Tuesday, September 2, 2008

They're Back

The humans returned looking rested and relaxed. We'll have them back up to speed in no time. We gave them the usual welcome when they have been away for more than a few hours - we made a great show of pretending they were unknown to us and probably ne'er do wells in the bargain. This drives the woman to distraction. Even the dog barked at them as though they were housebreakers.

We were remarkably well behaved in their absence, if I do say so myself. Jamie, our minder, used to work at a very large racing stable and has seen all sorts of horse behaviours, which unfortunately means he anticipates our every move. Doc did manage to pull down some hay bales and Jack got hold of his fly mask off the front of the stall, but all in all, very uninspired. I have known Jamie since I was a young sprog and we all like him very much indeed. He's quiet and calm and does lots of excellent equine patting. Jack didn't even get the screaming squitters when he cleaned his feet and put the copper concoction in there. We tried to tell Jamie that we had all day access to the front part of the paddock but the woman had left written instructions forbidding it and he faithfully stuck to our usual two hours. I feel he could have shown some flexibility and initiative on that front.

On a brighter note, Doc has added a new trick to his repertoire. The woman was filling the water buckets and Doc discovered that if he pinched the hose, which runs across the front of his room, it caused her to be very perplexed by what she took to be a blockage in the pipes. Doc would give it a few light pinches and then stare off innocently into space when she turned around. She began mumbling and fiddled with the nozzle. Then she stared down the nozzle opening just as Doc released his hold. The effect was most gratifying. She received a strong jet of cold spring water at a distance of approximately two inches. I've heard the expression about angry wet hens and she provided a splendid visual of the phrase. It was a low-key effort from Doc but much appreciated by us anyway.

Unfortunately the woman was so bowled over by Molly's reorg of the tack room that she neglected to take any photos. A shame really, I think my readers would have enjoyed the sheer scale of the thing. Molly promises there will be a next time...


Dougie Donk said...

Oh, how I long for the opportunity to replicate Doc's new trick, which sounds superb!

My idiot ex-racehorse tried to get the woman by picking the hose up & waving it around in the air. Regrettably, he is not bright enough to have worked out that if he didn't hold the hose near the nozzle, all that would (& did) happen was he that hit himself & got very wet in the process.

One would hope that he might have knocked in a little sense as well, but the portents are not good so far.

Kind regards


robert5721 said...

Sheaffer, I noted that there is a small poster of Mr Jack on your store, but I have a need for a VERY BIG ONE for Liebbie....Dicey is IN LOVE with YOU, Sir, but Liebbie is casting an appreciative eye at Mr Jack..She is one year younger than Dicey, but decidedly more muscled and athletic looking....(looking, because she is as lazy as lazarus after he croaked....) but she is decidedly a sweetheart and ALL DONKEY....Mammoth Donkey for sure....I am in need of a BIG poster of YOU (for dicey) and a BIG poster of Mr Jack for Liebbie to put in their porta hut and keep them amused when the sun is hot and grass is dry....
Your kind attention to my needs will be GREATLY appreciated....
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

Oh my goodness dougie, we very much enjoyed the idea of your race horse charge soaking himself and being quite perplexed in the bargain! I loathe all water except in small quantities as a potable but I do enjoy a good story of someone else getting soaked.

Mr. Gale, you really are too kind! The woman has been busy adding things to my store - we were disappointed to see that they don't have wall-size murals but we added a larger picture of both of us. We're very excited that two lovely donkey ladies want our likenesses in their living quarters. Jack feels he should at least be wearing suspenders or a bandana around his neck but I assured him his fine new self-grown coat is quite adequate. We very much appreciate all the encouragement you and Gale give us. You truly are friends of donkeys everywhere.