Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Official Invitation

You Are Offically Invited To Attend

Sheaffer's Birthday/Garden Party/Fund Raiser for PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary

May 24th, 2009, 1PM

Serendipity Stables (Mosby's House)

15488 Mc Cowan Road

Refreshments Will Be Served

Classical Music Will Be Played

RSVPs Appreciated

Ladies Are Requested To Wear Large Hats

PrimRose Herself Will Be In Attendance

We Look Forward To Seeing Everyone


Nachodonkey said...

Nacho, Susan, Mel and Taidyn would be very honoured to attend Sheaffer's party. Taidy (age 6) has been so excited since Emi told her of the planned festivities. Her Mom was instructed to write the date in her calendar. We already have the perfect hat planned! I am not sure if Nacho will appreciate the classical music as he appreciates more of a Latin beat.

robert5721 said...

As usual, I have this problem with the border, so I may not make it to your party, but we will be there in spirit I am sounds like a real winner of a day!!
I do have one question though, where is YOUR and Mr JACK'S Blackberry???? I would really love being able to call you every once in a while to keep in touch.
Mr Gale

billie said...


Like Mr. Gale, it would require long journeying and border crossing, and if we came, we would basically have to move in and stay awhile. :)

I'm afraid we would overwhelm Molly completely with all the male energy and if she and Salina happened NOT to hit if off, there would be much drama.

We are all sending our very best birthday wishes to you though, and know your party is THE event of the season. We hope there will be many pictures taken and much fun had.

Buddy said...

OH Boy I sure do want to go - but its too far - sounds like a great party though - classical music and everything - hope you and Jack will be wearing top hats and tails!


Ben said...

Marvelous news! Both Jerry and I shall be attending! Wouldn't miss it for the world, couldn't miss it for the world; the party is in our yard. Can't wait. I myself prefer a cup of tea, although Jerry is more of a coffe snob. I must thank you for the warning about the weight tapes. The barn humans attempted to cross tie us today so that they might apply the dreaded measuring device. Between my yogic contortionistic skills and Jerry's "Whirling Dervish Donkey of Doom" technique their efforts came to naught. We were somewhat distressed, but fortunately 2 small humans visited groomed us to a state of splendour. That is all the news for now. I hope all is well with you and Jack.

ponymaid said...

Nachodonkey, Latin music would be preferable to the head-banging cacophany that Doc wants...

Mr. Gale, surely the authorities wouldn't mind if you snuck over just this once? At this end of your country's border I believe you would be referred to as an Ice Back rather than a Wet Back. I would be very grateful if we could contact you at will via Blueberry- she says we would "rat her out" whatever that is.

Billie, begin packing up the extended family - we will find room for you! AND we should be rid of the snow by then. Be sure to pack large hats for the females in your clan.

Buddy, are you sure your woman can't fly both of you up here? Imagine the party with all my long-distance friends here! I can see you all banding together to pressure the woman into improving my lot.

Ben, good lad! You must fight the weight tape tooth and hoof. I understand you had to finally use the donkey head-to-tail wall of solidarity to fend them off. Imagine the uproar if we started trying to measure them in all sorts of personal ways - hah! Can you say Privacy Act?? It's very kind of you to offer your yard as a party location - and don't worry, I will procure the correct tea and coffee (don't tell them you're only six years old). They just love any excuse to deny us things...

OzArab said...

Oh gosh! I wish I could make it to the party! I need some party food - especially since we are on tough, dry rations here at the moment. But my human says there is an ocean between us. (Maybe she is just saying that because she knows I hate water?!)
However, I suspect she is merely saving her frequent flyer points in a rather selfish fashion. She muttered something about needing to go to visit Canucks next year. It's not acceptable though!
May you have a wonderful party!!

CindyLouWho said...

Oh Sheaffer!
We will be there in Spirit, my woman says. Not sure what that means but I think it means my person will NOT be there. :( She's muttering something about no moneyhoney. Also some blather about borders, but I'm sure it's all a vast conspiracy by the humans to keep us all from gathering in one place at one time... I believe it would be a truly formidable Union, one which would surely overpower the humans and make them slave to our every whim...
Have a wonderful party! We will be thinking of all of you, the merriment and great food and drink!

Gale said...

Oh Sheaffer, I'm envisioning the most wonderful spring gathering to celebrate your youth. If only I could attend!

THE perfect music for your party would be Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra, a lovely mix of classical guitar and "nouveau flamenco." Ask your woman about this. Nachodonkey will absolutely love it. Doc may take a little convincing but, hey, it ain't HIS birthday party! It may even meet with Molly's approval, as long as she gets some cake and ice cream first. I'm sure Mr. Jack Joy will just go with the flow and respect your wishes; I can just see him tapping his feet as he slurps up the ice cream!

If I could attend, I would certainly wear a humongous hat covered with stud muffins, carrots, apples, and those marvelous "Special Moments" treats. And if I were to forget my hat upon departing the festivities, I'm sure you'd know what to do.

Dougie Donk said...


My insecurity is such that my woman promised that I would never have to leave this home and she has reassured me by not securing a passport; so I will be unable to attend in person.

Like CindyLouWho, I will be there in spirit and send my kindest felicitations for your celebrations.

Please instruct your staff to take many photos, as I would like to take part by default. I will make sure that I have some Irn Bru (Scottish soft drink) to toast you with!

gazelle said...

Hello Sheaffer,
Just wondering ... if your B'day Party is to double as a fundraiser for Primrose's Donkey Sanctuary might there be items available at the event for guests to purchase in support of that cause, say some of your "excellent" SheafferWear Tee Shirts or a few pairs of Equine Summer Sox ? I'm sure they'd sell like Hot Cakes (translation: Stud Muffins). What do you think ?

