Monday, June 9, 2008

Reign of Terror in Roseneath

We have reports back from the donkey sanctuary and they are quite alarming. TJ has cut a path of destruction through there that has left both humans and donkeys in a state of shock.

The only donkey he has accepted somewhat is Wilson the two year old and even Wilson can't quite believe the creature who has been put in his care. TJ was systematically introduced to each donkey and quickly laid down the law as to who was boss. As always, they were initially decieived by his "cute" appearance and innocent demeanor. Then he sent them flying in all directions with orders "not ta git in mi face if ya wanna live." His crowning victory came yesterday when he routed Jed, the very much alpha donkey. Jed prepared to put the upstart in his place and quickly found himself a victim of gaping wounds, a ripped nostril and small, round hoof dents. Sheila heard the volunteers screaming and ran out to see them trying to pull TJ off Jed's person. As TJ is uncatchable, and quite deaf when in the process of annihilating someone, they had to chase the two of them to the barn with TJ hanging off Jed like a leech.

We are in the midst of a nasty heat wave and Jed was both bleeding and wringing wet, whilst shaking like a leaf. They draped cold towels over him and doctored his wounds and he gradually stopped shaking. TJ was merely somewhat out of breath. Our woman was most distraught at hearing this, and feels she has unleashed "Little Damien" on a once-peaceful sanctuary. Sheila will try to find TJ a home with large horses only, as he seems to despise all donkeys. I feel both horrified that another donkey (and a large one at that) had to suffer at the hoofs of the psychopath, but also somewhat vindicated that I survived several months in his company.

Jack is very happy to find himself here. He has his own stall, full haynet at night, mushy dinner for the elderly, grooming and lots of attention. Sheila did a wonderful job at bringing him back from the brink and we are now helping with the next stage. He will get what is left of his very long coat clipped this afternoon - he has been treated for anything that might be inhabiting his hair but just seems itchy from the layer of thick fur. We both get horribly bitten on the legs by blackflies and the woman applies a wonderous ointment called SWAT to foil the demons. We like to stand under the trees where there is a light breeze and a donkey's tail doesn't have to work so hard.

Jack is an excellent neighbour - polite and quiet and not given to tossing the metal gate on my person when I am sleeping or sticking his head through and pinching me hard while asking if I'm awake. He says little and seems to be in a bit of a time warp - he asked me the other day if I thought the Kaiser could ever be defeated. I am growing quite fond of him and hope his health allows him many more years with us.


topcterv said...

oh really have been suffering umimagineable terrors only just touched upon by your woman... while i am so very happy your life seems to have taken a marvelous turn i do feel compassion for those little tj in inflicting his terror on. how badly he must have been terrorized himself to think this is how to best communicate. one can only hope he will settle into a perfect home where he can no longer inflict his wrath and find peace. please keep us informed on his progress... i wish he was closer to me as i have 2 older geldings that could use the distraction as he doe seem to take to that kind.and again, so happy for the peace that now reigns at your home.

petersdr said...

Oh my...I do hope that TJ manages to find a home that he feels comfortable in (and that everyone ELSE feels comfortable in while he's there!). I'm very happy you have a new docile long-eared companion.

billie said...

Wow, Sheaffer - TJ is really making quite a trail for himself! I too hope he finds a home where he can relax and enjoy the companionship of some (large) equines who won't be victimized by his intensity.

I'm so so happy to hear that Jack is becoming a good friend to you. You deserve it, and it sounds like your home is a perfect place for Jack to live out his years in loving comfort.

Stay cool - we are on our last day of 100+ temps and looking forward to cooler weather and RAIN.

ponymaid said...

Thank you all for your good wishes - we are somewhat awed and horrified at the depth of TJ's pugnacious streak. I think my blood pressure is finally back to normal and I can gaze off in the distance without being blasted off my feet by a stealth attack.

I think TJ would fit in well with my two new large friends from the parade - at least they'd only have damage at knee-level.

robert5721 said...

if youall do not know the vet that gelded TJ, you might want to knock him out (the vet, that is) and make sure that he does not have a captured testicle in there somewhere. From what I hear, some mules just can not abide with a Donkey, cause they smell different..TJ and everyone else will be far better off when he is with some BIG HONKING HORSES, but remember to apply WHOA to thier tails, or they will lose

I truly commend you on your skill and intelligence used in surviving him for so long. Maybe you and Jack can compare stories and share tips on how to avoid this sort of thing. Maybe he learned some good things from the Kaiser....I hear he was pretty good at torture....
Mr Gale

montanasmama said...

You know Mr gale I was just wondering this morning if TJ actually had be castrated?

ponymaid said...

We did wonder about the unusual "boyishness" of TJ but the woman and the vet both checked and all pertinent bits had been removed. Maybe he retained just a scrap - enough to make him think he's King Of The Plains? He doesn't seem to be interested in girls so much as in the pugilistic arts... I'm just very releived to have good old Jack here.