Saturday, October 20, 2007

I feel a bit melancholy. As a seasoned blogger of some three days standing, I had hoped to hear more from my many far flung friends and acquaintances. Oh well, I'll carry on, ears held high. I'm sure Samuel Pepys had days like this.

Yet another windy day. I find , given the generous length of my ears, that there is a distinct roaring noise the whole time I'm outside. I find it safer to back into a thicket so I can observe unseen and not be ambushed by anything sneaking up on me under cover of wind noise. The black and white canine is often guilty of this particularly low crime. When not in residence in the thicket, I spend time in the run-in, gazing at the horizon. Some lovely, dry corn leaves have blown in and they make an excellent crunchy snack. I've put some aside for future use.

I had quite a turn this evening. There I was in my thicket, deep in thought, and when I looked up, the field was empty - not a horse in sight. I raised an alarm call (I have a deep voice that carries well) and there were answering whinnies from the barn. Traitorous equines had gone in to dinner without so much as mentioning it to me. I hastened to my room, out of breath and feeling betrayed. And then...that ridiculous human female said "Sheaffer, stop that racket, you'll have the police here investigating crimes against donkeys."!! An excellent example of the sort of attitude I must endure. Racket indeed. Pahhh!

I'll stop for today. I feel a fit of pique coming on.


Clifford said...

I can’t type but I can dictate. The squirrels can type. Clever little devils, they spend most of the winters now just relaxing in the warm and playing games online. They told me all about you and they will happily relay messages. One even offered to open the gate but, without a good medical plan, these days even I would be silly to go.

My name is Red Boss. People say I’m an outstandingly handsome thoroughbred. I’m stabled in Langley, the centre of the horse world. I like apples, carrots and long canters on the beach. My owner is a generous well-trained human filly who always calls me when the food is ready. The one time she didn’t I just stood in my stall and waited and waited and waited. I grew hungrier and hungrier as I waited and waited finally when I was so starving that just when I could have eaten a squir LEXEME ERROR TRANSMISSION WILL CEASE PLEASE CONTACT ADMINISTRATOR

ponymaid said...

So good to hear from the Coast. I'm particularly interested in the way your communication ends. Emmm, did you actually "sample" squirrel, so to speak? If so, was it nutty? Did it taste like chicken? As an epicure, I'm always open to new dining experiences.