Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Bright Spot on A Frosty Day

The winds from the North Pole continue to sweep over us in spite of the sun's best efforts to strong-arm spring into making an appearance. Jack and I have spent the last three days sheltering behind the cedar hedge at the front of the paddock. Fortunately, the cedar fence rails are aged to perfection and I chew on them at my leisure. Whenever the woman sees me as she pilots her vehicle down the drive she rolls down the window and barks instructions at me to stop. I merely look puzzled and indicate that, owing to the high winds, I can't here a thing. Then I carry on chewing.

Back in the summer I mentioned that the woman and various others humans participated in something called the "Ride For Cancer" (actually, it's aimed at FIGHTING cancer, but they're only human and thus my low grammatical expectations are always exceeded). Molly hauled the woman the prerequisite 25kms and other humans pledged monies for the fight against cancer. They called themselves "Team Sheaffer", without my consent, of course, but I don't mind lending my name to a good cause.

There was some distinct unpleasantness when Molly realized she did not get to keep the money and she's still mumbling about charity beginning at home. Well, today the woman returned waving a large ribbon/badge affair, stating that Team Sheaffer had come second in this money-raising business. I was shown the ribbon and then it was whisked off to the house. I hope that means they're constructing a glass case for it so it can be exhibited in my room, but I have my doubts.

They are planning on doing this ride again next summer and I am strongly encouraging them to aim for a first place ribbon. If the woman and her friends begin harassing other humans for donations now, by August I should be in possession of an even more magnificent ribbon to go with this one. Pshaw. Now the woman is blathering on about the real purpose of this ride, which is apparently not ribbons...


robert5721 said...

OF COURSE IT IS NOT!! It is to honor yourself, of course, and Mr Jack!!!! Congrads to the woman anyway.. charity is always a good thing to put effort into!! Give her a big slurpy kiss for me and Gale, and Amy, cause she is a real charity case!!
Mr Gale

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - second highest - that is awesome - and Team Sheaffer - how cool is that - you should be so proud.

Give Molly my love.

billie said...

I love that she named it "Team Sheaffer." What a lovely ribbon and poor Molly, who did all that work and then learned she did not get to go on a shopping spree with the earnings!

You made me smile with the part about sheltering behind the cedar hedge and chewing the fence rails. The woman has an eagle eye, doesn't she?!

We are on the return to spring temps here, although right now it is 16 degrees. There is still snow lying about but it should melt away by this evening. Hang in there - surely spring is coming to you and Jack as well.

Uncle Ed said...

Sheaffer, In your honour, at your birthday bash, you should accept donations to this noble endeavor. As it is your name on the ribbon, you should spearhead the campaign and support the millions of humans and animals that get this insidious disease. Yes equines can get it also, this is something that you Sheaffer share with the lower species. Kudos to you again!

Uncle Ed

Gale said...

Sheaffer, wonderful new photos! I'm happy to see Sally back to her normal play routine. Is that Violet or Sally pictured behind Penny?

And guess what, we have more snow than you do! But it's melting quickly and turning into mucho mud. I'm never satisfied...either too much mud or not enough rain.

Your ribbon is positively gorgeous, and I have no doubt that Team Sheaffer will prevail in 2009. Please don't let them turn it into Team Molly, no matter how much she whines!

Cedar must be a favorite of donkeys all over for ours have almost demolished a few downed cedar trees. I will have to send you a photo though I'm certain it won't be the work of art you create...too many cooks spoil the broth would be the case here!

ponymaid said...

Thank you, my friends. I like those ribbon things very much indeed - they are both decorative and tasty. I fear the woman is on the brink of turning me into a brand name - like CocaCola (which I am not allowed to taste) or Stud Muffins. "Drink Sheaffer, have a Sheaffer Snack, rub Sheaffer Oil on your "arthuritis" (Jack's word). I just don't trust her. There are rumblings of turning my party into a fund-raiser - I can picture herself at the door, threatening peoples' kneecaps and extracting "donations". She and Molly are sisters under the skin. Gale, that was Sally behind Penny - yawning so widely her molars can be seen. Please send me pictures of the cedar/donkey/art dynamic - they may surprise you with their creativity. Is Amy in the group yet? And please do keep that snow at your place - we have more than enough to share.

Buddy said...

Oh Sheaffer - the pic of you, Jack and the love of my life, Molly is just perfect. Now if my moms can figure out how to print it - I will have her hang it in my paddock for me to gaze at all the time.

Thanks Sheaffer - you are the Man!