Monday, August 3, 2009

Report on Team Sheaffer's Fund Raising

One is always hesitant to lend one's name to any sort of venture lest the behaviour of the participants is less than stellar. However, I am pleased to report that the Team Sheaffer group comported themselves in an impeccable manner on yesterday's Al Humphrey Memorial Ride, which is a fundraiser to battle cancer. I was especially worried about the woman in case she suddenly took to drink or started some sort of brawl but fortunately she limited herself to a low-key breakfast of pancakes and sausage provided before the ride.

Molly went off in the box on wheels to meet up with five other human and horse duos who had pledged to raise money for the cause. They navigated several forests and journeyed a total of 25 kms to complete the course. Molly wore a pink bonnet/fly deterrent headpiece, designed and sewn by Brenda the human, that caused her to receive many compliments, which is always bad for her ego. It was made especially for the ride and if Molly likes anything, it's being the centre of attention while sporting a one-off fashion statement. My team raised just under one thousand dollars and the only difficulty was in convincing Molly it wasn't hers to spend on snacks and entertainment.

Jack and I went for another brisk walk today - the woman declaring sarcastically (as is her wont) that only one donkey managed to walk briskly, and it wasn't the young one. Could she mean me? Jack was walking the male human who said he thought Jack wanted to go into the woods to have a look around. I would have preferred to stay in the meadow, snacking lightly, but Jack marched into the woods like an explorer and had himself a fine time choosing which paths he preferred. I trudged behind and had to stop for breath on one particularly steep hill he had chosen. Then we walked the humans home and we were invited up on the porch. Jack acted as if he has tea on the porch every Sunday but I put my foot down and refused to go up there. I rolled my eyes and curled my lip and groaned and the woman said "Sheaffer, why don't you just hire a hall?' What's that supposed to mean?

It was most unfortunate that the beauteous Miss Annie could not travel over for the event yesterday - her human was swamped by various things such as hay deliveries and something called office work. Humans can be so fickle. We boys have been quite downcast since we heard the news. Food would help.


billie said...

Big congratulations to the woman and Molly for helping earn such a fine sum for the donkeys!

I have GOT to get the camera out of its long long vacation and get a photo of Redford and Rafer before they begin to grow their winter coats.

They are so slick right now, you can see all their muscles. And Redford's underside is so bright and white he is quite striking from a distance. They were in the back yard yesterday with Salina, enjoying the very nice grass. But none too much to refuse the carrots I took out to them.

Redford was considering joining me on the back deck, but the Mystical-Kit came out and diverted the donkeys' attention.

Mystic ended up on the trampoline and Redford, undaunted, went underneath, and poked his nose up at him.

Your adventure through the woods sounds like fun. Jack is having a sort of second sprog-hood, don't you think?

ponymaid said...

Billie,they just borrowed my name for this one - the funds go to cancer research. I checked it all out and decided it was a fine cause and I allowed the woman and her team mates to use my name.

Your boys sound fit as two donkey fiddles and ready for anything. I do like a shiny undercarriage. I find the trampoline idea intriguing - has Redford tried it yet? If not, he will, he will. Rafer still has memories of the broken leg summer and I'm sure will remain cautious.

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - wow - $1000 dollars - your woman ROCKS! Can you keep a secret Sheaffer?? OK - don't tell anyone or any equines - but - Molly looks HOT in her fancy hat. Don't you dare tell her - I'm still mad - but she looks GOOD!

I wish we had woods to walk through - we have dirt, cactus, and more dirt here in the desert. Some nice big trees would be so nice.

Your Fren,

billie said...

Sheaffer, I should have slowed down as I read - duh! The proceeds went to cancer research and you quite plainly said that. My brain is quite scattered.

Buddy - don't you dare let a pink hat on Miss Molly woo you back into her web of deceit! (at least make her wait for a few more weeks, anyway!)

I think we should let it slip to her that there is another hot young equine vying for your attention, and surely there is, but she is simply too shy to speak up here.

Redford has not managed to get up onto the trampoline yet - I agree with you that Rafer would defer. He would probably prefer to study the physics of the bounce than be the one bouncing. While Redford was underneath trying to poke at the cat, Rafer was intently studying the instruments we use to chop and split firewood. (if it were anyone but Rafer I'd be worried, but even a sledgehammer is safe in his hooves)

CindyLouWho said...

Oh Sheaffer,
Congratulations on your Team's huge success! It is extremely kind and daring of you to lend your name to a team that includes Molly & the woman, but they obviously did you proud. How did the Brenda human find enough fabric to make a bonnet for a head as large as Molly's? Is it stretchable to allow for more swelling as the compliments roll in?
Between the forced march in the woods and the disappointment of no Annie, I think you should be allowed to console yourself with large amounts of Mints and Gummi's.

Buddy said...

Hay Billie - what? Is there a pretty filly at your house who likes me? Is it Salina?

Yes - Sheaffer - tell Molly I have a girlfren!

Your Fren

ponymaid said...

Buddy, I will trade you some cedar trees for some cactus and dust. Would you care for some mud as well? You may have shamed Molly into behaving in a more lady-like fashion. There were some dashing male horses at the ride and she didn't so much as glance at them, although a few of them got quite silly and puffed up their muscles and flared their nostrils in an attempt to impress her. Keep up the shunning - life is so much more pleasant for the rest of us.

Good work, Billie, keep Molly on those pony toes wondering who Buddy is seeing now. It would be quite typical of Redford that he would have a wild time on the trampoline and disembark unscathed. Rafer knows better and applies himself to a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the universe.

CindyLou, I am highly relieved that the woman did not disgrace my name and pleased that they were able to help a good cause. Now that you mention it, that bonnet is quite large and stretchy...Alas and alack, the mints are gone as are the worms. That's what comes of being forced to share.

Buddy, consider her told!

billie said...

Buddy, Salina is 26 and quite beautiful but maybe a bit old for you?

I did however have the pleasure of meeting a hot young woman named Right On Rita a few months ago at a dressage show. She is a chestnut, big and beautiful and quite the athlete, and she is 5 years old. I'm sure I could wrangle an introduction.

(Sheaffer, you know what to do with the above tidbit of gossip and Molly)

Buddy said...

Hay Billie - whats wrong with Salina and Rita??

billie said...

Buddy!! Oh no - I can see Molly's wanton ways are rubbing off on you!

Perhaps you and Molly can come to an agreement and have an "open relationship" - LOL!