Saturday, March 28, 2009

We're Exhausted From Overwork

It's that frantic time of year when all the detritus of winter must be cleaned up before spring sets in for real. The woman has turned our barn upside down and vows she is just getting started. Sally is a tremendous help on the inside jobs. She has tried to tidy up her things by putting various toys in feeders and water buckets. I got a bit of a start when I found a plastic ball with a bell in it floating in my drinking water. She put her fur mouse under Jack's hay which caused him to snort and look sideways down his nose - without bifocals he can't quite see clearly.

Outside, we are shadowing her every move. We carefully rummage through all the piles of leaves and hay she rakes up in our paddock. So far, no treasure, (except for a paper coffee cup but that had an unpleasant, waxy aftertaste); we will keep dismantling those piles systematically just to be sure. She just got the water trough scrubbed and filled when the dog rushed back from foraging and had a thorough bath in it. Then Molly, inspired by Penny, washed both front hoofs in it. The woman sighed and began all over again.

Jack instigated a rowdy wrestling match that ended with me pinned against the fence, panting for breath. Jack strode off very pleased, flicking his ears in all directions and looking like a young sprout. He then lay down in the sun and had a long nap that featured a symphony of loud snores. Doc and Molly alternate snorting and bucking with digging for the first green shoots that are pushing their way through the mud.

On a more alarming note, the veterinarian is coming on Monday to float donkey teeth. I enjoy that about as much as the woman's singing at me in close quarters. She's worried about Jack because it upsets him so terribly. He wants what he calls "a set a them catalogue teeth" but none seem to be forthcoming. I won't mention the impending doom to him. I will indulge what the woman calls my obsessive/compulsive nature and worry for both of us.


gazelle said...

Shaeffer, please don't get all OCD over the coming of your vet to do teeth. You'll be better able to munch good things like carrots and Corn Pops afterwards.
I've got an idea to distract you from worrying. Have your woman take a break from messing with your paddock to go open her e-mail (she'll know what that is)and show you what's been received.
I have it on good authority that Ben & Jerry have sent you photos of themselves with some of the new friends they've made at Mosby's place. Of course it's YOU they're MOST eager to meet and become good friends with. Soon ...

ponymaid said...

Gazelle, once I pointed out the obvious to herself, I finally got to see your wonderful pictures. Ben and Jerry seem to have settled in just fine - we especially enjoyed the photo of them in the company of Presto the Poodle. They make a most distinguished trio. B & J are as alike as two peas in a pod and I confess I'm hard pressed to tell them apart. Jerry is a bit more portly but it's hard to see under the winter clothing. Thank you for sending those.

billie said...

OH, Sheaffer - sending good thoughts for the upcoming dental work. But it's true, you will be better able to munch when it's all said and done.

The rain has finally stopped and I think the sun is coming out this morning, although a strong wind is blowing in as well. Hopefully it will dry things out quickly - we are sick sick sick of all the mud!

Love all your new photos including the custom woodworking being done by "someone who shall not be named" in the barn. :)

You might be able to convince her that it is TJ's last work of art before he left.

Gale said...

I'm really enjoying the new photos, Sheaffer. I hope Buddy is sitting down when he sees Molly's new photo. He'll positively swoon.

Mr. Jack Joy wrestling? I cannot believe this. I'm also wondering if you didn't let him win that round.

Ahh, yes, there is something about piles of leaves and things that makes a donkey want to immediately undo the work that's been done and put everything back where it's either that or the fun of annoying the person who did the work. If that's the case, don't worry, we won't tell the woman.

Will your vet give you a little "cocktail" before the tooth fairy visits? There's always the possibility that they won't need floating this year.

Mr. Gale is on the same wavelength, so I'll post this before he does...hee hee.

robert5721 said...

just tell herself that TJ the TERRIBLE had an out of body experience and did that thing to the 2x4..also, as far as the dental work, just think of how good herself will feel after giving something to you all....she might even give stud muffins (hint, hint....) as a after project aperitif, to follow the Jack Daniels warm up before the proceedure. REALLY, Sheaffer, you must get to TRAINING Herself as to the CORRECT way to do these things!!
Mr Gale

Bouncy Dog said...

Hi Sheaffer,
I want to thank you for the nice compliment. I've never been called "distinguished" before.
Rambunctious, exuberant, hyperactive ... Yes. But distinguished ... No, that was my mentor Magic. Come to think of it I've never been part of a Trio before either. A litter yes, but never a Trio.

