Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Award Softens A Savage Season

Imagine my surprise and delight when one of my new readers, Calm, Forward, Straight at , saw fit to recognize my scribblings with an award. It is called a "Stylish Blogger Award" and is a particularly civilized award because I in turn am invited to pass it on to my favourite blog authors.

The first stipulation is that I must share seven things with my readers which they may not know about me. These are as follows:

1) I would like to visit each and every corner of the world that houses donkeys and to report back on their situation. The interviews could take years, especially those in the warmer climes.

2) I would dearly love to visit each and every one of my readers and linger over a cup of Orange Pekoe and a plate of Stud Muffins, while we get caught up on each other's news.

3) Don't laugh, but I think I would like to try those things called hair extensions. I have always fancied myself sporting a long and luxuriant tail, not the least because I feel it would have a slimming effect.

4) I would like to experience the wonder of having opposable thumbs, even if only for a day.

5) I would like to make Jack young again.

6) It seems quite unbelievable, I know, but I sometimes wake myself up with loud snoring! I always manage to blame Molly, however, as her snoring is legendary.

7) I have amassed a collection of rather impressive expletives which I may one day unleash on Herself. For now I bide my time and never use anything stronger than "pshaw" or "gadzooks". The time will come...

As far as passing on this delightful award, my first candidate of course must be cameraobscura, the creation of donkey admirer billie , followed by the wonderful morningbrayfarm with its special "For the Love of Donkeys" page , Fenway Bartholomule who holds forth at braysofourlives , the7msn blog which whisks me out of Siberia to the donkey paradise of New Mexico, and of course my favourite non-equine blog, bumblebearies , where my friend Vee gets up to all sorts of crafty magic.

Thank you very much to Calm, Forward, Straight for providing a bright spot in a dark season.


the7msn said...

Sheaffer, how very kind of you to recognize us for this award. We've been thinking of you often this week, knowing Jack has left your side. Know that we would send abundant sunshine your way if it were in our power.
George and Alan

ponymaid said...

George and Alan, you are most very welcome. You and your woman bring such joy to so many of us with your musings and photographs. And thank your for your gift of virtual warmth - I wish I could wrap Jack in it. With a bit left over for self, of course.

billie said...

Sheaffer, thank you! Rafer and Redford might have to do a special blog post in honor of YOUR award.

I am still holding out hope for your television series on PBS.

ponymaid said...

billie, that would indeed be like receiving two awards! Thank you and R&R for your encouragement and support. I am waiting for my invitation to host the "Sheaffer Chronicles"...the invitation must be lost in the mail.

Morning Bray Farm said...


Thank you so much. We love you and love your blog.

We too would like to visit each and every corner of the world that houses donkeys and to report back on their situation. If and when you decide to go, we'd love to tag along.

Sending you warm hugs and thoughts,

Bernard, Ellsworth, Fergus and Nigel

ponymaid said...

Morning Bray Farm, you are more than deserving of any and all awards you receive! Your ongoing effort to dispense knowledge about donkeys is most commendable and sorely needed. I forsee a fact-finding committee of donkeys including self, Rafer, Redford, George, Alan, Bernard, Ellsworth, Fergus, Nigel and Bartholomew Mule, travelling around the world and reporting back on our findings. If they can form a G20, why not a D10?

BumbleVee said...

Thanks Sheaffer.... this is going to take me foorreevvver.... I doubt there are 7 things about me that are interesting enough to tell ... or that people don't already know about me...after all....there is not much to know at all.
I'll have to give it some thought....

ponymaid said...

Vee, don't worry, you don't need seven, just as many as you feel like. The fact that you are a friend to donkeys is the first - there I got you started!

Marnie Jackson said...

Sheaffer, thanks so much for the honor of this award! Fenway Bartholomule thinks he's pretty fancy today. I think the fame has gone to his head—he's asked for an extra flake of hay! I've reminded him that even Stylish Bloggers must watch their figures.

ponymaid said...

Bent Barrow Farm, now that he's an award winner, I believe the terms allow him to request and receive any and all foodstuffs on demand. Fenway is an outstanding example of a mule leading by example and making the world a better place for all of us with superior ear elongation. He deserves to be showered with awards.