Monday, January 12, 2009

I Have A CAT!

This morning the woman bustled around, carrying strange items out to the barn, including foodstuffs that, judging from the smell, had a high fish content. Doc wanted to try them, of course, but she said no - of course. She even brought in a heated bed, which I foolishly hoped was for me, even though it seemed a touch on the small side. It wasn't for me.

Awhile later, she appeared with the cat transportation cube and there was a cat inside. The cat was somewhere at the back and seems to consist of a pair of enormous and horrified eyes. We are all cat fanciers to the core and clustered around to welcome the new feline. We blew welcoming hot breath into the interior and nudged the cube with our noses. The cube and contents were hustled into the tack room where the eyes promptly disappeared under the saddle rack. Thus far we have no idea what the new arrival looks like but hope for a sighting in the next week or so. I can't wait to meet the feline attached to the eyes. Her name is Sally. We are overrun with mice and I now have a faint hope we can sleep through the night without constant scratching and rustling coming from the tackroom. It won't solve Jack's eighty decibel snoring but I've grown used to that.

Meanwhile, we are in a deep freeze and it's about to plummet even further. When the thin, wintery sun makes an appearance, I plaster myself against the front of the barn to absorb the reflected heat. The woman says my back felt like a radiator but she's notoriously prone to exaggeration. I've attached some images so you can see how dire my situation has grown.


Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - LOVED the pics - especially the second one - my woman thinks she are just too cute.

Congrats on the new cat - I see you named it after my woman - her name is Sally too.

Stay warm my Fren!!

Buddy said...

Thinks YOU are too cute - duh!

robert5721 said...

WHEN do we get a picture of your new CAT? We are ALL very interested and want to SEE PICTURES.. Please do NOT terrorize the poor thing, and as you are well aware of terrorist activities ah la TJ, I hope that you will ALL comply with my request!!
Mr Gale

billie said...

Sheaffer, that's wonderful! I hope Sally settles in quickly and comes out of the tack room to visit and get to know you all.

Glad to see you soaking up a bit of sunshine! We had some yesterday and everyone here really enjoyed it.

And that photo of you waiting for dinner - LOL! I wish I had a picture of Rafer, Redford, and Salina standing outside the feed room door. I have to open it very slowly and carefully or they'd all get bonked in the heads.

ponymaid said...

Buddy, your woman has remarkably good taste! I'm sorry to say that's Jack looking over the door -I'm afraid I'm too short. Jack has to prop his chin on the door and roll his eyes forward but it's still better than I can manage...Sally is proving a most excellent cat, though still very shy.

Mr. Gale, the woman got some pictures of Sally this morning, though Sally was very suspicious of the whole thing. I will post them. I love grooming cats (very gently) but have been told I must wait.

Billie, we are overjoyed to have a cat in our barn and hope she will emerge when the mercury struggles past -28 degrees. The woman has upgraded her heat source to a human heating pad because it's so hideously cold. Sally has a bare midriff - not a style statement but a result of some "female" related surgery. I would love to see a photo of your equine team waiting for dinner.

Finn the Wonder Pony said...

Congratulations Sheaffer!!! No barn is really complete without a little furry anarchist around! Keeps those durn scurrying, scratching, feed eating varmints away. It's oh so nice to stroke their fur with one's nose...
Also, belated congratulations on your excellent Christmas Presents from Mr Gale! Your stall plaques are stunning, as are the pics of Jack with his new coat and you sunning yourself on the side of the barn.
If you don't mind, I'd like to adopt your rules as well. Hey, that could be your next item in the store... a printed poster with Sheaffer's Rules on it! I will instruct my woman to use her dtp skills and send an example to you via email.

ponymaid said...

Cindy Lou, you are most welcome to use my rules. And I quite like the idea of publishing them...I still haven't been able to groom Sally the cat but it's early days yet. The mice have eaten holes in all sorts of things and I fear for my own coat. The woman wants me to ask you - will you be at Equine Affaire Ohio? I hope she invites me...