Monday, August 24, 2009

A PrimRose Update

The woman has been saying for weeks now that a visit to the PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary was in the offing - I assumed, of course, that I was to be among those making the visit. The visit took place but sadly I was left behind and the woman was accompanied by Mosby Horse's human. Herself is the perfect example of someone afflicted by speciesism. The loss is hers: I am a perfect travelling companion.

I debriefed her and have the following to report. TJ is part of a small gang of small equine ruffians who tear about the place, creating chaos, until someone older and bolder "cleans their clock" as Jack puts it. TJ is training a human called Lauren to ring a bell and then dispense a treat. By this means she is gradually increasing the amount of time he will spend with her and he is letting her scritch him on his itchy spots. The woman says he is looking much more relaxed and less wary - very nice for him, I'm sure, as long as he stays out of my orbit.

Tabby (Tabolinski) the mammoth donkey is looking quite splendid. He's shiny and his feet, which caused him horrible pain and suffering, are vastly improved. Russel the mule who was at my birthday party has gained another hundred or so pounds and is feeling positively Jack-like in his outlook. PrimRose herself has shed out to a wonderous sheen and she doesn't look a day over twenty. Goliath the mini donkey keeps close tabs on his two sheep and Blue and Lollipop are still anxiously awaiting new homes. So are Bert and Ernie, who are now a year old and in need of a family of their own. Lucy and Charlie also wait patiently -we donkeys know how to be patient and PrimRose is a haven but they are looking forward to meeting their new humans.

What, you may ask, did the woman deliver to the PrimRose donkeys? Why, dewormers of course! I understand some humans take wine or flowers, but not Herself, oh no, it just has to be vermifuge. They also took bags of things from my correspondent completecare, which I'm pleased to say, did not include dewormers.


billie said...

I was thinking of TJ this week and wondering how he is - I stopped by the PrimRose website a few weeks back hoping for updates, so I am very happy to see the photos and read your synopsis of The Woman's visit.

I think we should plan a Grand Conspiracy. We will temporarily confiscate all the vermifuge tubes, empty them down the toilet, and refill them quite craftily with white cake icing.

Imagine the fun when The Woman comes to do de-worming duty and Jack sucks it down like candy! She will stroll about quite proud of Herself while you and Jack snicker in delight.

Equines everywhere will line up and wait for The Woman and her gifts.

Gale said...

Sheaffer, a drive-by note.....TJ has ummm....err....gained a pound or two, no? He has certainly "matured." I'm sure in no time he'll be ringing Lauren's bell and making off with all the treats!

As usual, Sheaffer, I am a day late and a dollar short! But I think of you often and read here frequently.

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - all the donkeys at Prim Rose look good. Sancho is a white donkey - wow - very cool looking.

I agree with you - you should have gone with her - you do have donkey stuff to do with other donkeys.

Your Fren,

Dougie Donk said...

The fixation with vermifuge leads me to wonder why your woman has some deep seated fixation with purging - does she have any infestation issues that you know of? Perhaps hypnotherapy would help :))

The PrimRose residents look a grand bunch - even TJ has a wickedly content look about him,

ponymaid said...

Billie, I too am a fan of Machiavelli and I like the way your mind works. Icing sugar is such an obvious solution that if I had opposable thumbs every syringe in my orbit would be emptied and refilled. Jack says he will even volunteer as part of a focus group to do some testing. TJ is enjoying rude good health but I must admit, it sounds as though he has toned down just a notch. The terrible gang of three still cruise around creating whatever havoc they can but are generally ignored or squawked at by the old timers.

Gale, Gale, how we miss you here! We are still awaiting your visit to our barn...hurry before the evil whiteness engulfs us. TJ is indeed even rounder than previously - he's now four years old and feels he knows absolutely everything about everything. He promises to have Lauren trained before Christmas so she can lavish a boatload of gifts on him. Utterly self-centered as usual.

Buddy, I know my visit would have been of great interest to the PrimRose inhabitants and I can't fathom why I was shunned. Sancho is quite a striking looking lad, very white with some brownish patches scattered about to relieve the whiteness. He is an expert at dust bathing, complete with sound effects. He has enlarged the original small dust bath to the more appropriate proportions seen in the photo.

Dougie, I've often thought of having Herself hypnotized - I understand those under the spell can be made to do things they normally wouldn't consider, like handing out Stud Muffins freely instead of hoarding them. I also wonder about her vermifuge fixation - what can it all mean and why are we the unwilling victims of her obsession?

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - the more mom and I look at Sancho - we think he should live here - in the dust bowl of Nevada. He and I could roll in the poof dirt (which is just like dust). Any chance he could catch a train here? Mom thinks he is very handsome - which irritates me to no end - but he looks like a big donkey and I think we could be good frens.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Buddy, I wish I knew how to get Sancho to your house. He would love the heat and dust and he is an excellent companion. When (or if) you acquire the white dog next door, they will match perfectly.