help animals in need, on behalf of myself and Jack and Doc and Molly and Violet and Penny (oh alright, and the humans here, too) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AND WE WISH YOU THE HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS! Alison, you must be one of those Christmas angels of whom I've heard tell.


Kathy said...

Sheaffer! What a bright spot of news in an otherwise so-so kind of day! I am sooo happy for the little fluffballs. Kittens are the cutest things ever (although, I have yet to see a baby donkey),and I can't imagine anyone being so low as to cause them harm. Please tell the woman to give Alison a BIG THANK YOU from all the animal lovers here in cyberspace!

billie said...

Yay for the kit-meows! We send all our best wishes from November Hill for their new reign as princes.

Buddy said...

Oh my - I'm in tears from reading your story of the kittens. This is such a wonderful story with the best ending ever. OK - its my woman who said all of that and she has the tears - but it does warm my heart that there are such wonderful humans out there.

Dougie Donk said...

How wonderful to read that these babies have secured a caring home for life. It's what we all deserve & well done to your woman & Alison for their part in this happy ending.

Further to my previous post - infra-red is purely for heat. Ultra violet is the one that causes humans to go brown & you need to wear goggle with this, as it can damage the eyes. My woman said something like "dream on" when I mentioned my Christmas wish list, so indeed I shall.In the meantime, she has me wrapped up in several layers of toasty blankets, which I suppose will have to do!

robert5721 said...

that is fantastic news!! Thank you for looking after them for us all!!
Mr Gale

Anonymous said...

How perfectly fortuitous!
As you may note from our previous comment, Fred, the Fat Lady and I were beginning to worry about the microscopic rescue felines. Now we will have to worry about the dozens of kitten orphans instead.

Christmas cometh and the Fat Lady spent 10 minutes pursuing me this morning with a pair of red felt antlers. I think she has taken leave of her senses. I tried to eat them but she wasn't sharing.

ponymaid said...

We're all still rather elated at the timely outcome of the kitten misadventure. A new home for Christmas is the best thing anyone could have imagined.

Dougie, I want one of those red lamp things, but I quite fancy myself in goggles so I will ask for those too. I hear they prevent snowblindness. The wind and blowing snow were so savage today that I need some sort of eye protection. The woman says I would look like Toad of Toad Hall when he had his motoring adventures.

Ginger, I have experience with those infernal felt antlers and my advice is "run fast, run far". Why are humans obsessed with the idea that we are really just small moose??

Tammy said...

I just wanted to tell you I really enjoy your blog Sheaffer. It often makes me laugh. I'm so happy about the happy ending for the kittens--especially the part where the brothers were reunited. How incredibly sweet and a perfect Christmas present. No equines here at the moment, but lots of other critters--dogs, cats, chickens and sheep.

Finn the Wonder Pony said...

OH Sheaffer! This is wonderful news!!! I can't imagine a better Christmas present! Surely your involvement with your kitten brought cosmic forces together to help them reunite and find a home that needed them, thereby bringing happiness to so many, including your readers! Happy Holidays to all!