Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's STILL Here

The woman did not put the new arrival out with the recycling as I suggested. Doc is still guarding him and Molly is still making hideous faces at him and I am still keeping my distance. He told me a bit about his life and it hardly seems credible. He hates being touched by humans because he says it always hurts and he says they can't be trusted, ever, so it's best to keep a good distance. I told him about the woman, that she's quite bossy but does watch over us very carefully. We love being brushed, going in the trailer and having visitors. He was shocked. We always have thick, clean beds and lots of food. He says he'll watch and see for himself if this is possible.

We had horrible, sticky snow all night and the footing is soggy and muddy underneath. The new arrival doesn't care, which I find odd because his feet are even smaller than mine. I stood in the run-in today, glaring at the snow and willing it to melt. No luck so far.

When we came into the barn the woman spent a lot of time just standing to one side and talking to the new arrival. He listened carefully and got a little closer but still says she's one of "them". GALE advises that I reserve judgement on this new equine personage, so I will pursue that course of action for now.

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Anonymous said...

Don't warm up to it!!!! They will trick you into evil things... EVIL THINGS!!!!