Monday, February 18, 2008

Karma at Work

The old adage that you reap what you sow (which is just Karma in another guise) was played out at our barn today and I am 50% pleased with the outcome.

Another weather system has swept over us, melting most of the snow and giving us an envigourating combination of rain/freezing rain. The property looks like one of those blasted, muddy battlegrounds of WW1.

As is usual these days, the woman let me stay inside while she did our housekeeping. She shovelled, I watched - the usual arrangement. On her way out with the wheelbarrow she gave me a meagre hay snack in the aisle and proceeded to tidy up our hay storage area. Unbeknownst to me, she had gathered up a huge ball of baler twine to put out in the garbage. Thoughtlessly, she tossed it over the half door leading into the barn and the whole thing landed squarely on my head. One minute all was Zen-like tranquility and the next, sheer terror. I only figured this out afterward - at the time all I knew was that some spider/octopus creature straight from Greek mythology was trying to smother me. I began snorting and plunging around blindly until the thing began to unravel and I could finally see what it was. The woman was all false apologies and comfort, patting me and making soothing noises, but she was smiling all the while...

She led me outside with the others and went on her way with the wheelbarrow. Nearly at the gate, she hit a patch of solid ice submerged under about six inches of melt water. Her feet flew up in the air and down she went like a ton of crushed stone. "Eeeeee, (sploosh) auuughaaaohcrap" she said. The waters parted in tsunami-like waves. There she lay, like a stunned Orca, staring up at the sky.

I made my way over and received a terrible shock. She is hardly a thing of beauty when upright, but seen upside down and on her back, the effect was unbearable. As I was averting my gaze, I registered the slight odour of peppermint emanating from her coat pocket area. I quickly changed focus and hastened to see if the contents had received damage. "Thank you SO much, Sheaffer" she said in an icy tone, much like the pungent brown water that cascaded off her person. She squelched off to the house, leaving me free to whittle the wheelbarrow handles.

I can only assume that Instant Karma exists and was at work here today.


robert5721 said...

Shaeffer, I commend you on your instant ability to discern what is important in any situation....the NERVE of your woman to accuse YOU, when you were being the epitome of Chivalry, trying to access the damage level of those peppermints! Humans need to be taught to realize just WHAT is important!! Too bad it was YOU and not TJ that caught the octopus....Oh well, another day, another snack....
Mr Gale

completecare said...

Sorry Sheaffer, that it has taken so long to update you on the happenings in our world. My mom and I along with all the retirees here on the farm have been battling the snow, high winds, ice and freezing temperatures - it is never ending. Our human lets us out in the morning to stretch our legs and then lets us come back into our "suite" early because she knows we won't go outside and says we just take up space in the run- in area when the horses come in.
How much space can two smallish , slim and trim donkeys take up?????
I read Uncle Ed's note about Dakota and the dog's tail. The next time my human goes to visit him and his Winsome Wife Wendy I will ask her to check the coffee table to see if the "trophy" is displayed there as a conversation piece. I imagine it would get quite a reaction from some people.

Your fan,


Gale said...

Yet another award-winning post, Sheaffer. You never cease to amaze me!

I’d say it’s a good thing that Medusa hat landed on YOU instead of TJ. The last thing “poor little TJ” needs is another fright. You can handle these “surprises” whereas TJ would simply come unglued. Smiles aside, I’m sure the woman did not intentionally toss it at you.

The poor woman, slipping and falling in the icy mess! Please tell her about “Yaktrax” that she can put onto her boots, very helpful in staying upright. At my age, I can do enough damage just walking on slippery terrain, never mind falling down! Hmmmm, if she tries them and likes them, maybe she’ll splurge on two pairs of Yaktrax for you.

Congratulations on saving the peppermint! First things first, I always say.

Smokey33 said...

Hi Sheaff
Just wanted to give you the high five... keep tabs on those peppermints at all cost. I myself aim for full body search at every opportunity. I am never disappointed with the results. Our farm too, had been very icey and this has hindered our voyages out into the forest. I like the rest but really need a change of scenery soon. Tucker, Mocha and I have tried out every fence post and as of yet had no success in eating through one of them.. sturdy buggers.
I heard rumour we may have an outing on sunday. I am looking forward to it.
Next time your Housekeeper falls down, I find if some of the contents from the wheelbarrow fall and cover the ice this helps with their recovery. Give that a try.
All the best buddy, Smokey