Thursday, February 14, 2008

Something Exciting and Something Shocking

I have discovered many like-minded persons on the Donkey Breed Society Forums, which is based in England. It sounds like a wonderful country, with many donkey-focused humans - as it should be. Along with my extended family on this blog, it makes me feel there may be hope for the world. TJ still doesn't believe any of it.

Last night when the woman was doing her brushing and patting with him, she went to give him a horse kibble from her pocket and he received a small static shock on his muzzle (we have a lot of those at this time of year). I actually feel sorry for the lad. He had a complete meltdown and now won't let the woman put her hand near his head. She's beside herself and feels just terrible. I explained to him that it was an accident and that nothing has changed. He's adhament that the nightmare is beginning all over. He has hardly eaten anything and has the screaming squitters again. Although it was a very minor shock, he says it reminds him too much of the electric cattle prod that was used on him in a former home. Oh dear.

We are also trying to extract another donkey from a terrible home. His feet and teeth have not been done in years and he lives in a pen with a herd of sheep. The owners (jailors, really) feel that twenty dollars is a ridiculous sum to pay for a hoof trimming. I simply cannot believe that there are donkeys who live without deep beds, cups of tea, walks in the woods and night-time snacks. These seem to me the minimum requirments for a donkey. I will lobby for legislation of a donkey bill of rights when I become President.


Buddy said...

Sheaffer for President - yeah that sounds like a good plan. I'll campaign for you here in Nevada!

Buddy said...

So where is everyone - I can't believe that my life is so boring that I'm waiting for anyone to post here!

I'm really cute and have a great personality!!!

ponymaid said...

Buddy, the woman was out at a chocolate party and was thus negligent in her typing duties. She complains about me eating too much...hah! A whole herd of women get together and all bring different foods. Then they sit around for hours eating and blahblahblahing. Our dinner was two hours late tonight - I'm considering a complaint to the proper authorities. How am I supposed to run a presidential campaign when she's being so self-centered. Is it still 70 degrees in Nevada? It hardly seems possible. Your paddock looks rather empty - I would suggest you ask your human to supply you with a donkey companion asap. Two would be even better. Stay away from mules though.

Gale said...

Poor little TJ (I seem to say that a lot, don’t I?)! And your poor woman, I know how she feels…accidents do happen. It must have been traumatic for you to express such concern. Has TJ forgiven her yet?

So maybe you’re going to have a new donkey friend? Wouldn’t that be wonderful (especially for the donkey)? We are all awaiting with crossed hoofies for positive news about this.

Oh, by the way, I meant to thank you for posting additional photos! We always love to see more of you and your pasturemates.