Sunday, November 29, 2009

She Returns - Followed by Bad Weather

To be expected, I suppose. We had a nice little holiday, catered to by the genial Jamie human who tends to be quite free with the foodstuffs, despite her written instructions. No glares, no huffing, no orders barked into our quivering ears. Just peace and quiet and naps in sunny spots while warming up for the next meal.

As usual, on her return she rushed over to our paddock bellowing, "Did you miss me?" at 87 decibels. We three boys simply stared in horrified amazement but Molly let out a chorus of gutteral sounds that was intended to be a warm greeting. Molly always hedges her bets. After Herself had tucked us in our rooms she cornered me and made a series of hideous kissing noises on my face. Unsanitary and uncalled for. Jack dribbled gruel on her shoes and Doc merely increased his output of flatulence to such a level that she gagged and retreated with her hands over her face.

She says she had a lovely time visiting with CindyLouWho, Finn Pony and their woman. I'm sure she did and they're so polite they said they had an equally lovely time. She says CindyLou is even more magnificent in person - a skyscraper of a horse with all the bearing of the aged Queen Victoria. Finn Pony is only five, the very picture of a perfect pony, and someone with whom Doc would very much enjoy "rasslin". CindyLou does not approve of rasslin, much to the pony's dissapointment. Both equines are travelling to Florida for the winter so Finn can pursue his driving career, while CindyLou coaches him. I assume Formula One, but Jack says probably something called Nascar.

I have included some photos of the driving duo for my readers enjoyment.


billie said...

Oh, Cindy Lou Who is gorgeous! And Finn Pony is too.

Reminds me of Keil Bay and the Little Man, who sometimes goes in for the nip of flesh just behind the Big Bay's front legs - so unfair that the pony is able to do that, while Keil has to literally go down on his knees to be able to return the nip!

Glad you had time with the generous Jamie.

Sheaffer, I know, deep down, you love The Woman's affectionate gestures. Perhaps not the drama they get dressed up in! She can't help herself.

Stay dry, stay warm. Your loyal readers are looking forward to your holiday missives.

South Valley Girl said...

Good morning Sheaffer:

I'm back in the office after a week's vacation (I don't have internet at home), and was glad to hear that you spent a happy and drama-free week while I was gone. I thought of you many times last week, wondering what fresh hell The Woman was devising for you - I'd forgotten that she was away.

Loved the pictures - the micro humans were particularly fetching - and I'm glad to hear your donkey-sitter was kind and generous with you and the gang.

Cold here in New Mexico today - it was in the 20s last night - but still no snow. We might get some tonight or tomorrow - I know you hate it, but we get so little here, I'm actually looking forward to it.

Bright blessings to you -

Christina / SVG

CindyLouWho said...

(Blush!) Oh Sheaffer and Billie, you turn my head! You can tell Jack that it is Formula One of course. Finn Pony says he would like to meet Doc, sounds like they could have some fun. I love the pictures your woman took. Really captured the little guy's show-offy, attention grabbing ways - I mean, really! Did he Have to flip that foot out as he was trotting down the hill the little ham?!

I'm glad you had a great time while the woman was away. I wish we had a babysitter like Jamie, but we really get the best care from our woman, even if she does pay too much attention to the Pony.

I wish I could pack you up and bring you with us to Florida! There are magnificent old Live Oak trees you can meditate under, wonderful sand to roll in, and nice warm sun!!!

Enjoy those gummy worms, which My Woman Still hasn't let me try!!!

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - WOW WOW WOW - CindyLouWho is soooooooooooooooo beautiful!! That Finn pony is a real good looking dude! Tell your woman thanks for the pics of both of them.

I do think you like those kisses your woman gives you.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Billie, I confess, Jack and I know the nip-behind-the-knee tactic. We use it on each other freely and in spite of his state of near toothlessness, Jack is still a master of the move. These days I live in anticipation of possible Christmas presents and dread of what new outrage she will perpetrate upon my person in the guise of festive decoration...

Christina/SVG, glad to hear you have returned rested and recharged and also that you had a break from the electronic quill, which can be a ruthless overlord. I am still in trouble over my comments on your response to my last posting. Notably the references to antrapoid apes and simian cast of countenances... She fears what she only dimly understands. We have had a record-breaking snow-free November but will begin paying dearly as soon as tomorrow. Your winter sounds almost civilized by comparison.

CindyLou, the woman has shown us the Finn Foot Flip Photo in detail and pointed out that those of a portly build (she glared at all four of us) cannot hope to achieve such spectacular results. I can only imagine the extreme pleasure of lounging under an oak or palm tree with you, discussing the shortcomings of the younger generation. I hope your ankles are holding up.

Buddy, you would love to meet CLW and Finn Pony. She really is rather spectacular, isn't she? I confess to a certain fluttering in the cardiac region. I endure the woman's revolting smoochy assaults on my face but would prefer a firm hoof shake - especially in this season of germs.

billie said...

Sheaffer - may I make an announcement here?

I'm hosting a holiday "shop" over at camera-obscura and would LOVE if The Woman and any of your readers would like to send me links to any "wares" - handmade, cafepress, items that support donkey rescue and care, etc.

The info is at my blog.

I'm also hoping maybe the Sheaffer and Co. calendar might be a possibility to list there?

Let me know.

Meanwhile, since you've outed donkey tactics here, I'll share that the nephews know the nip under the armpit technique too. They do it so fast though it's almost like an optical illusion!!

ponymaid said...

Billie, what a wonderful idea! I cannot claim to have actually woven, carved or crafted any of the items in my cafepress store but they definitely have my stamp of approval. You are most welcome to use the link. I have no news of how Fred and Ginger are making out with the calendar - possibly covered in glue and bits snipped off photos. I will update as soon as I have any news. Good for you for getting the festive spirit unwrapped early!

robert5721 said...

I have been out of touch for awhile with a hoof abscess, and the doc is not having much luck with treating it..oh well.

It would appear to me that you should talk to the docinator, and find out just HOW he manages to produce THAT much flatulence, and begin to copy his process....then the next time anyone comes at you with worming stuff or tools to excavate your mouth, you can take advantage of the innate storage capacity of your manly girth and send em all running with their hands over their faces.. with any luck they will inject the vermifuge into their own mouths rather than yours as they retreat hastily.

Just a thought! SMILE
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

Mr. Gale, this is decidedly un-good! Jack wants to know have you been "trottin too fast on gravel roads"? We're very upset to hear our old friend is under the weather. We send you our best wishes and hope to have good news from you soon. I am working on various gaseous experiments and will let you know the outcome...