But I do love hanging out with Ben & Jerry. I've been OBSESSED with them from the moment I first met them. My new life's ambition is to KISS both their fuzzy little faces. Actually I did sneak a muzzle lick on one of them one day, not sure which one, but he didn't seem to mind at all. I'm sure the other won't either as I'm quite an experienced kisser of equines. Just ask my horse Dante.
Actually he's pretty jealous these days so I'd better make a point of greeting him properly from now on or I'll be in the Doghouse!

Anyway, I'm sure looking forward to meeting you at your Birthday Party. I'll be the one operating the Kissing Booth. I'd be honoured if you'd drop by.


Buddy said...

Sheaffer - OH MY - my heart is beating so fast - that Molly is just breathtaking - oh her glorious golden self - the love of my life. Please tell your woman thank you for the beautiful picture of her.

So your woman is doing some spring cleaning is she - its spring here but not much to clean out here. Don't have a barn - she scoops poop daily so my place is always clean.

I have to say - you sure have been eating good this past winter. I think I may start calling you Chubby - don't get upset - all mom's friends call me Chunky Monkey. Its a good thing!


ponymaid said...

natorBillie, I would like to say I'm biting the bullet on the dental front but that might create more work for the floater. You are a brilliant woman; I will work hard at convincing herself that those are TJ toothmarks. I, whoops, I mean he, took a chunk out of some weather guard thingy around the door when I, I mean he, wasn't thinking. I will tell her I only work in wood - a small white lie, but quite plausable. It will be our little secret.

Gale, Buddy has swooned in his paddock and even now is being revived by his woman. That Molly...well, nevermind. We do indeed receive drugs for the dental work but not nicely mixed in a cocktail but stabbed into our necks. Barbaric. And I always wake up afterwards with a headache and sore gums. No wonder Jack wants catalogue teeth. Thank you for your good wishes - I could use you here at stallside tomorrow...

Mr. Gale, I fear she is untrainable, though lord knows I've tried. Pearls before swine. And, not only do they attack us with rasps and needles but we are not allowed food afterwards in case we choke. She has promised us some tasty morsels in the evening but she also says pulling her around in the cart is fun. She can't be trusted.

Presto my boy, you are obviously one of the good canines. Ben and Jerry have recognized that already and are allowing you into their personal space. It is a great honour and much better than being stomped to death, as has been known to happen when canines misbehave within the donkey orbit. Jack is very fond of Penny and washes her and straightens her tail regularly. She is also a member of the Order of Good Dogs. I look forward to meeting you and am sure you that with you manning or "dogging" the kissing booth, PrimRose Sanctuary will be able to help many more donkeys.

Buddy, Molly just lives for the moment when her photos wing their way through the ether to you. She has asked for a large mirror for her stall but has not received one to date. Phew. As you can see from the photos, I am a donkey of substance and have been so since birth. I cannot say why, but even on the crust of bread and sip of water I receive daily, I maintain my full figure. The woman says I am composed entirely of cellulite and have no actual bone structur. Hah! Takes one to know one, I believe the saying goes...

CindyLouWho said...

Ah, Spring Cleaning! How Joyous! I do understand it is a lot of work for you though. We run a pretty tight ship around here, so we know there is nothing in those piles we want... we've inspected it thoroughly before it got raked.

My woman has started primping us in anticipation of the upcoming Spring Social Season. I'm told we are going to lots of picnic drives and trail rides. I just love being fawned over; I stand stock still the moment the woman gets out the clippers or curry comb. So far it has only been a little warmer than freezing, so right now I have a strange haircut called a trace clip. The woman says she has enough hair to make another pony. She'd better not, she's lucky I put up with the little brat that she bought me.

Getting one's teeth and shots done in the spring is a necessary evil. Once it's over, though, you will enjoy your meager rations much more. Maybe even get an extra calorie or two out of them. You do look like you're wasting away in that photo of you and Jack.

The best defense is righteous indignation.. If the woman accuses you of having anything to do with the door, give her your best hurt look, ears totally down by your cheeks, and exhort HOW DARE YOU accuse me!!! I've seen how you fly thru the door with your various tools! Maybe you crashed into it and didn't even notice!!!

I'm so glad the weather has taken a turn for the better in both our realms! What great news that Jack is playing like a youngster! So nice of you to let him win!

Okay, back to work now, supervising...