Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some Heart-felt Thank You's

I spend much of my time deep in thought, analyzing patterns and trying to figure out what it all means. The woman refers to it as "brooding", which it is not, of course, it's strictly scientific. The rattle of the feed bin is a good thing, the concealed needle behind the vet's back is a bad thing and I have until now felt the arrival of a mini-mule is an omen of satan himself. I may have to reconsider that somewhat in light of my new discovery.

My very good friend Billie, human to Rafer and Redford donkey, has a blog at, where she discusses happenings at their farm, November Hill. She also visits here regularly and has been a great support to me throughout my trials and tribulations. She has helped the cause of PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary by purchasing things in my e-store and always inquires about the state of TJ the terror's well-being (my answer is always the same "demonically possessed").

Last winter she bought some equine leg warmers for her aged mare, Salina, to see if they would help her with the aches and pains of arthritis. They did. Billie spoke about these on her blog and mentioned the name so others could purchase them. These leggings are made by a human named Mr. Petterson and can be seen on his web site, . He was so pleased with Billie's endorsement that he donated a number of them to a sanctuary in the United States, and at Billie's request, sent three sets to PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary here in Roseneath, Ontario.

Now Tabolinsky, the mammoth donkey with dreadful feet, will have a set and Amos, who is around Jack's age and has a fracture in a front leg, will also have a set. Amos is the guardian of the blind jennet Patsy and will be able to fulfill his duties in comfort with the new leg gear. Russell the mule has his own personal set to help keep his nearly 40 year old joints toasty warm. TJ will NOT, as per his request, be getting a set in shiny red with lightning bolts.

Mr. Petterson has also developed anti-fly leg covers called Summer Sox and Jack and I will both be ordering sets of those. Jack has requested that his have an argyll pattern and I would like mine in paisley. The woman says we will get what we get - I dislike the phrase TJ uses to describe her but in this case it is most appropriate - she's a "hard-a**".

There appears to be a pattern to all of this (besides paisley); the setting in motion of one pro-donkey action seems to beget another, and so on. Who knew that TJ's arrival in my life would lead to all this? I envision a world-wide network, seeing to the needs of donkeys globally, with pro-donkey forces strategically situated for maximum effect. And mark my words, there will be paisley anti-fly socks in this utopian donkey world.


billie said...

Sheaffer, what a nice story. I think the moral is that by sharing your musings, you have dropped a lovely stone into a pond, and what you're seeing are the ripples. I'm glad to be one little ripple in the pattern.

robert5721 said...

the forces you desire are already under way, in the U S at least,The Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue is opening their East Coast headquarters in Virginia in a month or so, and will then have the entire United States covered with on the list should be Canada....
Check them out at
and let me know what you think..maybe get Primrose in on it
Mr Gale

robert5721 said...

as an add on to the above message, You had a major impact on having the whole rescue thing happen here in the United States. People were so mortified by your T J dilemma that the call went out to rescue the Donkeys..the motto of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue is "SAVE THEM ALL", and believe me, they are headed in the right direction on that whole thing. Your pool will soon be an ocean or two..just keep it up!!
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

Billie, although I am somewhat water phobic, I do like the idea of pro-donkey ripples being sent out by all of us who worry about the have-not donkeys of this world. Keep up the good work. With Team R & R as your wise advisors, you can't go wrong.

Mr. Gale, that is incredibly wonderful news! I instructed the woman to call the Peaceful Valley Rescue humans and she has left them a message. My friend Sheila st PrimRose is swamped these days - donkeys almost up to the rafters. The big sanctuary in Puslinch (The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada)is overloaded and can no longer take in new rescues. We need to clone Sheila - she is spending a lot of time driving and driving just so donkeys won't go to meat auctions. And then there are the abuse cases - like the donkey someone tied to a dumpster and tried to beat to death with a shovel. He will now stay at Sheila's forever. You are very kind to say my tales of TJ have made a difference - Sheila says he is progressing very slowly and with great caution, but desperately wants to be friends with humans.

Unknown said...

Dear Sheaffer,

I'm sorry to report we haven't been able to produce Summer Whinnys in a lovely floral, plaids or argyle prints, but we are in the process of making them more form fitting for the little equines and as soon as we have finished the new designs, will send you and your other rafter hanging brothers and sisters some that you can either auction off to raise money or keep for yourselves.

We sure wish we could have seen you wearing the Whinny Warmers this winter, but our hearts are happy for you. Tell Sheila we got her card and thank her for remembering us.

We lost our "poster girl", Evie last summer. She was the inspiration behind the socks and they wouldn't exist today had it not been for that little mare who came to us instead of becoming dog food. We keep thinking that maybe we could adopt a donkey to keep Tem and Stormy in line but have no idea how to find a donkey who needs rescuing here in N. Florida. Surely there is somebody who is dire need of a great home and caring people closer to us.

We also don't know how Tem and Stormy would react to a new, but different equine companion. Any thoughts on this? Perhaps this is a direction that you would consider taking in one of your blogs. Surly we aren't the only "donkey"information challenged potential adopters out there. There must be more humans who are considering the
rewards of adopting donkeys. You are rewarding...right?

Have a wonderful day. Give our hugs to the rest of the donkeys in the rafters and stay in touch.

Warmest Regards,
Sox For Horses.