Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The "Ladies" Return

Well. The two would-be mountain climbers are back, no doubt leaving the Adirondacks pulverized into gravel and all those cold mountain rivers drained dry. I can only wonder at the judgement of the authorities that let them return year after year.

Our in-house help was quite satisfactory and Sally had her convinced that her food bowl must be filled to brimming at all times. This woman is unfortunately a seasoned horse person and never let down her guard enough for us to slide into the barn or tack room unnoticed. Other than that, she was most pleasant. She did pronounce my body shape to be"astounding", which I choose to take as a great compliment.

The pears are now so over-ripe that the legions of crows - I believe it is rightly called a "murder" of crows - spend their days becoming inebriated and falling from the branches. Once on the ground the most terrible brawls break out, lowering the tone of the entire neighbourhood. Tsk tsk tsk. Where is the Ladies Temperance League when you need them.

PS I almost forgot to mention that our food supply for the year is being prepared, right here in our own fields, even as I write. Acres and acres of the finest hay, I assume all for me (I mean us). It is being packaged in small squares and large rolls and Jack and I have inspected each and every unit. The woman was quick to assure me that the large rolls are destined for cattle feed but we shall see, we shall see. I think one of those units would make for a sensibly-sized donkey breakfast.


billie said...

Sheaffer, although you were abandoned by The Woman for a time, when she comes back and supervises the cutting of an entire hay field for your dining pleasure, it becomes obvious where her heart really is. You are a lucky donkey!!

Smokey33 said...

So great to see Smokey on the blog! He really took care of Molly in the mountains and made sure she returned home safe and sound!

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - you grow you own hay - wow - thats amazing. We grow dirt here!

Hay Smokey - thanks for taking good care of my girl.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Billie, I know exactly where her tiny, black heart is! Dreaming up exercise schemes and diets for poor, defenceless donkeys that's where. Almost all those wagonloads of fresh hay have been hauled off site, I know not where. It's never easy, is it, dealing with the morally and emotionally bankrupt?

ponymaid said...

Smokey, you are a brave lad. That's a whole lot of Molly to look out for. I see you waded out into the middle of a river to try and escape her and that she barged right after you, parting the waves and stirring up the river bottom. Typical. I'm most grateful you gave us a few days holiday away from the golden blimp.

ponymaid said...

Buddy, you can grow dirt? How I envy you! Imagine all that dusty goodness to roll in whenever you wish. The hay is stellar this year, or would be if they weren't hauling most of it away. I wonder if any of it will make it down your direction?