Monday, June 16, 2008

Where Will I Keep It?

Imagine my utter amazement when the woman rushed out to the paddock this morning to inform me that I had won an award! When I saw her coming I quickly hid behind a tree in case she had any lunatic ideas about bathing my person - she had a crazed look about her. But no, it was to tell me that the tall woman and I have been given a trophy for "Most Enthusiastic Parade Participant". It must be due to my colourful costume, as I am averse to any displays of overt emotion and always conduct myself with dignity and restraint. In any event, I am extremely pleased to be acknowledged for my role as a pillar of the local community. As soon as the trophy is delivered, I will have the woman take numerous photos of self and tall woman posing with it.

To round out an already exemplary day, the young lad with mowers came to attack the tall grass in our paddocks. Completely unnecessary of course, but the woman is obsessed with our overconsumption and the general untidiness of chewed-over greenery. To get to the sylvan glades on the other side of the electric fence, the lad has to take down one section of wire. Molly shot through the narrow gap between tractor and post and the rest of us soon followed. We spent a lovely afternoon gorging on the best Mother Nature has to offer. The woman left us for awhile and then, looking stern and carrying the lunge whip, she herded us back to the barren side. We waddled into the barn, breathing heavily, and didn't even complain when she fore-went our usual flake of hay (except for Jack, who demanded, and got, a full haynet).

Jack now has his own fly mask and is inordinately pleased. He has been without so many things, including food, for so long, that he is overcome by the abundance of attention he is receiving. He has discovered that if he raps politely on the door when the woman is cleaning our rooms, she will let him in and groom him while he has a snack. In the evenings, he has taken to braying at us at exactly seven o'clock to let us know it's time to go in. He was a bit nervous at being confined to his room in the beginning, as it's his first indoor accomodation, but now he can't wait to get in and attack his hay net. "Young man", he said to me today, "I find my situation in life vastly improved. I have a notion this is a good locale for just settin and thinkin - and eatin, ev course."


billie said...

Congratulations, Sheaffer! I'm sure they meant to add in the word "dignified" to your award but simply overlooked it.

Jack sounds wonderful. I love how he is adding his own personality (calm, yet personable) to the mix.

robert5721 said...

Congrads on the well deserved award....the enthusiastic thing must be from the audience, not your usually dignified self! I am really glad that you have found your good luck charm (Jack) and that all goes well. I really enjoy hearing the stories!
Your Friend and adviser
Mr Gale

Gale said...

What a happy post, Sheaffer! See? We donkey caretakers don't get the "crazed look" only when contemplating baths. Trophies will do it too! But trust me, if she chooses a very hot day, you will welcome the refreshment a bath provides!

I have the impression that you don't mind at all that Mr. Jack is getting a little extra attention and grooming. I see that he knows the value of keeping a schedule; that's a good thing.

How is Doc doing?

robert5721 said...

Sheaffer, I goota go to a cow thing in belton texas, so I will be gone for about a week. C U when I get back,
Mr Gale

RussianRoulette said...

Congratulations on your award! I wish I could have seen you in the parade. In your pictures you look great with your costume. But always dignified, of course. :)

I'm so happy for you that Jack is fitting in so well. It must be nice for him to have an associate such as yourself as well.

ponymaid said...

Thank you everyone - I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the award. I hope it is similar to the Stanley Cup - at least three feet tall and made of silver. I could have my meagre dinner ration served in it.

Mr. Gale, those cow entities are extremely moo-nosylabic (sorry) and tend to stare blankly off into the distance while chewing in a robotic fashion. I can't imagine how they will organize them into conference groups - especially the team buildingsessions. They're terrible at anything that requires imagination or bursts of energy, but they will enjoy grazing the buffet table.

OzArab said...

Oh well done Sheaffer! My goodness things have really been going well for you - firstly the removal of terrorist TJ and secondly this award that shows that some people are overwhelmed by your graciousness!

completecare said...

Hi Sheaffer,
Congratulations on winning your award. You must be very proud especially since you had to appear in public showing all your bald spots.
I hope you will be attending next year's parade to see if you can make it two in a row. I think, all your fans should hire a bus to travel around the countryside picking up them and then driving to see you in the parade. Uncle Ed can drive the bus and his winsome wife Wendy can lead the singalongs and bingo games to help keep the passengers amused. She could also lead line dancing or maybe even belly dancing in the aisle if Uncle Ed will allow such carryings on while he is driving.

Finn the Wonder Pony said...

Congratulations Sheaffer!!! This Trophy will no doubt be joined by many more, as future public appearances will are sure to be followed with additional awards. Maybe the woman will build you a mantle or display case to display them all.
Jack seems a delight, and it's wonderful that you are so generous with the woman's ministrations. ;^)