Uncle Ed said...

Uncle Ed and Winsome Wendy would love to attend your party. See you there my lad!

ponymaid said...

QzArab, I'm very sorry indeed to hear about your food rations. Are you quite sure you can't make it over here? Soon we will have so much green grass that I will be tormented with the Best Friends Grazing Muzzle/Torture Device. You could close your eyes while over the water - I think you'd only be in the air for a day or so. I must insist that your human drop by to visit me when she is here next - do you know what parts she is heading for?

CindyLou, so many of my favourite people will be missing. The money and border issues are highly annoying and I hope the humans can resolve those sometime soon (rather than nagging a donkey about his waistline, for example). There will be a slice of cake with your name on it.

Oh Gale, another of my favourites missing. I will hector the woman on the music front - that nouveau flamenco sounds quite intriguing and might get Jack's toes tapping. And your hat idea is positively brilliant. No ridiculous silk flowers, just all sorts of tasty donkey treats.

Dougie, we've missed you here lately. I completely understand your reluctance to travel. Jack isn't even sure he wants to go ten minutes down the road to the party site. He's horrified at the very thought but equally horrified by the thought of my going away without him. I thank you very much for your kind wishes and for raising a glass of the local "brew" in my honour.

Gazelle, you raise an intriguing idea...I will speak to the woman and see what she can do on the merchandising front. I will have to explain fundraising 101 to her in the simplest of terms - she simply isn't that bright.

Uncle Ed! Is this true? I will be marking off the days until I meet you and the Winsome One. The tales I have to tell you - off the record of course. You cannot imagine what I must endure. Is young Willy joining you? And his delightful mother?

OzArab said...

Thank you for your kind words. *sigh* (I'm thinking of the green grass) But we had better talk of such objects as "muzzles" very, very quietly. I don't want my human getting *ideas*. She says I am very portly and that people mistake me, an Arab, for a Quarterhorse!!
When she abandons us to go to Canuckland (one day) she tells me she will be going to somewhere called Alberta to visit friends that have many horses. Apparently they just had 10 inches of snow. We're still at 30C here!

Nachodonkey said...

Hello Sheaffer, I forgot to mention that the pictures of Sheila and Jack did bring tears to my eyes. He really is smiling!!

Something to make you smile...I was delivering the handfuls of hay that I give Tara and Parker when I was feeding our guys on Saturday morning and having a chat with the English Lady over the fence when Tara, in true thoroghbred fashion took to haring aroung the paddock, coming back to the fence, rearing and bucking then off again for another round for a full three to four minutes before settling down for her mouthful of hay. Parker, not to be outdone took off on his own foray around the paddock at warp speed, tiny nostrils flaring, little legs going so fast you couldn't see them, bucking and kicking at the dogs for a good four minutes. He let go with a few hearty hee haws for good measure. The English Lady and I were trying so hard not to laugh at the impressive wild stallion display. He eventually came snorting over for his hay but it was no use, we were in hysterics. We were not amused!

robert5721 said...

I believe that you said to send your birthday presents to the donkey sanctuary....could you post the address for the primrose sanctuary on the front page of your blog so we can all make sure that the presents get there on time??
Mr Gale

robert5721 said...

Sheaffer, sorry for the DUH moment, I just saw the link to Primrose....but some may need the address written out for ease of giving..
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

OzArab, I can assure you, muzzles are in every way the last straw. I've never been so dejected and humiliated in my life. I look like a savage killer donkey and worst of all am starving inside there. Don't worry about looking like a QH - Doc is of that breed and he is often mistaken for a fire hydrant or tank. We live in the middle of this country which I understand is a mile or two away from Alberta. Don't be frightened when your woman returns wearing a very large hat and calling cattle "doggies". It will wear off after she's home for a while.

NachoDonkey, Parker lived here with us in his youth and I can assure you, he can become quite full of himself. He used to stare in the mirror for hours, posing this way and that and admiring himself shamefully. I'm sure that now he has his own Thoroughbred lady friend there will be not living with him.

Mr. Gale, thank you for the good idea. I will have herself post the sanctuary's full address.

completecare said...

Hi Sheaffer,
After much thought and deliberation my mom and I have decided not to attend your Garden Party. The original plan was to rent a minibus and have Uncle Ed drive. I was going to sit up front, listen to few tunes, have a brew or two and do a little bonding with Uncle Ed. My mom was going to ride in the back with the girls.

As many of you know from previous posts, my mom suffers from the same problem as Jack. When stressed, even though she is looking calm, cool and collected on the outside her "innards" are in a turmoil and she has surprise bouts of sceamin squitters. Like Jack, it probably relates back to her days of abuse. Anyway we have decided to stay home that day. I am sure the minibus rental company will truly appreciate our decision.

I have taken the liberty of inviting Our Girl Friday to join the human on the trip to Serendipity Stables. OGF comes two evenings a week to tend to our needs and to give our human a much needed break from all the "donkey work"!!!!

We are all working on pressuring Mr. Completecare into attending this gala event. If we can con him into believing there is a Home Depot or Canadian Tire close by then we might be successful with our plan.

For sure, the human and Our Girl Friday will be there.

Your fan,


ponymaid said...

Willy, Thank you so much for trying to get here. I understand those motor vehicle rental people can be quite fussy about the condition of their vehicles upon return. Jack is very much of the same mind as your mother - stay home, sit tight, don't rock the boat because you just don't know what could be out there. He says he can't promise a squitters-free party so he will probably stay home. I am counting the days until I meet your herd of humans - I may ask them if I can return home with them if the woman's "no cake for Sheaffer" policy is enforced.