Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mud Donkeys of The Great White North

The woman returned yesterday and true to her word, she was heavily laden with various dewormers. Molly got a new bit and Jack got a raincoat and Doc and I got a new hoof pick. You can tell who she prefers. The woman is still "coming down" from her time away, eating sugary foodstuffs and rushing around acres of equine shopping. Twenty four hours of driving have made her appear even more crazed than usual. She's already talking about Ohio in the spring and purchasing more dewormers. I'm afraid she's developed a strange version of obsessive-compulsive disorder, focussed entirely on internal equine parasites.

It has rained virtually non-stop for the last four days and last night the absolute worst happened. It turned into snow. When we went out this morning it was almost up to my knees. The woman let Jack and self have our hay in the aisle because it was still snowing heavily but mid-morning she ushered us out into the run-in. Molly and Doc were running around outside, snorting and shouting like idiot children about how exciting it all was but we wisely stayed put and watched from just inside the run-in door. Jack just keeps saying "Tsk tsk tsk, oh lordy, it's just not right an ole donkey hasta walk in that stuff". My sentiments exactly. He has gained some more weight since his two loose teeth came out so I hope he has a good head start on battling the coming winter.


Caspar said...

Your woman traveled to an entirely different country and all you got was a hoofpick?! To share with Doc?!!! My goodness Sheaffer, I think it's past time you put that woman back in her place! My woman has recently decided to become interested in wormers again. Perhaps this preoccupation is contagious? Regardless, she unceremoniously stuffed the tube into my mouth and emptied the contents. Now that we are entering the time of giving and thanksgiving, I thought she would be pleased with my decision to share some of the dewormer with her by smashing my mouth into hers.

Apparently not.

Luckily, she weighs significanly less than I, and I probably dosed her accurately. She says I carry on dramatically, but let me tell you - I am positively stoic compared to her hystrionics.

My deepest sympathies go out to you in regards to the weather. I am afraid I will soon be snowed upon, but thus far I have escaped unscathed. My human has the blankets at the ready, so I used them to sack out the young filly next door. The new blanket is surprisingly resilient. The tag was delicious. I dislike wearing clothing, but I find clothes have other more satisfactory purposes.

billie said...

Oh, dear - I have visions of two spry donkey gentleman getting, shall we say, a wild hair and engaging in that odd sport - mud wrasslin' - as Jack might put it!

Please, Sheaffer, whatever you do, do NOT let your woman go to the Chronicle of the Horse forums and read a thread titled "Adult Onchocerca" - she will never recover and your deworming schedule will not only increase, it might double!

I am finding it hard to believe she came back from an equine affaire with only a HOOFPICK for you and Jack. Surely she must have some huge surprise stashed away to bring out on one of these dreadful snowy days. As we all know, she can be somewhat sneaky.

Stay warm and dry. We have just had four days of rain and the threat of tornadoes for about 36 hours. Now that the sunshine is back, the temps have dropped so that we have at least 5 nights of below freezing in store this week. Sigh. At least it will kill the pesky bugs!

Unknown said...

I live way down south in the warmth of Florida...I pity you having to deal with all that cold, white stuff!
I have been reading you for a long while now, and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your stories, and your view on the world!
Please keep it up...I'm your biggest fan!

Buddy said...

Snow and Dewormers - oh my. Molly got a new bit - I did too a couple of weeks ago - I hate it!

My woman would love to see some snow pictures!!!

Finn the Wonder Pony said...

I'm so glad Jack is gaining weight! But No One should hafta walk in that white stuff. Or on that cold hard slippery stuff that comes along with it! I think us Northerners should all go visit Buddy and Jennifer for the next 5 months!

ponymaid said...

caspar - you have shown yourself to be truly selfless in sharing your wormer with your woman. You are to be commended highly, and strongly encouraged to keep up the good work. Being eight hands tall, the best I can do is to smear some on my woman's kneecap. Blankets are the devil's own handiwork - do everything in your power to destroy them - eating the tags is an excellent start. Good luck with your training regimen with the filly next door - very wise to start her young. You should be able to put her off blankets for life.

billie - alas, so far the hoofpick is our lone souvenir of her trip abroad. Still, it's better than the vast consignment of wormer destined for the donkey sanctuary. I plan to keep her well away from that forum you mentioned.

jennifer - Florida, eh? I can only imagine how it must feel not to have ice stuck to various parts of your person for five or six months a year. I could stop by and stay with you for a couple of months while on my way to buddy's place in Nevada. He doesn't have citrus fruit but he seems to have lots of sand. I'm very glad to hear that you have found your way to my blog.

cindylou - you said it. Snow and wormers - a hellish combination. When I become hugely wealthy from publishing my blog I plan to build a residence next to buddy and you and any other readers who wish may come and visit me for as long as you like. I am most appreciative of your support during the equine event - I simply cannot believe the woman did not somehow find you, given you were wearing my image! Please let us know when you will be at Bromont - there is a chance the humans may be in that area. If you would like a donkey partner, please let me know - the woman is sadly lacking in any sort of driving finesse.

Buddy said...

I gots room for a few visitors - come one over!


Kathy said...

Shaeffer, I think I know how to post a comment. I will try. My IQ is obviously not as high as yours.

I have a mini donkey myself. He was cleverly named...wait for it..."Donkey". Pitiful, I know. It was before my time.

Anyway, I have been reading for the longest time, and love to hear of your adventures. I live in South Carolina, Hamerica, not as warm as Buddy, but not so awful bad.

PS...I would voice my concern about the hoofpick. Of all things! Certainly some sort of tasty treat would have been a better choice. Christmas is coming...maybe The Woman picked up something special for your stocking.

ponymaid said...

Kathy - how exciting to have another reader from a civilized climate! I can assure you, you are a veritable techno genius compared to the woman - she can barely get this machine turned on and off. If Donkey could speak, he would tell you that his real name is something quite grand - like Spartacus or Wild Bill or Archduke, but, we donkeys are very stoical and try to graciously accept the names bestowed upon us. I too live in hope that she has gotten me a secret and magnificent gift at the equine "do" but I remain cautiously pessimistic.

Buddy said...

Love the new pics of my girl Molly - she has a cute tongue. It is nice to see that she shares her food with you Sheaffer - great pic of the two of you.

Please give her my love.