Thursday, February 28, 2008

Freezer Geezer

That's what the woman has taken to calling me. She stole it from some televised presentation. I must admit, it's very much the way I feel these days. She drags me down the lane to retreive the mail and that's the extent of my movement until she lets us back in our rooms.

I believe spring must be stirring somewhere because the night time noise levels from the wildlife have reached deafening proportions. The coyotes convene nightly right behind our driveshed. I wouldn't mind a five minute outburst but they go on and on, working themselves into a state of delerium. Sometimes the woman races out of the house in her night attire and shrieks at them while hurling chunks of ice in their general direction. It works very well and they slink off to party elsewhere. I'm not sure who's more shrill and grating on the nerves, but I rather think it's the woman.

Now the enormous owl has returned to add his two cents worth to the din. He only says one thing "Whooooooo, whoooooo, whooooo?" You'd think by now he'd have figured out the name of who or whatever it is he's seeking. On moonlit nights he casts a shadow like that of a flying dinosaur. All this acreage and he has to sit in the one big tree in front of the barn and talk to himself for at least an hour. The woman thinks he has something to do with the disappearance of my shy friend. Of course TJ is just itching to get outside and "kick some butt" as he so boorishly puts it. Hmmm. I wonder if an owl can carry a mini mule far, far away from here? We can only wait and hope. I must ecourage TJ to take a midnight constitutional.

I am awaiting news of my standing in the race for the leadership of the donkey party. I am quite willing to don a turban if that will motivate the voters. No matter what, I can't see myself in a pant suit like that of the Clinton woman. Too frightening.


Buddy said...

Yeah I hear ya - the coyotes have been coming out now that it has warmed up - those buggers better stay away from me - I'll hoof them into the next county I will!!! Haven't seen or heard any owls - loots of burbees - all kinds - they are my frens!

ponymaid said...

Buddy, don't tell me you have a branch of the coyote family at your place! They're like telemarketers; wherever you are, they will find you and make a lot of meaningless racket in your ear. The owl comes here in winter from the far north and takes up residence at our place. Very striking appearance, with pointy corners on his head. Probably too generous with the hair gel. I like normal sized birds but this owl person makes me a tad nervous.

Gale said...

Hang on Sheaffer, another few weeks and you'll see signs of spring. Our daffodils are beginning to emerge but haven't flowered yet. The birds are beginning to make quite a racket early in the morning. I think it's safe to say that it is now "early spring" as opposed to "late winter," at least here in Virginia.

We lost another bag of chicken feed to a visitor -- a raccoon, I suspect. Just helps himself and leaves a mess to be cleaned up. I've heard folks say there are coyotes here, but I've neither heard nor seen one and do not care to.

I often wonder what other nocturnal creatures are out there on our farm at night; I'm sure the donkeys know, but so far they aren't telling me.