Monday, March 24, 2008

Neglected Donkey Update

Well, we can't really give you an update, because although the woman spoke to Mindy Hall, Chief Inspector for the OSPCA this morning, she was unable to give us any information. She is displeased with the number of us who have called to inquire and has asked that it stop. They are also not in need of any assistance on this case in any way. They can't tell us the state of the donkey and other animals, or even if they are dealing with the same donkey the woman and her friends saw. There is an issue of confidentiality involved, which means that we will not get any feedback, ever. I'm sorry we can't fill you in, but that is their policy.

If you wish to donate to organizations involved in animal rescue which are able to give you feedback on rescued animals, be sure you ask before donating monies, time, or any type of help, what their policies are in this regard.


robert5721 said...

these entities have to deal with a lot of red tape about revealing info on any case they are working on, but you would think that a "The animal is getting care as we speak" would be allowable, especially to the person who was part of what originally made them aware of the problem. If people feel the need to call and ask, it says that they are concerned about that animal, and wonder if the organization is doing their job, and you might think that a simple "it is getting care" would be a real good thing for public relations for them. It says NOTHING about the case, but assures the person that SOMETHING is being done....and THAT is what people are concerned about. Letting the public know that they are doing something might just make it so people do not feel the need to call and hound them so much....wonder if they have ever thought about that?
Mr Gale

maureen said...

The perception the public has of the OSPCA, could be greatly enhanced with some feedback.
A simple, "yes, we are working on this case and expect immediate improvement in XXXX conditions", would do go a long way.

The SPCA's across Canada would also have an easier time of immediately dealing with animals in horrid conditions, both physical and living, if the public tells their MP's to pass Bill s 373, the bill that Mark Holland has proposed for animal welfare