Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Beautiful Visitor

On Saturday afternoon a truck and metal box with a horse whinnying inside pulled into our driveway. A breathtakingly beautiful bay female horse sashayed out and said "I'm Annie and I'm here!" Doc flexed his muscles and bellowed at her "Hubbahubba, who's the hot mama??" Jack and I added our voices to the chorus and chaos ensued. Turns out Annie and her human were here to join our woman and Molly in a 25km ride to raise funds for some human vet clinic. Frankly, I can barely envision 2.5km but if they want to traipse around forests in the heat, let them have at it. I'm glad to stay home and keep an eye on things.

Annie is staying in the run-in at night which is most exciting, as she can peer over the door and make announcements when she feels the urge to say something. Doc is absolutely besotted and actually nipped Molly chasing her away - Molly was quite dejected, so now Annie is kept in the front half of the paddock during the day and Doc patrols up and down the fence. Peace reigns once more.

The four females completed their ride on Sunday and came back with ribbons and certificates and things and then off they went again to a bbq. Typical. Bring the hard-working horses home and go off to have fun. Yesterday the four went off to a forest again. Annie does not want to go home and is trying to convince her human that they need to stay here. She likes the attention from the three male equines and the companionship of Molly but especially likes everyone commenting on her great beauty. Jack said she was "a fine figure of a woman and easy on the eyes". She does make a nice pasture ornament.

Must rush, Annie is getting out of sight and the male chorus must call her back where we can gaze upon her. I think Molly will be glad when she goes home...


Buddy said...

So Sheaffer - which one is Annie in the photo?

Give Molly my love!

robert5721 said...

OMG !! Jack is a lecherous dirty old man !! What a hoot !! Dicey is getting nervous that her standing as the best looking girl of the opposite sex Donkey critter in the Sheaffer arsenal is being challanged..if she teams up with Molly, youall BETTER WATCH OUT....she is pondering which shoes to wear when she comes up there to take care of this..maybe the ice shoes with the BIG spikes welded on the bottoms..Hmmmmmm..Molly and Dicey.....this will NOT be pretty guys..better watch it a bit..
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

buddy, Annie is the one on the right when you are looking at the photo. The woman will put up more pics soon - but Molly wants to know - does your heart still belong to her? She feels rather clumpy next to the svelte Annie.

Mr. Gale, I too was rather startled to see this side of Jack. He even arched his neck and pranced around so Annie could see how spry he is. He lied a bit and told her he wasn't a day over thirty five. He doesn't stand a chance with Doc in the paddock.

RussianRoulette said...

They went on the 25km ride? Myself and two friends attended as well (assuming it was the same ride..) We were decked out in pink ribbons and bows. I'm sure our horses would have been humiliated if they weren't so entertained by everyone "oohing" and "ahhing" over them. :)

We finished last - at a leisurely walk for the whole thing.