Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving South of the Border!

I am without the benefit of a typist as Herself has intruded upon the most celebrated day in the USA. Typical. I very much doubt she was invited. She even showed up at Cindy Lou Who's place, complete with camera.

This is most inconvenient from my perspective but on the other hand, it provides a mental health break away from her awfulness.

To my many friends of the American persuasion, I extend the heartiest of Thanksgiving greetings and beg your forgiveness for the presence in your nation of one of our worst national scourges.


CindyLouWho said...

Dear Sheaffer,

Your woman did visit us! (and she Was invited) Even came bearing presents in the way of lovely organic carrots. My woman, in her characteristically controlling way, intercepted them and has been doling them out in piteous ones and twos, rather than allowing me the whole bag at once. Oh, and I must share them with The Pony. Danged Pony! He gets far too much attention these days. Apparently he is learning to be a very good driving pony. HMMPPHH!! If I didn't hurt so much, I'd go out and show him how to blast around a course or two!!

I must say your woman was nothing like I expected from your descriptions. She was in fact diminutive from my perspective of 17hh. And she was actually well-behaved, other than paying too much (read: any) attention to The Pony. My woman foiled Herself's plans to devour all the pies in the US by not having any pie to offer! My woman is known far and wide for being a perfectly atrocious hostess. She even made your woman bring her own cookies!! Your woman also brought a lovely cookie cutter in the shape of a donkey.

I hope all my friends/your fans had a great day, whether it was an Official Day of Thanks or just another November Thursday. I have much to be thankful for. Many good friends both two- and four-legged, a woman who really does love me (even though she tends to shove far too much yukky medicine down my throat), going to Florida for the cold months, and the news that My Daughter is coming home to live with us next Spring! I hear that she is almost grown up now, at seven.

My best wishes to you, Jack, Molly and Doc for a warmer-than-usual Holiday Season.. Make sure that woman is free with the present I sent home..


billie said...

Oh dear - there was a pumpkie pie on my counter-top last night when I went to bed and now it is nearly gone!

Could it be that The Woman Herself crept in during the night and devoured it?

ponymaid said...

CindyLou, you are the very epitomy of a well brought up horse. Herself said she had a lovely time and wishes you all lived closer - as do I. Be very careful - she now knows where you live. She tells me you are as magnificently large and beauteous as your photos and that the pony is rather spectacular. She took photos so I look forward to seeing them with great anticipation. I cannot expain why humans have an obsession with controlling our food supply - very Scroogish of them. On the same note, I thank you for the gift of a whole tub of gummi worms - you can assume those will appear in ones and twos and in my case, sometimes halves. I am trying to work out how I can spend the winter in Florida with you and Finn Pony.

Billie, yes, assume she ate it. Her ability to detect and devour pie is matched only by the hyenas of the African plains when they sight a tasty antelope. She is quite capable of popping over to you place in the night on a pie removal mission.

Buddy said...

Hay everyone - had a great Thanksgiving here in Nevada - I got extra carrots - yum yum - but no pie. I do believe there is some left so perhaps I can talk mom into a slice. Sounds like all had a great day. Mo mom's birthday was yesterday so I let her do whatever she wanted with me - including working me - oh well - today its windy and cold so I'm all alone out here - sigh.

Your fren,

libraryperson said...

So what did you all get up to while herself was away or is that another tail (or tale)?


ponymaid said...

Buddy, glad to hear you showed extreme thoughtfulness in indulging your woman on her birthday - bound to pay carrot dividends. Please extend our very best to her.

ponymaid said...

LibraryPerson, we just rested our frayed nerves and tried to steel ourselves for her return. I may have chewed on the fence a tad but there's no need to mention that to Herself...