Monday, August 9, 2010

Sanctuary News

My faithful correspondent, Laurel, she who is devoted to the mini-dervish TJ/Virgil, has sent us some news of the sanctuary happenings. The news is good.

First of all, it seems that little Annabelle is not with child after all, much to the relief of everyone. Sheila was correct in assuming the beachball effect was caused by an enormous load of internal parasites. Annabelle is blossoming under all the care and attention she is receiving and is following close on the heels of PrimRose in operating as a sanctuary PR donkey. In fact, so people-oriented is she that there is talk of her travelling along with PrimRose and assuming at least a corner of the mantle of office.

ChristinaRose, the lamb, has doubled in size and quadrupled in energy and has become the resident ovine clown/entertainer. All traces of shyness have disappeared and she has developed a talent for climbing - she can hoist herself up into the food cupboard so efficiently that I wouldn't be surprised if she transfers her stall sign onto that door and sets up office in there.

Leon has been put in a paddock with some other boys, having gotten to know them over the fence, and he, and they, are all pleased with the arrangement. His "brain surgery" is on hold until the cooler weather. He is a sensitive and intelligent soul who is beginning to emerge from his state of cautionary fear. One day he will go home with just the right human, someone who has been waiting for exactly such a donkey as Leon.

The newest arrival at the sanctuary is a three year old female goat who was raised on the bottle (Jack assumed that meant the liquor bottle but I imagine it was milk...). Her name is as yet undecided but the debate rages on, with Dorothy being one of the names put forward. She is still a bit timid and shy but ChristinaRose is showing her the road to becoming a newer, bolder goat. Poor Helen, the venerable and ancient ovine, is now outnumbered two to one. Her rate of "tsk tak tsking" has soared.


billie said...

Wonderful news for all - thank you for the update!!

Gazelle said...

Wonderful news indeed. I'm so relieved for Annabelle in particular. Sounds like she'll make a wonderful Sanctuary Ambassador too, especially with PrimRose as her mentor. Can't imagine anyone being able to resist the charms of that pair :-)

If it's not too impolite to ask, would Annabelle mind if we knew her age ? She looks so young and innocent.

ponymaid said...

Billie, we were all happy to hear that things are percolating along as they should at PrimRose. I suspect they have their hands full with that young sheep - perhaps TJ/Virgil could mind it?

ponymaid said...

Gazelle, isn't that Annabelle stunning? Such grace, such refined, classical beauty, such elegant manners - wait, I think I may have palpitations. She is the perfect Lady-In-Waiting to PrimRose. I understand that she is twelve years of age, so a mere slip of a girl and well suited to the job.