Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Magnificent Presents

We were finally allowed to see the mysterious presents from our aunt and uncle and it was well worth the wait. The woman clomped in, the male human in tow, followed closely by the dog. The male human carried one of those noise making tools that fasten things. The woman was carrying two beautifully crafted signs with our names on them - and the legend "Donkeys Forever" underneath. She showed them to us so we could see our names writ large and Jack and I were quite overcome. I'm not sure how well Jack can read but I spelled it out for him and he said "I never seen nothin' the likes a that". I have attached photos for my readers to see. I believe these name plates are very much like those in the Queen's own stables (but even nicer). Thank you very much indeed to Mr. & Mrs. Gale.

This was a very positive experience after the fright the woman gave us last night. We were snoozing peacefully when we heard her footsteps clumping toward the barn. Ahhh, we thought, last meal of the day is on it's way. We saw the beam of the portable light and heard the latch on the gate clunk. Then I heard a strange clinking and clanking superimposed on the other noises. I went into instant high alert mode. Jack's a bit deaf so he just said "I don't hear nothin cept Doc snorin".

The door swung open and she turned on the lights. What I saw caused me to try to exit directly through the back wall. It was her alright, but she was wearing a Medusa-like headress of icicles that stuck out crazily at all angles. Her beady blue eyes peered at me shortsightedly and she said "Sheaffer, what on earth has posessed you"? Posessed ME? Hah! I was the one to be asking that particular question. She leaned into my stall, making the noise of a thousand breaking bottles and tried to touch my neck to reassure me. I tried to climb up on the stall partition. It seems she had washed or dry cleaned or whatever it is she does to her hair and had come directly out to the barn. I don't care to be wakened from my slumbers by what appears to be a spectre with an ice cactus on it's head. I hope I made my feelings clear.

It's always something.


Buddy said...

Nice Stall Placques Sheaffer and Jack - I'm gonna hafe to get me one of those things. Very Nice - I would go down on one knee if I was to enter your area and see those - you are very special dudes!


billie said...

Wow - now THOSE are presents worth waiting for!!

Handsome plaques for handsome donkeys, I say.

Poor Redford would be envious, especilly after today - he walked into the barn aisle this evening and I burst out laughing - he was eating at the round bale with Salina and Keil Bay and Rafer before dark and I guess the indignity of being a miniature donkey living with horses is that you walk around with "hay hats" on your handsome donkey head.

His was piled quite high and he looked like a southern lady all set to go to church.

BumbleVee said...

The signs are wonderful...I bet even the Queen would be impressed....

libraryperson said...

Very classy looking.

That gives me some ideas.

Vicki and Abracadabra

robert5721 said...

if anyone is interested in where the stall signs came from:
The lady there is especially great to work with, and has no problem with special orders.
I thought that you and Mr Jack needed a way to "Mark your spot" in the world, so Mr Jack can be less afraid of being hauled off to an uncertain doom....I think you both are there for life guys, so NO WORRIES for you. Tell the male human that he did a great job putting them up, and Ms Gale and I love the little critter between them, a fitting touch!!
We hope that your new year is going well, and we wish you some warm weather for a change!!
Mr and Ms Gale

Dougie Donk said...

Oh how superb! I shared Jack's insecurities about having a home for life, so my woman made laminated nameplates for my herd.

While they reassured me of her long term intentions, they are NOTHING compared to your wood-carved grandeur. I shall be having words with her at dinner-time...

ponymaid said...

Thank you Buddy! I wish you were here to see the plaques for yourself - maybe your woman will get you one? Did you find my email address alright? Molly is in a state of overexcitement at the very thought of her own personal photo of you. She thinks the new one on your profile is "dreamy".

Billie, thank you indeed. I can not tell you the great joy the idea of Redford with an accidental straw hat gave the woman. She's still giggling randomly. She thinks he needs a handbag to go with it.

BumbleVee - what an excellent idea. I think I will drop a note to the Queen inviting her to view the signs in person.

libraryperson, you will need to ask for a sign with an extension so Abra's full name (Abracadabra) will fit.

Ahhh Mr. Gale, we are both so pleased with our new signs that we look at them approximately every two minutes. Jack finds the sentiment "Donkeys Forever" very comforting. He feels that he is now a donkey of importance who belongs here permanently with his handsome name plaque.

Dougie, I'm glad your woman understood the need donkeys have for appropriate signage. By all means, carry on with the shunning ritual - it may result in an even bigger and better nameplate. If you happen to run into the Queen, out on a moor examining the heather, say, please extend an invitation to my barn. And of course you have a standing invitation.