Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Word from Jack

sonny has took to his room til spring he sez becuz today some a thet sideways snow pellet bead stuff come up on us by surprize. he took it real bad and aint hardly sayin nothin which is rite pekuliar fer him cauze he usualy caint shut up. jack he sez to me, i'm near ta givin up and the worse is yet ta come. truss him ta look on the brite side. hes still eatin good tho.

myself, i growed a big fur coat and packed on the paddin and i say bring 'er on. i been runnin sonny aroun the place befor dinner every nite ta git us in shape and also juss cuz i feel like runnin. when i git him goin good i start a yellin and hollerin at the top of my lung and it makes him start too and then that woman come a rushin out and ast what in tarnation has come over us. sonny is blowin like a expres train but i'm breathin so easy i wouldin blow out a candle. then we go inside and i git my three course blue plate speshul. i say life ain't bad atall atall. sonny never had ta live where and how i done. he thinks hes livin the hard life but he dont know nothin. all that brain work makes him what ya call oversensatuve.

herself jus come bak with a load a beddin so i gotta go help her. shes loss without me. i know that fer sure cuz jest this mornin i open the door and come in the barn when she was cleanin jest so i could use sonnys room fer whadda ya call "personal relief" and she sez jack what would i do without ya helpin me. its nice ta be interspensible.


billie said...

Jack, just what I needed this evening to keep me rolling through the making of dinner!

Please keep telling Sheaffer that he must apply himself to getting through the winter up there, and he must get himself back to his writing and pondering, because WE WILL MISS HIM IF HE DOESN'T!

I continue to think that you would fit in with Redford and the gang, and Sheaffer and Rafer would be perfect pals.

Except for the unfortunate truth: Sheaffer and Rafer would never leave the round bale, as they would both so enjoy the act of pondering and eating, eating some more and pondering. The only thing that keeps them moving is living with you and Redford!

Buddy said...

Hay Jack - you are one funny guy. I love reading your stories. Had some excitement here today - the big truck with the crane thingy and white bullet showed up and replaced the bullet again - is was defective. I was all excited and ran around causing a dirt storm - great fun. Then mom fed me and I got to eating but I was keeping an eye on that truck.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Billie, it's me, Sheaffer. The sun came out today and I felt just strong enough to read my mail. I like the ring of Rafer and Sheaffer - the philosopher donkeys. We could be the equine equivalent of the Algonquin Round Table; we would be the senior members of the Donkey Round Bale.

Buddy, a defective bullet? Are you sure your woman had nothing to do with this - I mean, she did rather fancy the operator. I hope she took pictures of your magnificent dust storm?

billie said...

OH LOL, Sheaffer - you are so clever. I never would have thought of the Algonquin and the Donkey Round Bale, but how perfect, all around.

If we build the Algonquin of the South, and put in the Round Bale, will you come?


Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - no pictures and no flirting this time - not sure what thats all about.

Your fren,